Class is a recurring event in the Persona series. The protagonists need to attend it every day during their school year.



On scheduled days, the protagonists will be asked a question from their head teacher, and answering correctly will reward them with a mild Social Stat boost.

Additionally, at certain times, the protagonists will have to take exams spanning in at least most of the week they're taking place on.

School is closed during Sundays and holidays.

Persona 3Edit


On certain events, while the teacher is giving off their lecture, the protagonist will become sleepy. Falling asleep will boost their physical condition by one stage, while staying up will have them continue listening to the lecture as usual, boosting their Knowledge stat.

Persona 5Edit

Slack OffEdit

For Kawakami's Confidant abilities, see Sadayo Kawakami → Confidant

As the protagonist ranks up Sadayo Kawakami's Confidant, they'll gain access to additional, scheduled free time in Kawakami's class. The protagonist will be able to craft Infiltration Tools, read books and sleep.

As the protagonist ranks her up, Kawakami will grant the protagonist more free time, which she does by luring other teachers out of the protagonist's classes.

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