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Clear Sky Musha (雪晴れの武者, Yuki Hare no Musha) is a Shadow in the series.



Persona 4 Golden[]

The Clear Sky Musha appears in Floors 8 and 9 in the Hollow Forest. After battle, it may drop Suffering Stone, Love Stone, Fire Breaker or Wind Breaker. Notably, this Shadow knows the skill Hassou Tobi, Yoshitsune's exclusive skill, and seem to use it in retaliation to being debuffed, but only on the turn that a debuff skill is used on them. They will always follow Hassou Tobi with Tempest Slash. They may also use Media if they get a One More. On their first turn, they will always cast Matarukaja, even if it is already active. The exception to this is if they are encountered in battle with a Calm Machine, in which case, they will cast Makarakarn on it on their first turn, and then cast Matarukaja on their next turn if they did cast Makarakarn. In addition to Tempest Slash, they can randomly use Gale Slash, which is replaced with Vicious Strike once their HP is reduced by 50%.


Persona 4 Golden[]

Arcana Level HP SP
Strength 17
Magic 52
Endurance 10
Agility 68
Luck 58
Strength 75 1000
Phys Fire Ice Elec Wind Light Dark Almi
- - - - - Repel - 125%
EXP Yen Normal Drop Rare Drop
2400 0 - -
List of Skills
Skill Effect
Hassou Tobi Deals light Phys damage to all foes 8x.
Tempest Slash Deals heavy Phys damage to 1 foe 1x to 2x.
Gale Slash Deals light Phys damage to all foes.
Vicious Strike Deals heavy Phys damage to all foes.
Primal Force Deals severe Phys damage to 1 foe.
Media Slightly restores party's HP.
Matarukaja Increases party's Attack for 3 turns.
Makarakarn Barrier that reflects magic dmg once. (1 ally; excludes Almighty attacks)