Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne: Human Survivor/Antagonist


Chiaki Tachibana {橘千晶}, also known as Chiaki Hayasaka (早坂千晶), is a friend of the Hito-Shura from when he was human. She was born and raised in an upper-class family, so she sometimes looks down on others. Like the Hito-Shura and Isamu Nitta, she survives The Conception by being in the hospital when it occurs. While she is frightened, her pride prevents her from seeking help.
Due to being thrust into a world in which she is powerless and weak, she begins to despise all who are weak or lower class. Instead of realizing her weakness and growing, she struggles alone, developing the Reason of Yosuga. In the world of Yosuga, there would be no lower-class, and the weak were a slave to the strong.


Chiaki after being merged with Gozu-Tennou

Since humans cannot survive extended exposure to the Vortex World, Chiaki absorbs the power of Gozu-Tennou, in essences becoming a pseudo fiend. The gave her superior strength and the ability to thrive, even in the atmosphere of the Vortex World. In order to gather enough Magatsuhi to summon a demonic sponsor, she massacred the Manikins in their holy-land of Mifunashiro. She even went far enough to crush the skull of Futomimi because she deemed his philosophy of equality to be weak. Using this Magatsuhi, she summons Baal Avatar as her sponsor and begins to climb the Tower of Kagutsuhi. Chiaki and the Baal Avatar are unusual in that regardless of the Hito-Shura's alignment, he still must fight her. If he is against Yosuga, then Baal attacks him since he is a traitor. If he supports Yosuga, he must prove his worth to continue. In either event, Chiaki dies in the process and Baal is shattered to pieces.

In the English localization, "Chiaki Tachibana" became "Chiaki Hayasaka" due to a limit on the number of characters that can be used for a name.

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