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This article is about the location in Devil Summoner. For other uses, see Chinatown (Disambiguation).

Chinatown is a location in Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner


After completing the Police Station dungeon, visiting Chinatown before talking to Marie again can allow you to walk around the normal Chinatown. Entering the Restaurant, a man named Chen Jianmin will inform the Protagonist that the restaurant is closing, and everything in Chinatown is going out of business. After talking to Marie and accepting the job, Chinatown turns into a maze full of warps and demons.


  • Soma
  • Cakra Chip x2
  • Gleipnir
  • Lu Incense
  • Final Guard
  • ¥30000
  • 3000 MAG
  • Jewel


  • Blue boxes indicate bosses.
Demon Race Level
Xiuhtecuhtli Yoma 43
Oumitsunu Jirae 43
Amazon Femme 43
Porewit Wilder 43
Basilisk Drake 43
Virtue Divine 44
Culebre Snake 44
Berserker Brute 45
Macabre Spirit 45
Ammut Beast 46
Kudlak Haunt 47
Guan Di/Kansei Teikun Hero 56


  • The manual for the Special Box edition includes a map of the dungeon

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