"Whaaaaaat!? The sequence of arcana has completely changed! "Death" has moved far off into the future... But there's no way that could've happened... without you breaking the law. I mean, how could an ordinary high school student change the course of fate...? ...Fine. I'm just going to have to verify your power. The very power that reversed my tarot card prediction! Oh, I know... I'll read your fortune! Please, I beg you... I need to know if fate truly can be changed..."
—Chihaya Mifune to the protagonist, Persona 5

Chihaya Mifune is a character from Persona 5. She's a fortune teller active in Shinjuku.



Chihaya has purple eyes, long blonde hair, and wears a big navy blue headband. She wears a necklace with a small red jewel resembling a teardrop.

She wears a navy blue long sleeved shirt. Over this is a light purple dress with clock-like black designs (resembling traces of the Wheel of Fortune card pattern from Persona 3 and 4) and two black laces. On her lower body are navy blue tights and dark gray slippers.

Personality Edit

Chihaya is a cheerful woman with a lovely atmosphere about her, with a rumor of her fortunes being infallible. This is the most part accurate as her predictions have an uncanny ability to be properly divined down to the most minute details. As a result, she can be stubborn in her belief that fates cannot be changed even when giving her clients readings with terrible outcomes, as most have inexplicably resulted in such a way.

Her time spent with the protagonist begins to change these feelings as he and the Phantom Thieves of Hearts alter the fates of many of her clients. She is initially frustrated and suspicious about this, but soon comes to realize that this implies a better world than she had thought. She has a tendency to lapse into her native rural accent if sufficiently upset and shouting.

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Persona 5Edit

Chihaya is a tarot fortune-teller who runs a fortune-telling stand in Shinjuku. She has a bright and cheerful atmosphere about her, but her fortunes always hit the mark. She is rumored to definitely be “a real fortune-teller,” but at the same time, apparently recommends these “suspicious stones.” It is later revealed that her powers are genuine, but in the past she was ostracized for her apparent omniscience. The stones, as revealed, are worthless trinkets made of rock salt. Her employers, a group of New Age con artists called the Assembly of Divine Power, force her to sell them, and she keeps to it since her readings say she cannot escape. At the end of her Confidant, she realizes the Phantom Thieves are proof that her destiny can be changed, and she quits after the Phantom Thieves change the ADP's chairman's heart so that he will waive her otherwise inescapable work contract.


To check Chihaya's Confidant dialogue options and skills, see Confidant/Chihaya Mifune
"Unless you were lucky, there's no way you could've repeatedly done so many crimes. Or perhaps you had someone you consulted who gave you precise advice. You're not getting away this time with just luck!"
Sae Niijima talking about Chihaya Mifune, Persona 5

Chihaya's Confidant takes more effort to commence than the other Confidants. She can first be met on June 22nd in Shinjuku at night, after listening to a rumor about her. The protagonist is required to buy her Holy Stone for 100,000 yen, and after that he needs to spend another night to unlock a Mementos request "Ending the Boyfriend's Abuse." After completing that request, visiting Chihaya will finally commence her Confidant. Chihaya will return the 100,000 yen one her Confidant reaches Rank 9.

Once her Confidant is initiated, Chihaya will permit the protagonist to use her fortunetelling services whenever it's not raining. She even expands her operating hours so that the protagonist can use them in the day. Each fortunetelling also costs 5,000 yen. Unlike other daily activities, fortune telling does not spend the protagonist's activity time, which is similar to shopping, and becomes handy in speeding up the rate at which his social stats (and eventually his Confidant ranks) develop. Despite being available for fortune telling in most time slots, the protagonist can only attempt to develop her Confidant at night.

The item received by maxing Chihaya's Confidant is a Fortune Tarot Card, which unlocks all of her Fortune Telling abilities from the start of her Confidant in New Game+. If the protagonist pursues a romantic relationship with Chihaya, she will gift the protagonist Cologne on Christmas, allowing him to earn more points when using a Fortune Persona during their Confidant in NG+, and Chihaya's Chocolate on Valentines Day, which fully restores SP to one ally when consumed.

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Persona 5
Concept art
Chihaya's text icon
Chihaya Confidant Icon
Chihaya's Confidant portrait
Chihaya Stand
Chihaya at her fortune-telling stand
Chihaya Talk
Chihaya talking to the protagonist
Chihaya after Valentine's Day
Persona 5 Portraits
P5 portrait of Chihaya Mifune
Chihaya's portrait
P5 Portrait of Chihaya Smiling
Chihaya smiling
P5 Portrait of Chihaya Scowling
Chihaya scowling
P5 Portrait of Chihaya Sad
Chihaya sad
P5 Portrait of Chihaya Surprised
Chihaya surprised
P5 Portrait of Chihaya Blushing
Chihaya blushing
P5 Portrait of Chihaya Flushed
Chihaya flushed
Chihaya Happy Cut-in
Chihaya happy cut-in
Chihaya Devious Cut-in
Chihaya devious cut-in
Chihaya Sad Cut-in
Chihaya sad cut-in
Chihaya Sad Cut-in 2
Chihaya sad cut-in (2)
Chihaya Surprised Cut-in
Chihaya surprised cut-in
Chihaya Angry Cut-in
Chihaya angry cut-in
Persona 5 Royal Portraits
P5R Portrait Chihaya Winter
Chihaya's winter coat
P5R Portrait Chihaya Winter Smiling
Chihaya smiling (Winter coat)
P5R Portrait Chihaya Winter Scowling
Chihaya scowling (Winter coat)
P5R Portrait Chihaya Winter Sad
Chihaya sad (Winter coat)
P5R Portrait Chihaya Winter Surprised
Chihaya surprised (Winter coat)
P5R Portrait Chihaya Winter Blushing
Chihaya blushing (Winter coat)
P5R Portrait Chihaya Winter Flushed
Chihaya flushed (Winter coat)

In Other LanguagesEdit

Language Titles
Flag of the United States English Chihaya Mifune
Flag of Japan Japanese 御船 千早 (Mifune Chihaya)
Flag of South Korea Korean 미후네 치하야 (Mihune Chihaya)
Flag of Hong KongFlag of the Republic of China Traditional Chinese 御船 千早 (Yù chuán qiānzǎo)


  • The name Chihaya means "thousand" (千) (chi) and "already, now" (早) (haya).
  • Chihaya's surname Mifune means "honorable" (御) (mi) and "ship" (船) (fune).


  • Chihaya's name (御船 千早) resembles Chizuko Mifune (御船 千鶴子), a psychic who was alleged to possess clairvoyance but committed suicide at the age of 24 in 1911.
    • Chihaya's cult boss Yuichi Fukurai (福来 友一) is likewise a reference to Tomokichi Fukurai (福来 友吉), a psychologist who worked with Chizuko to prove the existence of the psychic power.
  • The official artwork shows Chihaya holding what appears to be the Persona 5 variation of the Wheel of Fortune card.
  • Miyu Matsuki (Chihaya's Japanese voice actress) died of malignant lymphoma on 27 October 2015 at the age of 38. Although not officially confirmed by her agency, Persona 5 is generally believed to be her last professional performance, at least in the video game category.

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