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"...I think this "power" of mine is what I wanted all along. The power to protect everyone... I understand now. I'm not supposed to use it to become more self-reliant... I'm supposed to use this power to protect people... Yukiko, my friends, my family, this town.. and you."
—Chie Satonaka, Persona 4

Chie Satonaka is a playable character from Persona 4. An energetic girl with a love of kung-fu movies, she's one of the protagonist's classmates at Yasogami High School.




Chie has dyed light brown bowl-shaped hair and brown eyes.

As with most playable characters in the game, Chie wears a modified Yasogami High uniform with a light green, high collared athletic jacket adorned with several decorative pins (including a smiley face) and underneath her mini skirt she wears short black compression shorts. In summer, however, she is seen wearing the school's standard summer uniform, having wrapped her jacket around her hips.

On days off, she replaces her uniform with a white top and underneath two colors: one black and white stripe and second a blue top, with high collar lighter green jacket with purple crystal necklaces, navy jean skirt, and lighter green boots.

Her summer outfit consists of a green tank top with a floral pattern over a yellow tank top as well as a colorful wristband at each arm, brown choker, dark blue shorts with white trims in the bottom and a belt of dark blue and white horizontal lines with a small orange pocket, and white sneakers with green details.

At the summer festival she wears a white yukata with a multi-colored circle pattern and an orange striped sash. The sleeves and hem of the yukata gradient to a pale orange.

In Persona 4 Golden, Chie is seen wearing a pink turtleneck shirt with a colorful pattern and a turquoise coat during a new anime cutscene. Then, during the winter, she is also seen wearing a snow suit with a white Peruvian hat, pink goggles with light green lenses, pink scarf, yellow shirt, light blue overalls, and lime green snow jacket. Even during colder days in winter at school, she wears a dark green hooded jacket with faux-fur trimming and badges on it and underneath is another dark jacket similar to the one she wears in spring on her school uniform, and white snowflake leg warmers with yellow socks. For the New Year's event, she wears a white kimono with a pink flower pattern, a red and gold obi and a decorative flower ornament in her hair. The sleeves and hem of the kimono gradient to blue. In the epilogue, she wears a yellow top with white lines, light gray collar short jacket with blue in the interior, black ribbon necklace, gray sport leggings, and white sneakers with yellow details.


In the manga, when she was a child, she wore a hairband, a kung-fu T-shirt, and short black leggings when she met younger Yukiko in the night.


In Persona 4 The Animation, her past is similar to the manga; she still wears her hair tied, but with a yellow clip on her hair, and her outfit is completely different. She wore a green stylish shirt underneath with lime green long sleeve shirt with red lines on the sleeves, navy jeans underneath her light blue mini skirt, and white shoes when meeting Yukiko in the rainy day.

Dancing All Night[]

In Persona 4: Dancing All Night, she retains her Yasogami school uniform and her jacket except her sleeves reach to her elbow, and leaves it open to show her white t-shirt with sky blue and yellow logo that said CHEERS! that reach half-way of her stomach. She wears stylish white belt with magenta heart design, yellow wristbands, and aqua sneakers with green laces.


"You don't know SHIT about how I feel! Yukiko might DIE from this, for crying out loud! I'm going, and that's that!"
—Chie, determined to save her best friend Yukiko

Chie is energetic and outgoing, the "extrovert" compared to Yukiko being the "introvert." She has a bright and upbeat personality, often trying to cheer up the group by joking about the case. She can be somewhat short tempered, especially with Yosuke, and is slow to back down from a challenge.


Chie practicing a kick outside Void Quest.

Chie, in a way, could be considered a "tomboy." She is obsessed with kung fu and is a huge fan of martial arts movies, most prominently Trial of the Dragon. She also has a poster of Bruce Lee in her room. Outside Naoto's dungeon, Chie mentions that as a kid, she had her own secret hideout near the mountain by Yukiko's house where she would pretend that a legendary kung fu master was teaching her special techniques. Chie's wish is to become a police officer some day. Chie's cooking skills are horrific and her cooking tastes generally unpleasant, causing them to be labeled as Mystery Food X. Fitting as an action movie fan, Chie is fond of large amounts of meat, such as grilled steak and beef bowls.

Chie has strong sense of justice and a fierce desire to protect others. She is willing to defend strangers from being threatened and attacked by local delinquents. Even when outnumbered, she does not hesitate to intervene and speak out. Chie wants to protect Yukiko and the protagonist most of all, and they serve as strong motivators in her wanting to become stronger, constantly training her kung-fu moves and challenging herself physically. Though nominally fearless, Chie has some specific childish fears: she is terrified of ghost stories, thunder, locusts (and possibly other insects), and being in the dark.

Chie's biggest insecurity is her jealousy towards someone with a better background than her, which is one aspect of her unhealthy relationship with Yukiko, in which both girls are secretly guilty of hiding their true feelings from one another. After years of being with Yukiko, who is treated as wealthier, more popular, more feminine, scoring higher grades in school and having more male admirers, Chie gradually develops an inferiority complex in comparing herself to Yukiko and is jealous of all the male attention Yukiko receives. As a result she comes to believe herself to be undesirable, especially compared to Yukiko. This causes her to derive satisfaction from Yukiko's need to rely on her for confidence and support at the beginning of the game. However, Chie herself repels these thoughts (alongside the weakness they derive from) and tries to be genuinely protective towards Yukiko to an unnatural extent, risking her well-being in the process. When Shadow Chie is defeated, she vows to overcome her complex and be a true friend to Yukiko. Despite that, she does genuinely care about Yukiko, and is willing to risk her life to save her.

