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Combo Attacks are a mechanic in Persona 5 Strikers.



Combo Attacks, especially P5R PS4 T.png Special Attack from P5R PS4 S.png, are strong attacks chained from standard attacks. Different moves are performed depending on the number of times P5R PS4 S.png is pressed.

Combo Attacks are constructed by several basic attacks of the following:

  • P5R PS4 S.png Basic Attack: Standard attacks that can be chained consecutively. Can also be performed midair.
  • P5R PS4 T.png Special Attack: Character specific actions. Effects vary from simple attacks to ability-enhancing buffs.

To abbreviate specific combinations, it is common to refer to sequences by stating C and a variable number for the charge attack's sequence in the chain. For instance, P5R PS4 S.pngP5R PS4 S.pngP5R PS4 S.pngP5R PS4 T.png would be called C4 since the charge acts as the fourth input. Additional attacks that are attached to a single charge attack is sometimes referred to as C#~# of the extension (for example: P5R PS4 S.pngP5R PS4 S.pngP5R PS4 T.pngP5R PS4 T.png would be C3~2). Specially, only using a couple of P5R PS4 S.png would be denoted in the wiki as S#.

Types of Combo Attacks[]

Personas can cast regular skills using combo attacks. In comparison to casting them normally, combo attacks do not consume HP or SP if initiated via combo. However, they're weaker versions of their regular casting equivalent.

The base pool of combo attacks the Persona can use is present from the beginning and cannot be changed. Additionally, the skills the Persona can use are assigned to 1 of 3 specific combos, with each only being able to contain 1 skill:

  • C3~2 / P5R PS4 S.pngP5R PS4 S.pngP5R PS4 T.pngP5R PS4 T.png
  • C4 / P5R PS4 S.pngP5R PS4 S.pngP5R PS4 S.pngP5R PS4 T.png
  • C6~2 / P5R PS4 S.pngP5R PS4 S.pngP5R PS4 S.pngP5R PS4 S.pngP5R PS4 S.pngP5R PS4 T.pngP5R PS4 T.png

The party, as well as protagonist's primary Persona, Arsène, have unique properties compared to other Personas. Although the combo attacks for other Personas are unchangeable, Arsène and the party's combo attacks might upgrade as they level up. (e.g Eiha eventually transforms into Maeiga, and finally Maeigaon.)

Certain Persona skills can only be casted via combo attacks, hence making them unique to certain Personas. This includes Mara's Mararagidyne and Morgana's Zorro's Miracle Punch.

Party members, the protagonist included, also have unique combo attacks that are separate from their Personas or any regular skills, with some granting unique properties. For instance, Ann Takamaki can change her melee attacks' affinity to Fire. Their combo attacks can also be strengthened by Master Arts, to boost the efficiency of regular melee attacks.

The Forget ailment will automatically disable the respective party member's ability to cast certain combo attacks, specifically those that involve the use of Personas. They will still be able to execute other combo attacks during that time.

Controller Differences[]

The button inputs differ between consoles and their respective controllers. PlayStation button P5R PS4 S.png (Basic Attack) and P5R PS4 T.png (Special Attack) are adapted respectively as Switch button Y.png and Switch button X.png on the Nintendo Switch version, B and H (can be changed) with a keyboard or Switch button X.png and Switch button Y.png with an Xbox controller if plugged in the PC version.

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