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The protagonist has obtained the "Diplomacy" ability at Rank 2 of the Sun Confidant.

"But today, you entered a partnership with someone who awoke to the same power, haven't you? Involving yourself with others is an important foundation for your recovery. You've done well. That said, I am not advising the formation of superficial relationships. It must not be of frivolity, but a ring of those who would, by morals or faith, lend you their strength. In other words, they are bonds with those who have been robbed of their places to belong. The expansion of said ring will, in return, help you mature as well."
—Igor, Persona 5

Confidant, known as Cooperation (コープ, Kōpu)? in the Japanese version, is a game mechanic in Persona 5 and Persona 5 Royal.

This mechanic is almost identical to the Social Links of Persona 3 and Persona 4 and involves the protagonist building relationships with accomplices around the city. Unlike Social Links however, establishing and improving relationships with Confidants provides various tangible benefits outside of improving fusion results of their associated Arcana.

Generally, only the initial and final events are voiced with the exception of the Fool, Magician, Judgement and, in 5 only, Justice, Confidants which progress based on the story and are all voiced. Story events tied to the Justice Confidant in 5 remain in Royal, but they no longer progress the confidant, and the new Rank 8 event is voiced.



Persona 5[]

Similar to Social Links, each relationship with a certain character (or possibly a group) is represented by a major Arcana and ranking up each Confidant grants bonuses to Personas of correlated Arcana: experience bonus to newly-fused Personas, and shorter in-game days required for training a Persona in the Velvet Room to learn a resistance. Ranking up each Confidant also unlocks a new ability or benefit which directly affects performance in Palaces or otherwise opens up massive conveniences in day-to-day activities.

A plot point that renders Confidants unique from Social Links is that Confidants are identical to accomplices in committing crimes instead of simply being mere bonds. They are also considered a part of the Phantom Thieves of Hearts regardless of whether they're directly involved in their heists and are thus held accountable for the Phantom Thieves' case by the jurisdiction system.

The Confidants are founded by Igor (or more accurately, the impostor) in order to assist the protagonist in his "rehabilitation" and his rebellion against the world's corruption. Therefore, they are the only people who are immune to Yaldabaoth's machinations when they unravel in earnest during the last 3 months of the game.

A majority of maxed Confidants will be capable of:

  • Cheering the Phantom Thieves on taking down Shido while the rest of the general public unerringly support him to guide them into ruin.
  • Realizing the Qliphoth World being overlaid onto the real world while the public remains completely oblivious to the changes.
  • Cheering the protagonist and the Phantom Thieves up for defeating Yaldabaoth.
  • Assisting the protagonist to get out of his probation once Sae requests that he go to Juvenile Hall to testify against Shido after Yaldabaoth's fall.
Arcana Confidants Benefits
0 Fool Igor
I Magician Morgana*
II Priestess Makoto Niijima*
  • Provides additional information on the analysis screen (item drops/skill list/enemy stats/enemy resistances).
  • Indicates when an attack is completely ineffective on an enemy.
III Empress Haru Okumura*
  • Unlocks horticulture for growing vegetables with various useful effects.
IV Emperor Yusuke Kitagawa*
V Hierophant Sojiro Sakura
  • Allows the protagonist to make SP recovery items.
VI Lovers Ann Takamaki*
  • Bargains in negotiation.
  • Chance to cancel an enemy's attack. (Royal)
VII Chariot Ryuji Sakamoto*
  • Ambushing (P5) or dashing into (P5R) enemies at least 10 levels lower than the protagonist instantly kills them, giving a free Persona. but without other battle rewards (EXP/money/items)
    • In Royal, EXP/Money/Items are given along with the Persona.
  • Reduces the chance of being detected while dashing. (Royal)
VIII Justice Goro Akechi*
  • Chance to uncover unknown enemy affinities before battle. (Royal)
IX Hermit Futaba Sakura
X Fortune Chihaya Mifune
  • Bonus point gain on social stats.
  • Increases monetary rewards from battles for the day.
  • Bonus affinity point gain on Confidant activities.
  • Reveals possible benefits from other Confidant characters.
  • Reveals favorable responses during Confidant events. (Royal)
  • Triggers and improves the rate of fusion alarms. (Royal)
XI Strength Caroline and Justine
XII Hanged Man Munehisa Iwai
XIII Death Tae Takemi
  • Offers new medicine and recovery-based accessories at her clinic.
XIV Temperance Sadayo Kawakami
  • Additional free time during school to read or craft items.
  • Performs household tasks at night (cooking, laundry, crafting) without spending time.
  • Allows activities at night even after spending time in the Metaverse.
XV Devil Ichiko Ohya
XVI Tower Shinya Oda
  • Unlocks and improves Down Shot.
  • Unlocks and improves Bullet Hail.
  • Unlocks Warning Shot in negotiation.
  • Increases ammo capacity. (P5)
  • Improves the chance of gun attacks inflicting ailments. (P5R)
  • Allows Joker's gun attacks to pierce resistances.
XVII Star Hifumi Togo
  • Allows swapping teammates mid-battle.
  • Improves escape chance.
  • Unlocks gun-based follow-up attacks from backup members.
  • Gain bonus money for defeating enemies after an ambush.
XVIII Moon Yuuki Mishima
  • Unlocks Mementos Requests.
  • Grants partial or full EXP for allies on standby.
  • Permanent bonus EXP from battles.
XIX Sun Toranosuke Yoshida
  • Improves negotiation rewards during Hold Up.
  • Can recruit Personas of higher level than the protagonist.
XX Judgement Sae Niijima
  • "True Justice" indicates the protagonist has survived the recollection and reached the present.
Unnumbered Faith Kasumi Yoshizawa
  • Allows the protagonist to ambush Shadows with the grappling hook.
  • Allows the protagonist to avoid being ambushed by Shadows from the front.
I (E) Councillor Takuto Maruki
  • Chance for the protagonist to instantly snap out of any status condition.
  • Chance to grant the protagonist Charge and Concentrate at the start of battle.
  • Chance to restore a large amount of SP to the protagonist at the start of turn.
  • Unlocks third semester events upon completion.