Within her Social Link, Chie tries to overcome her weakness by training with the protagonist to be the best person she can be, tormenting herself whenever she fails. Within fighting with a gang of bullies, she would taunt the bullies into a fight which would only aggravate them, who steps in to shield her, much to Chie's anger. Chie then realizes that she's only been showing off and causing trouble in the process, to her regret, and that she misunderstood by thinking that it's all up to her while forgetting about her friends. Furthermore, she reflects on her opinion of her weakness by observing how others handle their own: such as the rude and cowardly friend Takeshi who refuses to face his own weakness, and a gang of bullies who extort others by threatening them into shielding their own, Takeshi's included.

Once facing the same bullies again, this time even forcing her to choose between protecting a child from being extorted or sparing the safety of her friend Yukiko, Chie accepts her weakness entirely by directly offering them to hit her if they hate her so much: since they had no means of manipulating Chie, they gave up and backed off. Chie would later contemplate on that and realize she's misunderstood her power: instead of adding the extra step of wanting to become self-reliant, its use was in directly protecting others.


Persona 4[]

A resident of Inaba. She is a second-year student in Yasogami High School and an ardent fan of martial arts, and mostly uses kicks while fighting.

The protagonist first meets Chie alongside Yosuke and Yukiko at school, in which she was the first person to give him a warm welcome by telling Kinshiro Morooka to give him a seat next to her. When class is over, Chie found out that her "Trial of the Dragon" disk was broke because Yosuke crash landed on his bike before this. She kicks him in the pancreas and angrily leaves with Yukiko, with the protagonist leaving him alone as well. When an unsettling-looking student unsuccessfully flirts with Yukiko, Chie criticizes him for his poor social skills.

On the next day, when Yosuke invites the protagonist for a hangout in court Junes, Chie comes in and asks him about a way to compensate for her broken "Trial of the Dragon" CD. Once Yosuke playfully banters with her that her real reason for coming is because she heard the word "steak," she relaxes for a bit and invites Yukiko as well, only for her to turn off the deal. Apparently, Chie was disappointed that the Junes court has no grilled steak, but nevertheless happily converses with Yosuke and the protagonist.

On the next day, after school, Chie was discussing the Midnight Channel with Yosuke and the protagonist, in which Chie claims that she saw that her soulmate was a "girl" and questions Yosuke if he saw the same person. Yosuke confirms it and with Chie's parents wanting to buy a TV, they went to Junes trying to buy one. However, the protagonist accidentally sucks his hand onto the TV, and a panicking Chie was accidentally dragged into the TV World alongside a panicking Yosuke. Inside the TV World, Chie was the first one who found the atmosphere odious and was begging Teddie to help the trio leave. Teddie summons three televisions and knocks them out of the dimension.


Shadow Chie

Chie reluctantly accepting her Shadow.

On April 15, Yukiko has not shown up on a sudden ad-hoc school assembly, worrying Chie. The principal announces that Saki Konishi has died due to mysterious reasons, although he rules out bullying as a reason. It turns out that she died in the same way as Mayumi Yamano, making the students suspect a serial murder case on the loose. A depressed Yosuke arrives in the hallway to share his theory that people who enter the TV actually die in a pattern that cannot be concluded as coincidence. While Chie suggests him to find the police, Yosuke believes that the police may not be able to help, so they will be investigating the murders on their own hands. Chie holds a rope bound to Yosuke as a lifeline and Yosuke gives the protagonist a Golf Club as a weapon. The duo enters the television and the rope breaks instantly, panicking Chie. After Yosuke and the protagonist surface back to the real world, Chie was seen kneeling on the floor, shocked and angered. She throws the rope onto Yosuke's head, knocking him over and scolds the duo for worrying her before stumbling away. During this night, Yukiko was interviewed on TV, and a blurry image of her began to appear.

On the 16th of April, Chie panics again as she sees Yukiko on the TV, fearing her dearest friend's death. Fortunately, (for now) Yukiko was perfectly fine. However, during the next day (where Yukiko's image becomes clear on the previous night), after Ryotaro Dojima releases the protagonist and Yosuke from custody for displaying weapons in the Junes court, Chie rushes to the police station and the trio confirm that Yukiko was really kidnapped, as Chie was unable to contact her. With no choice, they barge into the Midnight Channel once more, this time exploring Yukiko's Castle. Having their weapons confiscated by the police, Chie introduces them to Master Daidara so they can buy new weapons.

Midway into the Castle, Chie was drawn by voices echoed by Yukiko, who states that Chie was her meaning of living and without her she is just meaningless. This induces a reaction on Chie's psyche and a double of Chie, known as Shadow Chie appears in front of her and claims that her friendship with Yukiko was fake, merely using Yukiko to her advantage because she can't do anything on her own as such a pathetic person. When Chie denies the Shadow like Yosuke did, just like his own, it knocks her out and transforms into a dominatrix in yellow with long, black hair, riding on top of a pair of Yasogami High School students. Yosuke and the protagonist defeat the abomination, and persuades Chie to accept her Shadow. She admits her true feelings and Shadow Chie transmogrifies into Tomoe.

