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The protagonist using the computer.

The computer is an activity in the Persona series.



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The computer is an activity that allows the protagonist to interact with software. The software itself refers to obtainable items that are single-use, but will reward the protagonist with 2-note Social Stat increases among other rewards, such as combat stat boosts and an expanded catalogue of items that can be bought elsewhere. Using the computer passes time.

Name Effect Description Price Location
Digital Cram School Academics (♪♪) - Interact with the computer for the first time
Lessons in Etiquette Charm (♪♪) PC software for learning manners that will charm others. ¥1,200 Manga Star Net Café
Virtual Diet Charm (♪♪) PC software for helping you attain a beautiful body via watching videos. ¥1,200 Manga Star Net Café
Language Made Easy Academics (♪♪) PC software for learning English through pictures and images. ¥1,200 Manga Star Net Café
Animal Othello Courage (♪♪) PC software for children. Adults need courage to play this. ¥1,200 Manga Star Net Café
TypinGhoul Courage (♪♪) PC software for requires courage to defeat zombies through typing. ¥1,200 Manga Star Net Café
Muscle Boot Camp Max HP +7
PC software for learning how to effectively strengthen your muscles. ¥2,000 Manga Star Net Café
Mindful Boot Camp Max SP +7[citation needed]
PC software for growing your mind through meditation. ¥2,000 Manga Star Net Café
Umiushi Fan Book Ability to purchase items from Umiushi Beef Bowls For those who love beef bowls. Has a membership code for the official site. ¥450 Manga Star Net Café
Pickup Line Master Charm (♪♪) PC software for learning the arts of seduction and sweet talking. ¥4,000 Manga Star Net Café (After 8/6)
Sage Brain Training Academics (♪♪) PC software for cultivating your thinking power. ¥4,000 Manga Star Net Café (After 8/6)
Sengoku Chronicles Courage (♪♪) PC software for living out the valorous feats of a Sengoku-era general. ¥4,000 Manga Star Net Café (After 8/6)
Veggie Farmer Sim Increases amount of solo-grown crops that can be harvested. PC software for learning skills to increase the yield of your vegetable garden. ¥4,500 Manga Star Net Café (After 8/6)
Part-Time Master Increases money received from part-time jobs. PC software for learning servicing skills to help you earn a higher hourly wage. ¥8,000 Manga Star Net Café (After 10/4)
Image Muscle Trainer Max HP +9
PC software for learning how to build up muscle by using your mind. ¥4,000 Manga Star Net Café (After 10/4)
Mental Instructor Max SP +7
PC software for training your mental strength through expert methods. ¥4,000 Manga Star Net Café (After 10/4)
Iwatodai Forum Note Unlocks items at vending machine at Iwatodai A note with the URL of a message board full of rumors about Iwatodai. ¥500 The Informant, Club Escapade (After 5/9)
School X Site Note Unlocks items at vendor at Gekkoukan High School A note with the URL of a familiar site about an anonymous school. ¥500 The Informant, Club Escapade (After 6/8)
Revenge Site Note Courage (♪♪) A note with the URL of a revenge request site that has stirred up a buzz. ¥500 The Informant, Club Escapade (After 7/7)
Security Site Note Unlocks Ambush (separate from Chance Encounters) A note with the URL of a site featuring videos on taking down enemies. ¥5,000 The Informant, Club Escapade (After 8/6)
Assassin Site Note Ambushing from behind guarantees Distress A note with the URL of a site detailing how to fatally strike your enemy. ¥8,000 The Informant, Club Escapade (After 9/5)
History Website Note Raises Theurgy gauge rate after ambush. A note with the URL of a site for posting anecdotes of inspiring people. ¥8,000 The Informant, Club Escapade (After 9/5)
Veggie Blog Note Unlocks Golden Tomato Sprouts for sale A note with the URL of a blog written by devoted vegetable gardens lovers. ¥500 The Informant, Club Escapade (After 10/4)
Ninja Fansite Note Decreases needed dash time before unlocking Ambush state A note with the URL of a site that studies ninja skills for greater agility. ¥12,000 The Informant, Club Escapade (After 11/3)
Dating Site Note Matchmaking activity
Quitting uses up item, but saves time.
A note with the URL of a matchmaking site with a prepaid Offering Pass. ¥3,000 The Informant, Club Escapade (After 11/11, restocks on use)
Believer's Blog Note Max SP +5
A note with the URL of a blog whose author writes fanatically about Nyx. ¥500 The Informant, Club Escapade (After 12/31)

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