* All party bonuses are as follows, with varied rank requirements:

  • Unlocks Baton Pass. (P5 only, as Baton Pass is provided automatically in P5R)
  • Unlocks Follow-Up attack.
  • X Talk: Ability to automatically revert to the last negotiation question if the target is enraged by the answer by chance (5) or at all times under certain circumstances. (Royal)
  • Harisen Recovery: Chance to cure other party members of their ailments.
  • Endure: Survive with 1 HP once in a battle when hit by a lethal attack.
  • Protects the protagonist before getting hit by a single-target lethal attack.
  • Unlocks ally's ultimate Persona with additional skills and improved elemental affinities.

Confidant Points[]

Decarabia SMT.PNG This topic is in need of research for the following reasons:
* See where Arcana/Exam multipliers apply in minor activitites. I got 2 notes after brewing for Sojiro early with a Hiero Persona.
* Does the exam multiplier activate if new confidants have been unlocked only afterwards?

This can be discussed on the article's talk page.

Generally, to be able to rank up a Confidant, the protagonist will first need to spend time with them or perform certain activities to bond with them. This is organized in points and a certain amount are required for each individual Confidant for each individual stage. Upon meeting the criteria to rank up, the Confidant's points will be reset back to 0 and the points received from the dialogue options of the next event will be accumulated for the next rank.

Generally, the protagonist can receive points from hanging out with Confidants, responding with the correct dialogue options or giving gifts. However, there are more ways Confidant points can be received such as consulting Chihaya Mifune for Affinity Reading, visiting the shrine and sometimes when resting early in bed. These activities differ in one way or another.

In dialogue options that can grant more than a single note, 2 notes indicate double the normal value, and 3 notes indicate triple. For example, if the default value is 5 points, then 2 notes would indicate 10 points, and 3 notes would indicate 15.

There are several additional multipliers that help boost the amount of points that are received while hanging out. If the protagonist has at least a single Persona with the same Arcana as the recipient, the points received will be multiplied by x1.5. The protagonist's performance in an exam will grant a boost to specific Confidants until the next exam week: if the protagonist scores 1st place, the multiplier will be x1.5, if top 10, it'll be x1.2. Additionally, if the protagonist does not withhold invitations from Confidants until later, the event will grant an x1.2 multiplier. These factors apply to many instances where Confidant points can be received such as during Fortune Telling rather than just when directly hanging out. However, in certain cases and events, such as when Sojiro tastes the protagonist's coffee, the point gain cannot be influenced by these multipliers.