After Yukiko accepts her Shadow, Chie apologizes to Yukiko for being jealous of her. Yukiko, however, doesn't hold it against her, and instead apologizes for being so caught up in her own problems that she failed to notice what was troubling Chie. Chie escorts the exhausted Yukiko home, and Yosuke later observes that the two girls have become closer.

When Yukiko gets rest from facing her shadow, her and Chie join Yosuke and the protagonist in solving the murder case, but in one group discussion after Kanji gets kidnapped, Chie furiously realizes that she may had been watched on the Channel when confronting her Shadow and gets determined to save Kanji and to get revenge on the culprit. This is emphasized in the anime adaptation when Yu and Yosuke hesitate to look for or enter Kanji's dungeon, Chie lashes out at them and even drags Yosuke into the sauna.


Chie shocked by Adachi's confession.

Chie shows surprise by the behavior of the true culprit behind the murders, police officer Tohru Adachi, who has feels no remorse for committing the crime of murder. Adachi reveals to Chie that the only reason he joined the police was so that he could legally carry a gun, and that he doesn't consider himself an "agent of justice." Chie's shock is significant because she also hopes to become a police officer someday. Chie believed as a child that the police were meant to serve and protect people, and coming face-to-face with a corrupted police officer throws this belief into question.


In Persona 4 Golden, the addition of bikes for the Investigation Team introduced a unique new way of obtaining skills for party members. By going on special forms of dates with each party member, involving the use of the bikes, the player is given the option of either having the party member in question learn a brand-new skill, or relearn any old skill that they have forgotten. The bike skills available to Chie are listed below.

Additionally, like with Rise Kujikawa in Persona 4, each party member is able to learn new skills upon the player's progression of their Social Link. The social link skills that Chie learns upon the development of her Social Link are also listed below.

Twin Dragons

Chie and Yukiko performing Twin Dragons.

Chie can also perform a fusion spell with Yukiko called "Twin Dragons" whenever the following requirements are achieved: Chie and Yukiko are both in the active party and an All-Out Attack is used, but the enemy is still alive. When performing "Twin Dragons," Chie and Yukiko both run towards each other and summon their Personas. A magic circle will appear beneath the enemy, with a golden dragon circling them. Shortly after, an apparition of a lily will appear to bloom, causing damage to the enemy group.

During the months of January and February, the player can choose to spend time with Chie in order to unlock her third tier persona, Haraedo-no-Okami. Haraedo-no-Okami learns Dragon Hustle, a 150 SP skill that is effectively a Heat Riser buff applied to the entire party (Attack, Defense, Hit/Evade up to the entire party). Haraedo-no-Okami absorbs Ice and nulls Light, a direct upgrade to Suzuka Gongen's resistances (however, Haraedo-no-Okami is still weak to Fire). The requirements to obtain Chie's tier 3 Persona are that the Chariot Social Link is Rank 10 and that the protagonist has defeated the true culprit.

Social Link[]

Main article: Social Link/Chie Satonaka
"Oh, and it's new, so it's clean! It makes a matching pair with mine. Hahaha... ...I think this "power" of mine is what I wanted all along. The power to protect everyone... I understand now. I'm not supposed to use it to become more self-reliant... I'm supposed to use this power to protect people... Yukiko, my friends, my family, this town... and you."
—Chie Satonaka before awakening her ultimate Persona

Through Chie's Social Link, the protagonist and Chie become closer through training together at the Samegawa Flood Plain. Over time, the protagonist learns of how Chie enjoys creating groups and titles for herself, in hopes of being feared by juveniles and protecting the weak. Hearing from a police officer that high schoolers have been bullying people in the Central Shopping District, Chie and the protagonist coincidentally help. They first save Chie's middle school friend, who then calls the police. When confronting the hoodlums again, who are attempting to steal from a little boy, they threaten to go after Chie's friends if she interferes. Chie responds by goading them to attack her in the boy's place, prompting them to leave in annoyance. Afterwards, the protagonist has the option of making an intimate relationship with Chie. Depending on what the protagonist does, Chie will either go to train with him (platonic relationship) or go to his home (romantic relationship) and give him matching wristbands. Chie's resolve to help others and protect the team, especially the protagonist, transfigures Tomoe to Suzuka Gongen.

Much like with most of the other girls, should the protagonist choose to establish a lovers relationship with Chie and accept her invitation on December 24, he shares a cake he bought with Chie while she gives him an accessory, the Fluffy Muffler. She promises to make one with her own hands for the following Christmas. Chie will also ask the protagonist whether can she stay in for the night, telling him that she lied to her parents about instead staying at Yukiko's house. This option is only available if the killer is defeated by December 22.

In the Social Link for the Chariot, the protagonist learns how Chie and Yukiko first became friends, regarding her taking care of Muku, the dog Yukiko found but the Amagis forbade her to keep many years ago. In the normal ending, her desire to protect Yukiko and later the town from the mysterious serial killer prompts her decision to become a police officer under Detective Dojima's guidance.

Tomoe and Suzuka Gongen learn mostly physical abilities and some weak ice spells. Later in the game, she stops learning more advanced ice spells because Teddie will take over as the main ice user of the team. Should the protagonist reach Lv 3 of the Chariot Arcana, Chie will learn her distinctive follow-up attack Galactic Punt, which she performs a kick which instantly kills normal enemies, downed or otherwise, provided the protagonist struck down a target first.

Persona 4 (Manga)[]

There are a few differences in Chie's role such as her getting Tomoe while fighting her other self. Additionally in the manga, she fights Yukiko's other self on her own.

