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Cooking is an activity and mechanic in the Persona series. The mechanic has various interpretations, but one of its most common traits is its ability to produce consumable items.



Persona 3 Portable[]

Main article: Social Link/Fuuka Yamagishi

Only exclusive to the female protagonist to perform in Persona 3 Portable, she can cook when meeting with Fuuka Yamagishi's cooking club on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. Every cooked item can be used as a gift for other Social Links to gain Social Link points with them. After advancing Fuuka's Social Link to Rank 5, the female protagonist can freely cook whenever she wishes during club-meeting days.

The female protagonist must reach Rank 1 of Fuuka's Social Link in order to obtain the key item Dog Food, which initiates Koromaru's. For more information on his Social Link, see Social Link/Koromaru.

Item Description
Chocolate Truffle Made at the cooking club. Might make a good gift.
Sweet Fries Made at the cooking club. Might make a good gift.
Sugar Cookie Made at the cooking club. Might make a good gift.
Banana Cupcake Made at the cooking club. Might make a good gift.

Persona 3 Reload[]

See also: Cultivation, Books, and DVDs
P3RE Cooking

The protagonist and Ken in the kitchen.

In Reload, the activity has been rehashed: starting from June 16th, the protagonist can spend time cooking or brewing together with various SEES members in the Iwatodai Dormitory as long as they're available to perform that specific activity. The protagonist can only cook with Yukari Takeba, Mitsuru Kirijo, Akihiko Sanada, Ken Amada and Shinjiro Aragaki.

The activity produces specific consumable items depending on the person the protagonist is cooking with:

With 1st & 2nd time 3rd time onwards
Item Description Item Description
Yukari Takeba Chicken Sauté A dish cooked with Yukari. Restores 100 HP to all allies. Cabbage Cream Stew A gem of a dish cooked with Yukari. Restores 200 HP to all allies.
Mitsuru Kirijo Luxe Night Tea Tea served by Mitsuru. Restores 200 HP to 1 ally. Karume-yaki Tea time snacks made with Mitsuru. Fully restores HP to 1 ally.
Akihiko Sanada Iron-Athlete Meal A manly meal cooked with Sanada. Increases all allies' Attack for 3 turns. Super-Athlete Meal A manly meal cooked with Sanada. Increases all of 1 ally's stats for 3 turns.
Ken Amada Okay Coffee Coffee brewed with Amada. Restores 100 SP to 1 ally. Excellent Coffee Top-notch coffee brewed with Amada. Restores all SP to 1 ally.
Shinjiro Aragaki Exquisite Katsudon Aragaki's special pork cutlet bowl. Fully restores HP to 1 ally. Ultimate Tempura A dish made from the soul with Aragaki. Fully restores HP to all allies.

Cooking is one of the activities in Persona 3 Reload where spending time doing the same activity with an ally three times will unlock their combat characteristic.

Persona 4 / Golden[]

The protagonist is able to make a Boxed Lunch for school the night before at the Dojima Residence whenever Nanako stocks the fridge. When he cooks, he needs to choose the correct cooking step to prevent him from botching it. In Persona 4, making a mistake will yield the protagonist Bait instead.

The protagonist can invite Social Link students from Yasogami High School that have already formed a bond with him, unless their Social Link has been reversed. Sharing food that's perfectly cooked with school friends will earn points towards their Social Link. If a Social Link is given their favorite food, they will give three points as opposed to two.

Making five perfectly cooked Boxed Lunches nets the "Cooking With Gas" trophy in Golden.