The number of notes displayed when receiving points can imply how many points have been received. For example, 1 note is the default value. If there are any multipliers at play, there will be at least 2 notes. If the multipliers surpass double the amount of the initial value, then it'll display 3 notes. For example, if the default value were to be 5 (1 note), 2 notes would indicate 6-10 points, and 3 notes would indicate 11 and up. This means, theoretically, that the protagonist needs to have both a matching Arcana and to score 1st place on exams to go from 1 to 3 notes. If he scored in top 10, the early invitation multiplier will need to be made use of to make up for it.

List of Confidant Guides[]

The following pages contain comprehensive guides for each individual Confidant dialogue options and skills.

Persona 5 Confidant Guides Icon (Fool) - Igor.png Persona 5 Confidant Guides Icon (Magician) - Morgana.png Persona 5 Confidant Guides Icon (Priestess) - Makoto Niijima.png Persona 5 Confidant Guides Icon (Empress) - Haru Okumura.png Persona 5 Confidant Guides Icon (Emperor) - Yusuke Kitagawa.png
Persona 5 Confidant Guides Icon (Hierophant) - Sojiro Sakura.png Persona 5 Confidant Guides Icon (Lovers) - Ann Takamaki.png Persona 5 Confidant Guides Icon (Chariot) - Ryuji Sakamoto.png Persona 5 Confidant Guides Icon (Justice) - Goro Akechi.png Persona 5 Confidant Guides Icon (Hermit) - Futaba Sakura.png
Persona 5 Confidant Guides Icon (Fortune) - Chihaya Mifune.png Persona 5 Confidant Guides Icon (Strength) - Caroline and Justine.png Persona 5 Confidant Guides Icon (Hanged-Man) - Munehisa Iwai.png Persona 5 Confidant Guides Icon (Death) - Tae Takemi.png Persona 5 Confidant Guides Icon (Temperance) - Sadayo Kawakami.png
Persona 5 Confidant Guides Icon (Devil) - Ichiko Ohya.png Persona 5 Confidant Guides Icon (Tower) - Shinya Oda.png Persona 5 Confidant Guides Icon (Star) - Hifumi Togo.png Persona 5 Confidant Guides Icon (Moon) - Yuuki Mishima.png Persona 5 Confidant Guides Icon (Sun) - Toranosuke Yoshida.png
Persona 5 Confidant Guides Icon (Judgment) - Sae Niijima.png Persona 5 Confidant Guides Icon (Faith) - Kasumi Yoshizawa.png Persona 5 Confidant Guides Icon (Councillor) - Takuto Maruki.png



This is the general weekly schedule of the Confidants. Sometimes the availability of each Confidants can change due to certain circumstances separate from their schedule such as the requirement to level up certain Social Stats or having to complete a certain Mementos Request. Party Confidants will not be available if the Palace has not been completed within a week before its deadline or after the option to send a Calling Card to a Palace owner has been made available leading up to the boss fight.

Character Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Rain
Day Night Day Night Day Night Day Night Day Night Day Night Day Night Day/Night
Igor Auto
Morgana Auto
Akechi Auto
The Twins Confidant Rank Up after completing The Twins's request.
Mishima Available every day after completing his Mementos requests, even on rainy days.
Sae Auto

Character Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Rain
Day Night Day Night Day Night Day Night Day Night Day Night Day Night Day/Night
Igor Auto
Morgana Auto
The Twins Confidant Rank Up after completing The Twins's request.
Mishima Available every day after completing his Mementos requests, even on rainy days.
Sae Auto
Yoshizawa Protagonist must accept hangout requests via text.