Persona 4 The Animation[]

Chie's role in the animation is similar to that of her original appearance in the games. In the animation, Ara Mitama represents the bond between her and Yu. In the animation, her Persona evolves into Suzuka Gongen in response to seeing Yu in danger during the assault on Ameno-sagiri.

Persona 4 Arena[]

In her story mode at Persona 4 Arena, Chie is planning on becoming a police officer, following her decision in Persona 4, and while running by the riverbed she hears two students talking about the Midnight Channel. Concerned, she later calls Yosuke and they decide to watch the Midnight Channel that night, as rain was forecasted. There, she sees an introduction video to a fighting program called "P-1 Grand prix," featuring her and her other friends as the main fighters, a program that Teddie, oddly dressed as a general, seems to be in charge of. She is angered by the mocking title she is given, and after calling Yosuke, Yukiko and Naoto they decide to meet up at Junes the next day (except Naoto, who appears to be too busy to make it).

The following day she meets up with Yu Narukami and the others at Junes, and they decide to enter the midnight channel. But upon crossing through the usual TV, they are separated and land at different locations.

She wakes up outside what seems to be Yasogami High School, though full of posters and cameras, wondering what was going on. At that moment, a TV screen turns on and Teddie (in General attire) greets the P-1 participants and tells them they have to fight each other to decide "who is the manliest of men." Rise serves as the show's commentator, and both of them show hostile behavior, much unlike them. Chie is confused, much more when her first opponent is Yosuke. She tries to speak with him, but Yosuke instead insults her and her dream of becoming a police officer. Not seeing another choice after Yosuke takes an offensive stance, they fight and Chie wins.

Yosuke wakes up after being defeated. Chie starts shouting at him for saying cruel things, but Yosuke does the same. Both of them are confused at this, as they don't remember saying anything to insult the other. In the end, they decide to continue to see what was really going on, but Yosuke is unable to pass through an invisible wall because of the tournament's rules, making him put his trust on Chie to solve the case and save their friends.

Chie keeps on going inside the building, fighting off Yu and Yukiko, both of them saying cruel things about her true intentions and dreams, making her doubt herself more and more, until they turn to normal after being defeated. They all claim to have not said anything bad, and they end up sending her off, putting their trust in her just like Yosuke did. She also meets briefly a girl who claims to be the student council president, but she runs off immediately.

At some point she sees a strange man wearing a cloak at a corridor. This man tries to punch an invisible wall, but upon seeing it's useless, he opens a window and jumps off. Chie, surprised, looks down and smells food in the distance. There are two choices here: One to jump down and follow the smell, or to keep going. The main story continues if the player decides to keep on going without forgetting about their objective.

Eventually she meets Teddie, fights him, believing him to be behind everything, but upon hearing his explanation she decides to follow the Student Council President into the Announcement Room.

She'll catch up with the President, meeting Rise and the President. Chie reaches the conclusion that she is behind everything, as the new president is a guy, and tries to make her confess. But at that moment, what seems to be Chie's shadow appears and starts making her doubt her intentions and dreams again. With encouragement from her friends Chie manages to summon her Persona again and defeat her shadow.

Later, upon realizing that she used her Persona in the fight, something she shouldn't have been able to do, as Shadows and Personas are one being, General Teddie appears and reveals himself to be the President's Shadow. She created the tournament in order to make others experience that same thing she experienced in the past, being forced to fight her own friends. She makes the President take her real form, a metallic, robotic-like figure.

At that moment, the wall by their side suddenly breaks, an unconscious Kanji going through it after being punched by Sanada Akihiko, who is there to retrieve Labrys (referring to the President). Labrys is scared by this and runs off after remembering what she is, and her Shadow follows. Akihiko tells Chie to stay there, but Chie instead chases after Akihiko, leaving Kanji in Rise's hands.

They both enter the gym and are forced to fight by the tournament's rules. At first, Akihiko doesn't want Chie to get involved and explains he has an important and official mission, with the lives of many at stake, and his reasons surpass Chie's curiosity. But Chie answers she needs to catch up to Labrys because she needs to apologize for everything she said. That she wants to understand her and help her as a friend.

Akihiko is amazed, saying she reminds him of his friends. He proceeds to explain everything, about how he was member of a group in charge of eliminating Shadows in the real world, and that he came here with his friend Mitsuru Kirijo to retrieve Labrys, a sealed human looking weapon made to defeat Shadows. They decide to fight, as there is no other way to continue, and Chie wins. Akihiko acknowledges his defeat and puts his faith on Chie. Chie is cheered up by his words, and pursues Labrys to the Announcement Room again.

Labrys is unsure about her reasons, saying Chie only wants to retrieve her, as Akihiko said, and they are forced to fight. Labrys' Shadow appears and makes Labrys deny both of them being the same, gaining power and summoning a bull-looking Shadow. Chie fights them and wins, later talking with Labrys, telling her she is not angry, that she wants to help her and she needs to accept what she really is.

Labrys accepts her Shadow and gains her Persona. They all meet up with their friends on the roof, which seems to be the same studio they use to go back and forth from the TV world. Labrys is unsure at first because she thinks she'll be a nuisance because she is a robot, but is proven wrong by the Investigation Team. Akihiko, with Mitsuru and a girl named Aigis join them, and Mitsuru answers to Labrys fears saying she does not intend to lock her up again, making her smile.