Boxed Lunch Correct Step Favorite
Broiled Fish Wrap it tightly Yukiko Amagi
California Rolls Mix and cool simultaneously Naoto Shirogane
Carrot and Burdock Root Kinpira Soy sauce and mirin Yumi Ozawa, Ayane Matsunaga
Chakin Sushi Thinned eggs Rise Kujikawa
Cream Stew Dump in all the cold milk Rise Kujikawa, Ai Ebihara
Croquettes High Ayane Matsunaga, Chie Satonaka, Rise Kujikawa
Curry Simmer Ai Ebihara
Daigaku-Imo Deep fry them Yukiko Amagi
Fried Chicken Potato starch Chie Satonaka
Ginger Pork/Pork Ginger Score it with a knife Daisuke Nagase, Kou Ichijo
Grilled Fish Strong heat but from far away Yukiko Amagi
Gyoza Olive oil -
Hamburgers Cut a hole and look for juice Chie Satonaka
Kakuni Mirin, sugar, sake Chie Satonaka
Marinated Spinach Strain it Yukiko Amagi
Meat Stew Simmer with a drop lid Yosuke Hanamura, Chie Satonaka
Mentaiko Pasta Mayonnaise Naoto Shirogane
Oden Keep on a low flame and don't boil Yosuke Hanamura
Potato Salad Smash while still hot Yumi Ozawa, Ai Ebihara, Ayane Matsunaga
Pudding/Creme Caramel Vanilla extract Kanji Tatsumi
Sweet and Sour Pork Use potato starch Chie Satonaka
Tonkatsu Flour, egg, and panko Daisuke Nagase
Vichyssoise Add lots of milk Ai Ebihara
Yakiniku Bento Soy sauce Chie Satonaka

Persona 5 / Royal[]



Brewing and cooking at Leblanc (Japanese, promotional)

Main article: Confidant/Sojiro Sakura
"The way you're drinking it makes it look delicious. This coffee has a lot of thought and love behind it, huh... Maybe if you drink it in the Metaverse, it'll heal your wounds too."
Morgana, Persona 5

When the protagonist unlocks and ranks up Sojiro Sakura's Confidant, he'll be able to brew coffee or cook curry in Café Leblanc. The activity is only available during evenings, and never during the day, even on holidays. Cooking is also available during nights before calling cards are sent. This activity passes time.

The protagonist will be unable to cook or brew when there are customers in the store. As such, talking to them several times will make them leave. Afterwards, he'll have to choose what he will prepare. He'll make one cup of coffee per session, and two dishes of curry, and the catalogue extends as he ranks up Sojiro's Confidant.

P5 GoodCoffee

The protagonist brewing coffee.

The protagonist can make coffee any day. When he does, Sojiro will come to taste, and the protagonist can receive a Confidant note 19 times. Initially, it'll only give one note, but on the 7th try and after, it'll be two. The boost is influenced by multipliers, such as having a Persona of a matching Arcana or scoring well on the exams. The number of times points can be received is restricted to his Confidant rank: if it's Rank 2, he will only come to taste 3 times, with each additional rank extending it to 2. Rank 4's the only other exception, as it will initially only extend it once, with the second time unlocked after Futaba Sakura joins the group. Additionally, Sojiro will give coffee trivia every time.[1][2]

The protagonist can only make curry when there's excess curry ingredients in the fridge. This is only on Sundays, Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. The protagonist will improvise with his curry on his own, during which 15 bits of curry trivia can be received.[1][2]

The protagonist can be offered to cook curry when certain Confidants (specifically Ryuji Sakamoto, Yusuke Kitagawa and Futaba Sakura) invite him to hang out directly at Leblanc: they'll spend the morning together performing specific activities, but they'll request the protagonist brews or cooks during the 2nd time slot for the day. There, the protagonist can choose between following Sojiro's directions or not; if he chooses not to follow his directions, it will instead present him with Bitter Coffee, Fire Curry, Blaze Curry and Inferno Curry. Although they generally don't differentiate from their regular alternatives, the Inferno Curry, which is based on the Master Curry, only recovers half the original's SP.

If the protagonist ranks up Sadayo Kawakami's Confidant, she'll be able to be requested to prepare in his place: at Rank 3, she'll be able to make coffee, and at Rank 7, curry, but only 1 at a time. Initially, she can only prepare Leblanc Coffee and Decent Curry. However, once the protagonist learns the ability to make Master Coffee and Master Curry, she will as well. Requesting her initially costs ¥5,000 yen, but becomes free once her Confidant is maxed. The protagonist cannot use the kitchen simultaneously with her (meaning the protagonist can't brew if she's preparing curry and vice versa,)[1][2] and Sojiro will be automatically unavailable to spend time with.

