"It seems you were probing into a certain conglomerate. There's the possibility you even infiltrated their company building. Perhaps some sort of connection... ...Tell me about this person!"
Sae Niijima interrogating the protagonist about Haru Okumura.
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This article covers information about the Empress Confidant, Haru Okumura, Events and Skills featured in Persona 5.

The protagonist can start Haru's Confidant in October 30th. She can be found at day on Shujin Academy's rooftop.


Rank Ability Description
1 Cultivation Allows you to grow vegetables with Haru on the Shujin Academy rooftop.
2 Baton Pass Allows the protagonist to pass your turn over to other Baton Pass users after a 1 More.
3 Follow Up Chance to perform a follow-up attack if Joker's attack does not down the enemy.
4 Celeb Talk Chance to step in after Shadow negotiation fails, allowing a retry.
5 Bumper Crop Increases the total vegetable yield of a single harvest.
6 Harisen Recovery Chance to cure status ailments inflicted upon party members.
7 Soil Improvement Decreases the total amount of time it takes to cultivate vegetables.
8 Endure Chance to withstand an otherwise fatal attack with 1 HP remaining.
9 Protect Chance to shield Joker from an otherwise fatal attack.
MAX Second Awakening Transforms her Persona into a mythological trickster.


Character Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Rain
Day Night Day Night Day Night Day Night Day Night Day Night Day/Night Day/Night

Dialogue optionsEdit

To initiate Haru's Rank 2 Confidant, the protagonist must reach the max level of Proficiency social stats (Transcendent).


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