But at that moment, Labrys suddenly stops moving, and another voice starts speaking through her. That voice seems to control Labrys and attacks the rest. They reach the conclusion that there is another person behind all this mess, a person that sees Labrys only as a tool. Chie is forced to fight Labrys and wins, making the enemy withdraw. They all get out of the TV world and Mitsuru tells them not to get involved any further, not wanting them to get hurt.

The next day, she meets up with a recovered Labrys and Akihiko in front of Mitsuru's limousine. Chie now calls Akihiko Master, saying that they have similar objectives and dreams, and that he is the kind of person she wants to be. Akihiko seems annoyed at first with Chie calling him that, but later accepts it, even giving her advice, saying that a true man does not cry unless he loses his wallet. Chie enthusiastically confirms this. Mitsuru comments Chie is not a man, but Akihiko says that a man's feeling goes past the boundaries of gender. Chie agrees with this.

She bids farewell to her new friend Labrys, who has decided to join Mitsuru into catching the man that did this. She meets up at Junes with her friends and they decide to keep investigating on their own, following what they think is the best trail.

The last scene shows Chie writing a letter to her Master. She is having trouble choosing the right words as she thanks him for his advice, because thanks to that she knows what to do, and decides to keep on writing later, as she is not good at it.

In an alternative route, Chie gives up and goes to the convenience store to get steak. After defeating Akihiko, she takes a bite and suddenly she end up in Junes with everyone safe. Somehow she has a weird feeling about the gang smiling at her, coldly. The case has already been solved and she passed out through all events.

Play Style[]

Chie is a rushdown character that can consistently hit confirm into combos from most hits with a strong emphasis on strong and fast block strings. Her okizeme usually involves 2DD or 5DD in some fashion which then goes into her strong mix up game. While not as useful as other Furious Actions, her High Counter can be used in combos and deals quite a lot of damage on raw hit. Agneyastra allows her to "brute force" her way to offense. Power Charge should be a very important tool in Chie's arsenal as it can help her push for more damage mid combo and can even be used to reset herself if she's performing an unsafe move. She can also perform this 3 times to stack for extremely high damage. True to her archetype, Chie has short range on many of her attacks, coupled with a mediocre defensive skill set.

Her leitmotif is "Like The Dragon." On the OST disc version, the theme is extended for an extra duration and features altered instrumentals.

On the Persona 4 The ULTIMATE in MAYONAKA ARENA Original Arrange Soundtrack, a remix of it called "Like The Dragon -Girl Pop Mix-" adds more pop instrumentals and a slower tempo.

Score Attack[]

Chie is the 6th character the player faces in Score Attack. Chie begins with maximum Power Charge throughout the match meaning her overall damage is extremely high.

Persona 5[]

Although not mentioned directly by name, a panelist on TV on 12/9 indirectly mentions Chie being in police academy, who although not a police officer, is described as "one tough girl who knows kung fu."

Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth[]

During the Culture Festival, the Investigation Team is brought to an alternate world that resembles Yasogami High School. They meet and befriend two mysterious students named Rei and Zen, and later team up with another group called S.E.E.S to traverse through the labyrinths to defeat the Shadows that lurk in them in order to find their way home.

Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth[]

The team is venturing into the TV world when they are suddenly brought to a mysterious place. They encounter the Phantom Thieves of Hearts who explain the situation to them. As they work together to traverse through the movies and defeat the bosses, they encounter members of S.E.E.S, and all groups work together to defeat the enemy and return home.

Chie bonds with Ann Takamaki during a sidequest that allows them to learn a combo attack. She later bonds with Akihiko Sanada and Makoto Niijima, and learns a second combo attack.


Persona 4 Golden[]

List of Social Link Skills
Skill Cost Effect Rank
Rebellion 5 SP Increases Critical rate for 3 turns (1 ally). 2
Ice Boost Passive Strengthens Ice attacks by 25%. 4
Revolution 5 SP Greatly increases Critical rate for 3 turns (all). 6
Bufula 8 SP Deals medium Ice damage to 1 foe. 8
Evade Fire Passive Triples evasion rate against Fire attacks. 10
List of Bike Skills
Skill Cost Effect Rank
Hama 8 SP Light: low chance of instant kill, 1 foe. (40% chance) 1
Mind Slice 14% HP Deals medium Phys damage to all foes with a chance of Confusion. 2
Hamaon 15 SP Light: medium chance of instant kill, 1 foe. (60% chance) 3
Tetra Break 18 SP Negates all foes' Tetrakarn. 4
Bufudyne 12 SP Deals heavy Ice damage to 1 foe. 5


P4 Anime (English)[]

  • "Shut up! You aren't real! You aren't real!
    She's a liar! That isn't me!"
    (rejecting her Shadow)
  • "Yukiko. Look, they may be right, but still... You & me... we'll always be friends. Listen, you're a part of me, it's true. You're a voice I pretend doesn't exist. You're the pathetic part of me. But that's still a part of me, isn't that right?" (confronting her Shadow)
  • "It's true... You're me..." (accepting her Shadow)
  • "What's this?
    So this is my...
    I have... a Persona..."
    (gaining Tomoe)
  • "I got you, Yukiko. Whatever she throws out, I can take in more."
  • "Yukiko... I won't leave you. Listen, I have to tell you something, and it's very important. This isn't easy. See, the truth is, I've always been jealous of you. You had everything, Yukiko. And I had nothing. That's why I loved how you depended on me. You actually needed something I had.
    I liked believing that I needed to be there to protect you. It gave me a purpose."
  • "That's not true! Yukiko, you are one of the strongest people that I know. You wanna escape? Then do it! You can break free of that cage all on your own! Leave there and go wherever you want! You gotta listen to me, I know you can do this!"
  • "There's parts of me that I'm not really proud of either. Horrible things that I'm really ashamed of. They don't matter! Listen! I will always be there for you! That's a promise! Cuz you're my friend!"
  • "I'm really sorry, Yukiko. I was so wrapped up with my own stuff, that I didn't even notice all the things that were bothering you. And I really should have."