In Persona 5 Royal, brewing coffee will boost the protagonist's Charm stat by one note, and cooking curry will increase his Guts by one note. Additionally, the protagonist will always make two cups of coffee per session instead of one.[2]

Item Quantity Effect Requirement
Leblanc Coffee 1 Specialty drip coffee. Restores 30 SP to one ally. Rank 2
Decent Curry 2 Curry that almost lives up to Leblanc's. Restores 20 SP to all allies. Rank 4
Master Coffee 1 The finest quality coffee. Restores 100 SP to one ally. Rank 6
Leblanc Curry 2 Specialty curry. Restores 30 SP to all allies. Rank 9
Master Curry 2 Curry that surpasses Boss's flavor. Restores 100 SP to all allies. Rank 10

Item Quantity Effect Requirement
Leblanc Coffee 2 Specialty drip coffee. Restores 30 SP to one ally. Rank 2
Decent Curry 2 Curry that almost lives up to Leblanc's. Restores 20 SP to all allies. Rank 4
Master Coffee 2 The finest quality coffee. Restores 100 SP to one ally. Rank 6
Leblanc Curry 2 Specialty curry. Restores 30 SP to all allies. Rank 9
Master Curry 2 Curry that surpasses Boss's flavor. Restores 100 SP to all allies. Rank 10

Persona 5 Strikers[]

P5S JokersKitchen

Joker's Kitchen in Persona 5 Strikers

Cooking, also referred to as "Joker's Kitchen", is a side activity that can be performed. After clearing the Shibuya Jail and obtaining the RV, the protagonist can cook food that restores HP and/or SP, with some dishes having a secondary effect as well. Additionally, if he cooks a new dish, it increases his BOND with the Phantom Thieves of Hearts.

To cook said dishes, certain ingredients are required; these can be bought from local stores or, at a higher price, Sophia's Shop. Obtaining each meal's recipe is also necessary, and can be found through select stores/restaurants, story events, or by completing requests.

Cooking up at least 12 of the 19 available dishes awards the "Short Order Cook" and the "Master Chef" trophies on the PlayStation 4 version of the game,

Dish Effect Recipe Acquisition Ingredients
Leblanc Coffee Specialty drip coffee.

Restores 30 SP to one ally.

Innate Select Coffee Beans
Leblanc Curry A simple dish, and the basis of any good curry recipe. Restores 20 SP to all allies. Innate Pork
Gyutan Stew Slow-cooked beef tongue stew. Tender and savory. Restores 40 HP to all allies. ¥1,620 at Sekigan Butcher Shop, Sendai Station Gyutan
Salmon Bowl A rice bowl laden with both salmon and salmon roe. Restores 20 HP to all allies. ¥900 at Café Blue, Mt. Aoba Park Salmon
Miso Ramen Made with special miso.

Restores 20 HP to all allies. Applies Masukukaja effect.

¥850 at No. 1 Ramen Shop, Sapporo Flour
Jingisukan One bite of this lamb BBQ fills your body with energy. Restores 40 HP to all allies. Talk to Ann near Suzushino in 8/11 Lamb Meat
Seafood Bowl A raw fish medley.

Restores 20 SP to all allies. Applies Marakukaja effect.

¥1,000 at Sea Urchin Stand, Sapporo Tuna
Kyoto Curry Each bite brings back happy memories of Akane.

Restores 40 SP to all allies.

Automatically obtained on 8/14 Beef
Kamo-Nasu Eggplant
Okinawa Soba More akin to ramen or udon, its flavor is unmistakable. Restores 30 HP to all allies. ¥800 at Haisai Haoma, Okinawa Flour
Goat Soup Peculiar but nutritious.

Restores 30 HP to all allies. Applies Matarukaja effect.

