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Consumable Items (消費アイテム*)? are a type of items in the series, and the most common type.


Consumable items are items that can be used in combat. They do not have any criteria to be used other than to use up the current active turn, but the item itself will be used up. As items are collected in stacks, their use is limited in accordance to that.

Consumable items generally include healing attributes, such as HP, SP or ailment recovery. Items may differ depending on how much HP/SP they can recover, whether it's a set value, in percentages depending on the user's max HP/SP, and some may even differ in range between either one or all active party members. Ailment recovery items primarily differ between what ailments they can cure and how many can be cured at a time. Some items may even mix the effects of multiple attributes (such as recovering both HP and SP.) Revival is also included.

Some consumable items may directly imitate Support skills, such as Tarukaja or Tetrakarn. Some may even imitate offensive attributes, such as Agi and Bufu.

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