Battle Quotes[]

  • "Protect me, Tomoe!" (Enemy weak to attack/Critical with Phys skill)
  • "Now, Suzuka Gongen!" (Enemy weak to attack/Critical with Phys skill)
  • "Come! Hi-ya!" (Using Persona skill)
  • "Take this!" (Using Persona skill)
  • "Persona!" (Using Persona skill)
  • "Alright! Keep it up!" (One-More! chance by others)
  • "Ooh! Can I have this one!?" (Follow-up attack)
  • "Ooh! Me, me, me I'll do it!" (Follow-up attack)
  • "Couldn't quite beat it..." (Attack doesn't kill enemy)
  • "Someone finish it off!" (Attack doesn't kill enemy)
  • "Yikes. It's tough." (Attack doesn't kill enemy)
  • "Phew... I let my guard down." (Recover from Down/Dizzy)
  • "Sheesh, that hurt!" (Recover from Down/Dizzy)
  • "Ugh! I've had it with you!" (Recover from Down/Dizzy)
  • "No!" (Shielding MC from mortal blow)
  • "You okay?" (Helping MC up)
  • "Get it together..." (Helping Yosuke up)
  • "Thanks!" (Being Healed)
  • "Thanks a million!" (Being Healed)
  • "Aha! Is this our chance?" (All-Out Attack prompt)
  • "Here's our chance! Let's go!" (All-Out Attack prompt)
  • "All right guys! Pile on! Ready?" (All-Out Attack prompt)
  • "Gotcha!" (Commence All-Out Attack)
  • "Let's do it!" (Commence All-Out Attack)
  • "We're not doing it? Aw..." (Decline All-Out Attack)
  • "It's up to you, chief!" (Decline All-Out Attack)
  • "So who's next in line for a stomping?" (Victory)
  • "Don't think, feel!" (Victory & performing Dragon Hustle in Persona 4 Golden)
  • "Huh, I guess that does it!" (Victory)
  • "That was easy!" (Victory)
  • "How was that?!" (Victory)
  • "Yay, I leveled up!" (Level Up)
  • "Come on, Haraedo-no-Okami!" (Summoning persona: Haraedo-no-Okami)
  • "Heheh, I'm here! Leave it to me!" (Prompting Cavalry Attack)
  • "Dragon's Fury!" (When performing the skill Dragon Hustle)
  • "Don't think, feel!" (When performing the skill Dragon Hustle)
  • "Don't miss this heavenly glory!" (When performing the skill Dragon Hustle)
  • "That was easy!" (Battle won in Gekkou Uniform)
  • "That was a close one." (Battle won in Gekkou Uniform)
  • "Phoenix Rangers Featherman R!" (Battle won in Neo Featherman Suit)
  • "Chalk up the win f'or Feather Parakeet!" (Battle won in Neo Featherman Suit)
  • "The grand finale is here." (Battle won in Deep Blue Clothes)
  • "Victory is mine." (Battle won in Deep Blue Clothes)

  • "I never discarded my womanhood, aw this isn't funny!" (in response to her title)
  • "Huh? Who the heck came up with that crap?" (another response to her title)
  • "You need to eat more meat!" (on E3 trailer)
  • "Good try!" (While performing High Counter)
  • "Take this!" (While performing Rampage)
  • "Death from above!" (While performing Skull Cracker during Rampage)
  • "Watch your head!" (While performing Skull Cracker during Rampage)
  • "Satonaka style double kick!" (During Rampage)
  • "I'm going for it!" (During Burst)
  • "Ugh...I won't fall...!" (Upon reaching Awakening Mode)
  • "I don't wanna lose to Yukiko!" (Reaching Awakening Mode vs. Yukiko)
  • "Time for an axe kick!" (Doing an All-Out Attack)
  • "Too slow!" (Dashing)
  • "I am a dragon!" (During Dragon Kick)
  • " I come!" (While performing super Power Charge)
  • "I'm gettin' FIRED UP!" (While performing Power Charge)
  • "Taste my fist... Yikes!" (While performing super move, God's Hand)
  • "Fiiiiiiist...*inhales deeply*...OF FUUUUURY!!!" (While performing super move, God's Hand)
  • "Black Spot!" (While performing Black Spot)
  • "Here I come!" (While performing Power Charge increase attack)
  • "This is the finisher!" (While performing Awakening super move, Agneyastra)
  • "Agneyastra!" (While performing Awakening super move, Agneyastra)
  • "Super final attack!" (Instant Kill)
  • "This is my ultimate attack!" (Instant Kill)
  • "Here goes... one, two... blast off!" (Chie delivers the final strike during the Instant Kill)
  • "First, warm up... and... there!" (Chie delivers the final strike during the Instant Kill)
  • "How could I lose to Yosuke!?" (KO'ed by Yosuke)
  • "Death from above!" (Intro; after she breaks through a glass window)
  • "You're going down, Naoto-kun!" (vs. Naoto)
  • "Haha, this feels like a match between rivals!" (vs. Yukiko)
  • "Can I beat him?" (vs. Kanji)
  • "Everyday's great at...YOUR JUNES!" (Hitting Yosuke with her auto-combo)

Victory Quotes[]


  • "Joke about it all you want, but it's the meat that beat you! It's the source of my power!"
  • "Hwataaa! Justice prevails!"
  • "All that exercise is making me hungry! I'm gonna go grab a steak bowl once I get back!"
  • "Do not be ashamed... My skill surpassed yours, that is all... Ooh, how did that sound?"