¥1,300 at Bento Fukuhara, Okinawa Goat Meat
Cooking Awamori
Goya Chanpuru A bitter dish.

Restores 40 HP to all allies. Applies Masukukaja effect.

Talk to Futaba Sakura on 8/18 after clearing the Okinawa Jail. Goya
Kushikatsu Kansai deep-fried skewers.

Restores 40 HP to all allies. Applies Matarukaja effect.

Talk to Yusuke Kitagawa near Kushikatsu Ganko on 8/24 in Osaka Beef
Okonomiyaki A well-known Japanese dish loved by people of all ages. Restores 60 HP to all allies ¥1,100 at Okonomiyaki Restaurant, Osaka Flour
Crab Hot Pot It's hard to say no to crab hot pot.

Restores 80 HP and 40 SP to all allies.

¥6,600 at Crab Empire, Osaka Crab
Osaka Sushi Some of Japan's best sushi.

Restores 40 SP to all allies. Applies Marakukaja effect.

¥3,500 at Sushi Japanese Restaurant Wawaya, Osaka Tuna
Obanzai Comfort food, Kyoto style.

Restores 30 HP and cures status ailments for all allies.

Clear the "Obanzai Ingredients" request Kamo-Nasu Eggplant
Churrasco All the meat you can eat.

Restores 30 HP to all allies. Applies Heat Riser effect.

Clear the "Employee Course Correction" request Beef
Lamb Meat
Goat Meat
Master Curry The ultimate curry, honed by plenty of taste testing. Restores 50 SP to all allies. Clear the "A Thief's Special Challenge" request Pork
Select Coffee Beans
Master Coffee The finest quality coffee, brewed Leblanc style.

Restores 50 SP to one ally.

Clear the "Trapped in the Great Tree" request Select Coffee Beans

Metaphor: ReFantazio[]

Metaphor Cooking

Cooking with Strohl in Metaphor: ReFantazio.

Cooking is a mechanic in Metaphor: ReFantazio. Specific consumable items can be produced in exchange for materials.

Item Description Materials
Redgrass-Roasted Bidou This spicy dish will keep you eating and sweating. Restores 400 HP and cures Burn for one ally. Bidou Meat
Pristine Clearwater
Curative Coney Roast
Coney Stew
Holistic Whitefish Platter
Critical Meatballs
Steadfast Stew
Precision Fermented Ribs
Stale Blackbread

Trophies & Awards[]

Trophy Icon Description For Reward
Cooking With Gas P4G Trophy CookingWithGas Cooked 5 perfect meals. P4G trophy Bronze Trophy
The Second Boss of Leblanc ThievesDenAward 45 Create the best coffee and curry Leblanc has to offer. Thieves Den 35P
Short Order Cook P5S Trophy 42 Cooked food for the first time. P5S trophy Bronze Trophy
Master Chef P5S Trophy 43 Cooked 12 types of food. Bronze Trophy



Persona 5 / Royal[]


"Mmm! I love the smell of good coffee..."
—Morgana when the protagonist starts brewing coffee, Persona 5
"You have the opportunity to learn, so you should take some time for yourself and keep improving. People would treat you with respect if they knew you could serve great coffee."
—Morgana, Persona 5
"Good luck with your curry making!"
—Morgana when the protagonist starts making curry, Persona 5
"Ahh! It's starting to smell good... I bet this will be a hit!"
—Morgana when the protagonist starts making curry, Persona 5
"You look so happy... This curry has a lot of thought and love behind it, huh... Maybe if you eat it in the Metaverse, it'll heal your wounds too."
—Morgana when the protagonist tries his curry, Persona 5
"You were given the opportunity to learn how to make curry, so you should keep making it. There might come a time you'll be asked to serve it to someone. It wouldn't be a waste to practice."
—Morgana after the protagonist has finished his curry, Persona 5

Coffee & Curry Trivia[]

No. Topic Description Dialogue
Coffee Trivia (Dialogue with Sojiro)
1 Jamaican Blue Mountain The Blue Mountains of Jamaica have a unique climate and volcanic soil advantageous for growing their famous high-quality coffee.