Persona 5 Arcana


  • With the exception of those directly affiliated with the Phantom Thieves of Hearts or residents of the Velvet Room, any Confidant that becomes maxed will eventually discover the protagonist is a Phantom Thief as the group only figured out their target's identity from revealing it to him directly.
    • The Sun and Councillor Confidants, Toranosuke Yoshida and Takuto Maruki are different from the other Confidants as they conclude based on general observations, rather than having the protagonist leak his identity by fulfilling a request.
  • In Royal, four characters have their confidant portraits changed under certain conditions.
    • When Caroline and Justine become Lavenza, a portrait of the latter will replace the former.
    • During the third semester, Akechi's portrait will change to give him a more stern face.
    • When Sumire accepts her true self, Kasumi's portrait will be replaced by Sumire's.
    • While Kawakami is doing chores for the protagonist, her portrait will change to her maid outfit and a heart sticker with "Becky" on it will be placed over her name.
  • For unknown reasons, the Confidant menu refers to some Confidants by a descriptor title instead of their actual name:
    • Igor is known as the "Prison Master."
    • Caroline and Justine are known as the "Twin Wardens."
    • Sae Niijima is known as "Prosecutor."
    • Chihaya Mifune is known as "Fortune Teller."
    • Tae Takemi is known as "Back Alley Doctor."
    • Toranosuke Yoshida is known as "Man of the People."
    • Shinya Oda is known as "Skilled Gamer."
  • Morgana, Yusuke and Haru are the only Confidants in Persona 5 to have a Confidant ability unlocked with each rank.
    • In Royal, as Baton Passes are no longer a Confidant ability, they no longer fill that criteria. However, their Confidants still grant the most abilities in the game.
  • Unlike the rest of the Persona installments, the Tarot Cards which are used to symbolize these relationships are written in French instead of English, as they are based on the Tarot of Marseilles deck. The only exception is Death, which is also unlabeled in said Tarot deck and referred to as such.
    • There are, however, alterations to the Tarot Cards' original designs:
Arcana French Focus of illustration/Alteration
0 Fool Le Mat A traveler bitten by the dog,
which is also black instead of white.
I Magician Le Bateleur A magician performing a bloody experiment and
the field on the bottom is scorched.
II Priestess La Papesse A priestess reading porn.
III Empress L'Impératrice An empress sitting vulgarly.
IV Emperor L'Empereur An emperor smoking tobacco.
V Hierophant Le Pape A hierophant doing a thumbs down.
VI Lovers L'Amoureux The cherub is not focused on the center figure.
VII Chariot Le Chariot An injured charioteer.
VIII Justice La Justice The scales are unbalanced by money.
IX Hermit L'Hermite A hermit blowing a raspberry.
X Fortune La Roue de Fortune The creature at the top of the wheel is significantly bigger.
XI Strength La Force The woman has a malicious smile.
XII Hanged Man Le Pendu A hanged man talking on his mobile phone.
XIII Death L'Arcane Sans Nom The Grim Reaper is killing the king
(original just depicts the Reaper surrounded by body parts).
XIV Temperance Tempérance The maiden appears to be prancing with her mouth open, instead of standing impassively
XV Devil Le Diable The man and woman are tied to the devil instead of the pedestal.
XVI Tower La Maison Dieu Arrows raining down on the tower.
XVII Star L'Étoile A maiden drinking water from one pot
instead of pouring the content onto both water and land.
XVIII Moon La Lune A man attacked by the crayfish in the lake and
the canines looking at the lake instead of howling at the moon.
XIX Sun Le Soleil A sun drying out the living things on the land.
XX Judgement Le Jugement A skeleton folding its arms like an "X"
instead of praying like the other two people.
I (E) Councillor Arcana Le Consultant The sun is now the center focus and people are worshiping it. There are also multiple people; the original Consultant only has one.
Unnumbered Faith Arcana (False) La Foi The Popess is a skeleton and is pulled by a pair of devils.
Unnumbered Faith Arcana (True) La Foi The Popess is now held by a pair of slaves.
XXI World Le Monde A maiden playing maracas instead of holding a staff in each hand
and is heading towards the northwest of the card.
  • The game's internal data reveals the scrapped concept to reverse (called "doubt" in this game) and break confidants, just like in Persona 3 and Persona 4. However, it seems to be intended only for non-party member confidants with the exception of Fool, Hierophant, Strength, Moon and Judgement.[1]
    • There are also unused files that represent ignored phone calls on all confidants save for Fool and including World, despite the World Arcana not being represented by any Confidant.
    • Unused dialogue also indicates that it is possible for a Persona corresponding to the Arcana of a doubted or broken Confidant to be fused, unlike in previous installments where they cannot be fused at all.
    • Doubted Confidants will prohibit the protagonist from getting its benefits, while broken Confidants will prohibit any Personas of the Confidant's corresponding Arcana from getting Arcana Burst.


  1. Reversed and Broken Tarot Cards (imgur, June 3 2018)

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