Character Specific

  • Yu Narukami: "Hehe... What do you think? I wanted you to see the fruits of my training!"
  • Yosuke Hanamura: "Hehe! My victory reward will obviously be all-you-can-eat filet mignon!"
  • Chie Satonaka: "How about that? I'm not the same as I was last year!"
  • Yukiko Amagi: "This means you're just not cut out to be protected anymore... Let's get stronger together, Yukiko!"
  • Kanji Tatsumi: "I won! Your strength was amazing, but you've still got a lot to learn, Kanji-kun!"
  • Teddie: "Hey, Teddie! Did I catch you copping a feel during the fight? Sheesh, I can never give you an inch..."
  • Akihiko Sanada: "That awesomely stoic strength... Ooh, so profound."
  • Shadow Labrys: "Gotta get stronger, so we can accept everything about ourselves..."

  • "BAM!" (When chosen on character select screen)
  • "Wata!" (When chosen on character select screen)
  • "Leave it to me!" (When chosen on character select screen)
  • "I'm gonna do this!" (When chosen on character select screen)
  • "Haiyah! HA!" (Starting the round)
  • "Death from above!" (Starting the round)
  • "All right, let's get this settled!" (Starting the round)
  • "Look out, cause I'm not holding back!" (Starting the round)
  • "I'll show you the results of my training!" (Starting the round)
  • "Here I come!" (While performing All-out Attack)
  • "Is this my chance?" (While performing All-out Attack)
  • "Time for an Axe Kick!" (While performing All-Out Attack)
  • "Watch your head!" (While performing Skull Cracker)
  • "What's the matter?" (Non-final round victory)
  • "Is that all you've got?" (Non-final round victory)
  • "I'm far beyond your abilities!" (Non-final round victory)
  • "I know every trick up your sleeve." (Non-final round victory)
  • "That was easy!" (Final round victory)
  • "Don't think, feel." (Final round victory)
  • "WHA- Here's my victory pose!" (Final round victory)
  • "Wooh! All right, who wants my foot on their face next?" (Final round victory)
  • "No way!" (Non-final round defeat)
  • "Oh... I lost..." (Continue?)
  • Victory Quotes[]

    • "The road to kung-fu has been mastered! Hwaaaaa!"
    • "Ha! My body moved on its own! I'm getting better!"
    • "That was a great fight! Looks like you drew out my hidden strength! Thanks!"
    Character Specific
    • Yu Narukami: "You're always who I strive to be like! Hehe, do you think I've gotten a little closer?"
    • Yosuke Hanamura: "Look after the meat, and the meat will take care of itself. I hope you realize the power of meat now!"
    • Yukiko Amagi: "Yukiko! You've gotten stronger again! I could really sense your passion!"
    • Kanji Tatsumi: "I won't lose in a contest of strength, not even against you, Kanji-kun! I want to keep getting stronger!"
    • Teddie: "Have you gotten rusty, Teddie? Maybe you're fat from eating too many snacks..."
    • Yukari Takeba: "I can't believe I got to fight the real Feather Pink! Huh? You know my Master!? Please let me have another bout with you sometime!"
    • Ken Amada: "Hey, can I pet that dog for a minute? ...Sit! ...Stay! ...Meat! Aw, he's so cute!"
    • Labrys: "I'm glad we could meet again... But I can't let you have the win! Sorry!"
    • Akihiko Sanada: "Master! Thank you for the match! I'll improve my skills even more!"
    • Shadow Chie: "Sheesh, you again? It's about time you stopped showing up!"

  • "Here's the result of my training!" (Battle start, with P4 hero)
  • "That hole makes it hard to aim!" (Battle start, fighting Bribed Fuzz)
  • "Boom!" (Attack)
  • "There!" (Attack)
  • "Persona!" (Skill)
  • "Here we go... Tomoe!" (Skill, Tomoe)
  • "Full force!" (Skill, Sub-Persona)
  • "Channel my strength!" (Skill, Sub-Persona)
  • "This should do it!" (Item)
  • "This'll work!" (Item)
  • "Here you go!" (Item, on Allies)
  • "Wha?" (Gets hit)
  • "Huh?" (Miss)
  • "No way!" (Miss)
  • "Hehehe!" (Miss, Enemy)
  • "It's nothing... I'll be okay..." (Low health, responding to P4 hero)
  • "Wha-? What makes you think I'm hurt?" (Low health, responding to Yosuke)
  • "Careful, don't overdo it!" (Low health, P4 hero)
  • "I'm sorry..." (Dies)
  • "Oh, no! Zen-kun and Rei-chan!" (Zen and Rei die)
  • "Okay! What should I do next?" (One Enemy defeated)
  • "Steakhouse, porterhouse, roundhouse!" (Follow-up Attack, accept)
  • "Wow, it's tough!" (Follow-up Attack, no enemies defeated)
  • "I'm feeling good! Should we go All-Out?" (All-Out Attack, prompt)
  • "1, 2... BAM!" (All-Out Attack, accept)