The coffee undergoes a rigorous inspection process and is harvested in small quantities. This produces a rich coffee with a full aroma.

This aroma and soft richness...
You used Blue Mountain, huh...
2 Guatemalan SHB Strictly Hard Bean (SHB) is a grade given to coffee grown at a high altitude of 4,500 feet above sea level.

Thanks to the environment it’s grown in, the coffee produced has a citrus-like acidity with a fruity, chocolate flavor.

This acidity...
...This must be Guatemalan SHB...
3 Colombian Nariño The high altitude, rainy climate, and soil of the Colombian mountains creates a strong foundation for their high quality coffee.

Nariño coffee has a creamy, viscous body that coats the mouth with fruity and nutty flavors.

This taste...

It must be Colombian Nariño.

4 Cuban Crystal Mountain Cuba is the biggest island in the Caribbean. Their coffee is known for its full-bodied aroma and taste. Crystal Mountain coffee is made from only the largest beans of the harvest. It has a sweet, nutty flavor with low acidity. This flavor...

It's Cuban Crystal Mountain, right?

5 American Hawaiian Kona A Hawaiian treat. Because of the rarity and price of Kona beans, a Kona blend only needs to contain 10% Kona beans.

A 100% Kona coffee roast is quite expensive. Good Kona coffee is known to have a rich flavor, bright acidity, and complex aroma.

This smoothness...

There is no mistaking it... This is Hawaiian Kona...

6 Ethiopian Mocha Harrar "Mocha" is a port town in the Republic of Yemen, where both Yemeni coffee and Ethiopian Mocha Harrar are exported.

Coffee from this region was given the moniker “Mocha”. Mocha coffee has a unique spicy flavor and a strong aroma with blackberry notes.

This flavor...

...This is Ethiopian Mocha Harrar, isn't it?

7 Mocha Matari “Mocha” denotes that the coffee was exported from Mocha, a port town in the Republic of Yemen.

Mocha Matari has a complex spicy and chocolate flavor profile with a heavy, "winey" body to complement it.


...This is Mocha Matari.

8 Mexican Altura Coffee was said to be brought into Mexico by the Spanish in the 18th century. Mexico is now one of the world’s largest coffee producers.

Altura, meaning "height" in Spanish, describes the altitude the beans were grown. It has a savory aroma, soft acidity, and nutty flavor.

This fragrant aroma...
This is Mexican Altura.
Not bad. It's worth a compliment.
It was thanks to you that I was able to change. You really are something.
But I won't let you have the upper hand when it comes to coffee.
Although, I have no doubts... your skill will soon surpass my own.
I'm overjoyed to have a competent apprentice. Allow me to act as your lead for a little longer...
9 Brazilian No. 2/18 Brazil produces the most coffee in the world. Their beans are known to be of high quality, have balanced acidity, and a bitter finish.
Also known as Santos, No. 2/18 is one of the most popular Brazilian coffees. 2 stands for the quality, and the 18 is for the bean size.
Hm? This aroma...
This is Brazilian No. 2/18.
Not bad. It's worth a compliment.
I like your coffee.
I'm overjoyed to have a competent apprentice. Allow me to act as your lead for a little longer...
10 Colombian Bucaramanga Supremo The high altitude, rainy climate, and soil of the Colombian mountains creates a strong foundation for their high quality coffee.
Supremo indicates the large size of the bean, and Bucaramanga is where it is grown. It has a rich, sweet taste and a mild acidity.
What a rich flavor...
...This is Colombian Bucaramanga Supremo.
I'm impressed. Although, you'll never catch up to me.
I like your coffee.
I'm overjoyed to have a competent apprentice. Allow me to act as your lead for a little longer...
11 Costa Rican SHB Costa Rica is abundant in nature with a large variety of plant and animal life, and has been exporting coffee for centuries.
Strictly Hard Bean (SHB) is a grade given to coffee grown at a high altitude of 4,500 feet. It has an elegant aftertaste and sweet aroma.
This aftertaste...
...This is a Costa Rican SHB.
12 Kenya AA Kenyan coffee farms are strictly controlled and are known to produce premium quality beans.
Kenya AA is grown in the mid-west of Kenya at high altitudes and AA signifies their quality. It has a full aroma with moderate acidity.
I see...
...This is Kenya AA.
13 Brazilian Bourbon Brazil produces the most coffee in the world. Their beans are known to be of high quality, have balanced acidity, and a bitter finish.
Brazilian Bourbon is only produced in small quantities, so it is rare within Brazil. It has a notably soft sweetness and clean finish.
I know what this is...
...This is Brazilian Bourbon.
14 Colombian 100% Typica The high altitude, rainy climate, and soil of the Colombian mountains creates a strong foundation for their high quality coffee.
This coffee is made from 100% Typica beans and is rare due to its difficult harvest. It has a citrusy freshness and fragrant aroma.
This fresh taste...
...This is Colombian 100% Typica.
15 Honduran SHG A third of Honduras landscape is mountain or highland. The coffee grade is determined by the altitude of the harvest location.
Strictly High Grown (SHG), similar to SHB, is grown at high altitudes. It has a fruity aroma, soft acidity, and a solid richness.
This soft acidity...
...This is a Honduran SHG.
16 Guatemalan Antigua The Antigua region of Guatemala is surrounded by three volcanoes that help create an environment perfect for growing coffee.

