Chandraputra is a character from the PSP remake of Persona 2: Eternal Punishment.


The alias of the man known as Randolph Carter after his mind became trapped in an alien body. His full alias is "Swami Chandraputra" and he appears in the Lovecraft stories "Out of the Aeons" and "Through the Gates of the Silver Key."



Persona 2: Eternal PunishmentEdit

Appearing in the final part of Tatsuya's Scenario, Chandraputra is a legendary Persona User who holds the Silver Key that allows passage through the Ultimate Gate to the world of subconscious, Kadath Mandala. He asks the party to retrieve a Trapezohedron that belonged to his apprentice Randolph Carter. He would get the aid of a Cat of Ulthar known as Lieutenant General Zula to act as their guide.

After The Faceless God loses against the party, he leaves behind the Trapezohedron that is Randolph Carter's emotions. Chandraputra reveals to the party that he is in fact Randolph Carter, who had his emotions stolen by Nyarlathotep in the past because of the work Randolph did in mankind's collective unconsciousness and the Kadath Mandala. Through sheer force of will he has been able to take human form and with the return of his emotions he can become a complete human again.


Chandraputra in the Velvet Room

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