Chiyoda (千代田区, Chiyoda-ku*)? is one of the 23 special wards in central Tokyo, Japan, and one of the recurring settings in the series. Nagatacho, Hibiya Park and Kanda are locales located within Chiyoda.


In English, it calls itself Chiyoda City. As of October 2007, the ward has an estimated population of 45,543 and a density of 3,912 persons per km², making it by far the least populated of the special wards. The total area is 11.64 km², of which the Imperial Palace takes up 12 percent.

Chiyoda consists of the Palace and a surrounding radius of about 1 kilometer. It inherited the name, literally meaning "field of a thousand generations," from Chiyoda Castle (the other name of Edo Castle). Many government institutions, such as the Diet (pronounced: Dee-yet), Prime Minister's residence, and Supreme Court, are located in Chiyoda, as are Tokyo landmarks such as Yasukuni Shrine, Tokyo Station, and the Budokan. Fifteen embassies are located in Chiyoda.



Shin Megami Tensei III: NocturneEdit

In Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne, Chiyoda is where the Diet Building is located. Hikawa and his followers travel to the Diet to summon his demonic sponsor, Ahriman.


  • Diet Building - 3000 Macca, Light Ball, Megido Stone, Chakra Drop, and Magic Incense.
    • Note: The bold items can only be obtained during a full Kagutsuchi phase in treasure chests.

Shin Megami Tensei IVEdit

The prentice Samurai have been ordered by Hugo to go to the Chiyoda Region in order to find the Counter-Demon force base at Kasumigaseki. The Ring of Gaea controls the Yaesu Passage of Tokyo Station that can be found here. The St. Nicholas Cathedral is now a home for the Fairies.

Devil SurvivorEdit

Listed as Nagata-Cho on the map, the Diet Building at Kasumigaseki is the site of a "contamination area" during the Lockdown. By the 5th day, the landscape at the Diet becomes hellish, with lava pools and skulls on spikes around the abandoned government building. It here that the party finally meets up with Naoya, who reveals the truth behind the Demon Summoning Program and the key to ending the lockdown.

Lucifer, the game's Ultimate Boss, can be fought upon the stairs of the Diet Building on Day 7. He will only appear during New Game Plus on every route except Yuzu; in Overclocked, the player must select "Fallen Star" bonus when starting from a cleared game save.

In Overclocked, during Yuzu's 8th day route, the party must rescue Naoya from a group of angels at the Diet building. Upon defeating them, Metatron appears at the steps of the facility, proclaiming that God has withdrawn his support of humanity.

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