Due to the rich minerals and nutrients in the soil, Antigua coffee has a mellow acidity and fresh aftertaste.

This citrusy aroma...
...This is Guatemalan Antigua.
17 Salvadoran Pacamara Today, over 50% of all exports from El Salvador are coffee. Pacamara is a hybrid coffee unique to El Salvador.
Pacamara comes from a hybrid plant that produces high amounts of large-sized coffee beans. It has a dense body with chocolate notes.
This fruity aroma...
...This is Salvadoran Pacamara.
18 Panama Esmeralda Geisha This highly sought-after variety holds the record for the highest bidding price at the International Coffee Auction in Panama.
Due to a limited cultivation, this popular roast is rare. It has a floral aroma, fresh acidity, and sweet aftertones.
This floral aroma...
...Must be Panama Esmeralda Geisha.
19 Indonesian Kopi Luwak This rare coffee is made by collecting coffee beans that have been through the digestive track of the Asian palm civet.
Although very expensive, Kopi Luwak is said to have a full aroma and rich flavor due to the civet's digestive enzymes.
This aroma...
...This is Indonesian Kopi Luwak.
Hey, this is an expensive roast. Don't waste it.
Curry Trivia (Dialogue with Morgana)
1 Curry Secret Ingredient: Apples Fruit are often used as secret ingredients in curry. They add sweetness and meld to create a mild and delectable curry flavor.

Grated apples are recommended because of their fiber. Stewing the apple will add sweetness and balance the spice in the curry.

...This curry sure has a lot of ingredients, doesn't it? Did I see you put fruit in there?
Huh... I never knew apples would go so well with spicy curry...
2 Curry Secret Ingredient: Honey Honey is a flower nectar collected by bees. When used as a secret ingredient in curry, it serves to soften meat and add sweetness. Honey can add depth and increase a curry's spice level by consolidating the flavor without diluting its spicy personality. By the way... What was that sticky sauce you added?
Wow, I never thought honey would go so well with spicy curry. You learn something new every day!
3 Curry Secret Ingredient: Yogurt This cultured dairy product is used to add acidity, richness, and sweetness to the curry. It also balances out the spice level. Common in India, the home of curry, yogurt is a good source of protein, probiotics, and it strengthens the immune system. By the way, what was that white sauce you added?
Yogurt, huh...? Maybe that'll make the curry turn white...
4 Curry Secret Ingredient: Worcestershire Sauce This secret ingredient is a common condiment that adds an acidity and richness to the curry. It's perfect for adding another flavor profile.

Oyster sauce can be used as well. They add depth and a mature flavor, as if the curry was allowed to rest overnight.

