The Collector Manikin is a character in Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne.


Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne: Minor character, Corpus Race.


The Collector Manikin is one of the few distinctive Manikins in the game. For reasons unstated in the game, he wears part of his hood over his face, covering it from forehead to nose.

His great passion in life is to collect man-made objects. He will stop at nothing to add to his collection, going so far as to risk his life by asking the guard of the gate to Ikebukuro in the Great Underpass of Ginza to let him outside, or to enlist the help of the new demon the Demi-Fiend in finding the prized piece of his collection, a human Bill (a 1,000 yen bill). In exchange, the Collector Manikin hands the Demi-Fiend a letter that allows him to get past the gate to Ikebukuro and continue his journey.

Afterwards, the Collector Manikin can be found with the other Manikins in Kabukicho Prison, being drained of magatsuhi like all the others. Once again, he helps the Demi-Fiend by lending him his special Spoon, which another Manikin uses to dig a hole that then allows Demi-Fiend to progress.

Once the Manikins move to Asakusa, the Collector Manikin can be found helping the others clean with a new goal in mind: he wants to open his own store. He soon does so, and later on does the same in the Tower of Kagutsuchi.

On his various trips for man-made objects, the Collector Manikin manages to find six magatamas in total for Demi-Fiend, making his shop the most important source of magatamas in the game. When asked about them, he just says he thought they would be useful to Demi-Fiend. He even, for a time, thinks about joining Demi-Fiend's party to find more objects, but he never does.

Also, he does not seem to care, or notice, the death/disappearance of the manikins after Chiaki and the Mantra's massacre, like the Junk Shop Manikin.

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