"I've read in the reports that the Phantom Thieves' physical abilities are more acrobatic than the average person's. It seems you've gained an aptitude for specialty equipment as well. Wouldn't a natural conclusion to draw be that you were trained by an expert in that field? Well? Tell me the truth!"
Sae Niijima interrogating the protagonist about Sumire Yoshizawa.

This article covers information about the Faith Confidant Sumire Yoshizawa, including skills and events in Persona 5 Royal.

The protagonist will initiate the Confidant automatically during the May 30th cleaning field trip. The Confidant can only move forward whenever Sumire sends an IM to the protagonist's phone. Accepting any of her invitations will always grant the protagonist 5 HP points to his maximum total per hangout, regardless if the Confidant advances. The Confidant initially has a maximum of five ranks before reaching a premature stop. The deadline for the first five ranks is the 22nd of December and if the Confidant is not Rank 5 before then, it will be locked for the rest of the game. Prioritize hanging out with her if possible, since she does not gain any party member benefits otherwise.

Sumire does not have a farewell gift. Therefore, all of her confidant abilities have to be re-obtained by re-establishing her Confidant during a New Game Plus.

The Confidant fully unlocks on January 12, granting five additional ranks. She can be interacted with in the overworked and can be found in Kichijoji.


Rank Ability Description
2 Tumbling Allows you to avoid being surrounded by enemies in Palaces.
4 Chaînés Hook Allows you to ambush from a distance by attacking with the grappling hook.
6 Follow Up Chance to perform a follow-up attack if Joker’s attack does not down the enemy.
Fitness Talk If negotiation with any kind of Shadow fails, you can try again.
7 Harisen Recovery Chance to cure status ailments inflicted upon party members.
8 Endure Chance to withstand an otherwise fatal attack with 1 HP remaining.
9 Protect Chance to shield Joker from an otherwise fatal attack.
10 Second Awakening Transforms Persona into a mythological trickster.


  • Multiple details about Kasumi do not add up during the events of Rank 2 to 5 of this confidant. This foreshadows the Kasumi the protagonist hangs out with is in fact, Sumire:
    • During Rank 2, Kasumi states that she had depressive fits and her coach told her to take a look at herself. Furthermore, she's been trying to perform as if she were Kasumi, but she cannot, as "something" was preventing her from executing Kasumi's moves. Furthermore, Kasumi's student notebook raised suspicions on the protagonist, foreshadowing that the student he met wasn't Kasumi to begin with. (A close glance on the notebook seems to display the student on the photo as having brown hair, which matches the real Kasumi instead of Sumire, who has red hair)
    • During Rank 3, Kasumi prepares a bento for the protagonist. While her bento and the protagonist's one tastes fine, the protagonist's bento does not resemble the food it tastes like (Curry) because Kasumi was unsure of the ingredients. It was revealed much later on in the game that Kasumi cannot cook, while Sumire can.
    • During Rank 4, Kasumi chooses glasses for her father, although once she chose several glasses that she does not like, she starts choosing gag glasses. After the protagonist helps her choose an appropriate pair for her father, she began to have another odd depressive fit where she states that things are simply not going well for her. Sumire, in her Rank 8 hangout, does choose a poorly sensed outfit to show off.
    • During her Rank 5 Confidant, Kasumi tells the protagonist that she would frequent the batting cages and have fun with it, while the other children are terrified. This Kasumi however, missed 6 balls in a row even if she's not supposed to.

Dialogue OptionsEdit

  • Rank 1 automatically occurs on May 30.
  • Rank 2 is available on June 8.
  • Rank 3 is available on June 29.
  • Rank 4 is available on July 31.
  • Rank 5 is available on August 10.
  • The Confidant is maxed out at five until after Sumire's true Awakening in Maruki's Palace in January.
  • Rank 6 is available on January 16.
  • Rank 7 is available on January 18.
  • Rank 8 is available on January 19.
  • Rank 9 is available on January 21.


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