By the way, what was that brown sauce you added?
Steak sauce, huh...? That should make the curry nice and meaty.
5 Curry Secret Ingredient: Chocolate Chocolate, in small amounts, can be added as a secret ingredient to curry to elevate spices and give it a deep, rich flavor.

However, if too much chocolate is added, it will destroy the flavor balance completely.

By the way, what was that brown stuff you added?
Wow, chocolate...! Wait, wouldn't that make the curry sweet...?
6 Curry Secret Ingredient: Coffee When used in curry, instant coffee brings a bitterness and complexity to the dish, which enhances the curry flavor.

Coffee has anti-aging and slimming properties, but in large amounts will cause the curry to become bitter. Take caution and add slowly.

By the way, what was that brown powder you added?
Whoa, instant coffee...!? I never thought that would work in curry.
7 Curry Secret Ingredient: Red Wine This alcoholic beverage is used to add acidity, richness, and depth to the curry. It also tenderizes the meat.
The alcohol dissipates while stewing. Red wine contains antioxidants that protect the skin and prevents signs of aging.
By the way, what was that red liquid you added?
Red wine, huh... That should give the curry an elegant flavor.
8 Spice: Cumin This ancient spice is one of the main spices used in curry. Cumin is invaluable and is the source of curry's mouthwatering aroma.

Cumin is known for its curative properties, like aiding digestion, soothing stomach pains, and improving liver function.

By the way, you put some kind of powder in there, didn't you?
Hmm... Cumin... This is what makes curry smell like curry, huh...
9 Spice: Cardamom Cardamom is one of the primary spices used to make curry. It has a refreshing aroma, sharp heat, and slight bitterness.
Cardamom is more commonly used to reliably freshen bad breath, but it is also known to burn fat and help with digestion.
By the way, what was that powder you threw in there?
Wow, carmadon? I mean... cardamom?
10 Spice: Cloves One of the spices used in garam masala. It has a strong aroma and is often used for toothaches, deodorant, and hot drinks.
Reports say that clove was used in medieval Europe to cast away demons because of its strong scent.
By the way, what was that brown powder you added?
Cloves, huh... No relation to four-leaf clovers?
11 Spice: Coriander A spice used in many curries. It gives a sweetness and adds a delicate softness to the flavor.

The whole plant is edible. The seeds are dried and used as a spice, while the fresh leaves are better known as cilantro.

By the way, what was that powder you added?
Hmmm, coriander... Maybe we can call it curryander from now on? Actually, never mind. Bad idea.
12 Spice: Black Pepper Black pepper is a common household spice with a refreshing aroma and a sharp flavor. It adds a depths of spice to curry.

Black, green and white pepper are all made from the same plant. The flavor changes due to the differential treatment of the peppercorn.

By the way, what was that, uh... ah...
That... That was black pepper, right?
I never knew black pepper could be added to spice up the curry...
13 Spice: Cinnamon A spice with distinguished, refreshing scent. Its unique combination of sweet and spicy adds great depth to a curry.
Cinnamon is made from the dried bark of a cinnamon tree. It's commonly used in sweets, but can also be found in spice rubs.
By the way, what were those twigs you added? You have the wrong idea if you think I'm some dumb reindeer!*
Cinnamon, huh... The name of that spice sounds cute...
14 Spice: Turmeric A main ingredient in curry powder. It's a herbaceous perennial plant from the ginger family. It's often used to color foods yellow.

Turmeric has a sharp, slightly bitter flavor. In Sri Lanka, it's used in place of saffron to dye cloth.

By the way, what was that yellow powder you added?
Turmeric, huh... So this is what gives curry its yellowish color.
15 Spice: Nutmeg One of the most used spices in the world. It has a mild earthiness and a sweet, refreshing scent. It is a main ingredient in garam masala.

Known for its warming effects, nutmeg is recommended for people who get cold easily or need relief from stomach pain.

By the way, what was that powder you added?
Ah... nutmeg. My favorite nut is the cashew though!



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