  • In Other Languages[]

    Language Title
    Flag of the United States English Chie Satonaka
    Flag of Japan Japanese 里中 千枝 (Satonaka Chie)
    Flag of South Korea Korean 사토나카 치에 (Satonaka Chie)
    Flag of Hong KongFlag of the Republic of China Traditional Chinese 里中 千枝 (Lǐzhōng Qiānzhī)
    Flag of France French Chie Satonaka
    Flag of Germany German Chie Satonaka
    Flag of Spain Spanish Chie Satonaka
    Flag of Mexico Spanish (Latin America) Chie Satonaka
    Flag of Brazil Portuguese (Brazil) Chie Satonaka
    Arabic تشي ساتوناكا


    • The name Chie means "thousand" (千) (chi) and "branch" (枝) (e).
    • Chie's surname Satonaka means "village" (里) (sato) and "middle" (中) (naka).


    • Chie is mentioned by Kasai, the kimono clad woman of Amagi Inn, in Persona 3 Portable if the player chose the female protagonist.
    • Kou Ichijo, a member of the basketball club had a crush on Chie. However, she is unaware of this. Chie instead thinks Kou likes Yukiko Amagi but Yukiko and Daisuke actually know Kou likes Chie.
    • In Persona 4 The Animation, following the Japanese version of the game, Legend of Seiryuu (成竜伝説) is used instead of Trial of The Dragon when Yosuke Hanamura borrows the disc from Chie and breaks it. "Seiryuu" (成竜*)?, (not to be confused with Qing Long) is a direct reference to the Hong Kong action movie star Jackie Chan.
    • The license plate number on Chie's motorbike in Golden is 7-30, the same as her birthday.
    • Chie's Personas in Persona 4 only have a 303 base stat total (without movie dates) at level 99. While the Personas of the other members of the Investigation Team (with the exception of the protagonist and Rise) have 304 stat total at the same level.
    • Chie and Teddie are the only characters in Persona 4 Arena to not retain their spells in their movesets. In Chie's case, she only retains the Power Charge (known just as "Charge" in the Japanese version) buff and Counter passive, as well as her God's Hand and Agneyastra physical skills.
    • In Persona 4 The Animation, Chie is still wearing her winter outfit in Yukiko's Castle despite the fact that she wears her school uniform in the game.
    • In Persona 4 Golden, when wearing a Gekkoukan High uniform, Chie imitates Yukari Takeba's victory pose and says her lines.
    • In Persona 4 Golden, her voice actress changed to Erin Fitzgerald following Tracy Rooney's retirement from voice acting.
    • In Persona 4 Arena, Chie's skill "Rampage" is based on her critical-hit animation from Persona 4.
    • In the English localization of Persona 4 Arena, Chie's title in the Midnight Channel cutscene, and the one that is referenced throughout story mode, is "The Carnivore Who's Discarded Womanhood." However, looking at her title during actual fights, it shows as "Spunky Dragon with Deadly Legs," her description during the Midnight Channel video rather than the title itself. This makes her the only member of the Investigation Team to have her title change between the two instances.
    • If the protagonist's part-time jobs are counted (janitor, tutor & day care employee), Chie is the only character without a job as all characters but her have occupations as students (excluding Teddie).
    • In the anime No Game No Life, a picture of Chie was use as an example by Sora when they entered the virtual world.
    • In Persona 4 Design Works, Soejima confirmed that she and Yosuke dye their hair.
    • A running gag with Chie in Persona 4 and its spin offs is that she always mentions that she "landed on her butt" in several scenarios.
      • In Persona Q, she will say this if she is the protagonist's "destined partner" in the Group Date Cafe.
      • In Persona 4: Dancing All Night, she will say this after the Investigation Team enters the Midnight Stage to rescue Kanamin Kitchen and Kyoka Ochimizu.
    • In the second episode of the 2017 anime series Gamers!, two characters are shown to be in the middle of a fight in the arcade version of Persona 4 Arena Ultimax, using Chie and Akihiko Sanada.

    Appearances in other media[]

    Title Details Date External Links
    No Game No Life Cameo.
    Phantasy Star Online 2 Collaboration event for Persona Q2
    * Chie Satonaka outfit.
    November 9, 2018.
    BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle Playable Character
    * Chie Satonaka
    * May 31, 2018 (Japan)
    * June 5, 2018 (North America)
    * June 22, 2018 (Europe)
    Article on the BlazBlue Cross Tag Wiki
    No Game No Life
    Chie makes a cameo appearance in No Game No Life
    Chie making a cameo appearance in No Game No Life.
    BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle
    Chie Satonaka (BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle, Character Select Artwork)
    Chie in BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle
    Chie Satonaka in the BBTAG anime opening
    Chie Satonaka in the BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle Opening
    Extra (Cross Tag Battle, Episode Mode Illustration, 4,Type A)
    Extra (Cross Tag Battle, Episode Mode Illustration, 4,Type B)
    Haru art by Ito Noizi
    Chie collaboration Art by Noizi Ito Artist of Drago Age pure

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