Challenge Quests
QuestClientObjectiveHow to getReward
The Cursed GauntletHopeInvestigate the Cursed Gauntletavailable at K's Tavern after starting "Let's Eat Breakfast"1000 macca, Fury Ares fusion unlocked
Dance of the DeadHopeSlay Calamity Horde x5available at K's Tavern after starting "Capture the Black Samurai"Azahuya Gray (body) x1, Fiend David fusion unlocked
Capture the Berserker*Kishin Erlang ShenSlay Wu Kong x1available after starting "Capture the Black Samurai"Tokkosho x1, Fury Wu Kong fusion unlocked
Pluck the Buds of RebellionHopeSlay the demon hiding in the cityavailable at K's Tavern after finding the Sky Terminal, NG+Steel Hoe x1, Zealot Ogun fusion unlocked
Cu Chulainn's Training*Megami ScathachSlay Setanta x1available after reaching ShinjukuBrionac x1, Genma Cu Chulainn fusion unlocked
Corpse DisposalAshura-kai Shinjuku BranchSlay Corpses x7available in Shinjuku upon arrivalSucculent Pork x1, Ghost Dullahan fusion unlocked
Sunset for a Demonnapper*Lady HaritiFind and protect Priyankaraavailable after reaching Ikebukuro and completing "Capture the Berserker"Antidote Ring x1, Famed Kanseikuten, Lady Hariti fusion unlocked
Demon Guarding the ShrineGreat Hunter HayashidaSlay Okuninushi x1available in Shinjuku after completing "The Seat of Government"Bushi Tasogare (legs) x1, Kunitsu Okuninushi fusion unlocked
A Century of DefenseFormer SDF Hunter TetsuSlay Take-Mikazuchi x1available upon arrival in Shibuya, NG+Kutune Sirka x1, Amatsu Take-Mikazuchi fusion unlocked
Prevent a Deal with an OverlordSenior Hunter ShichirojiPrevent the Ritualavailable in Shinjuku after reaching Ginza, NG+Claymore x1, Tyrant Astaroth fusion unlocked
Samurai School in NakanoHunter ShimadaSlay Marici x1available in Shinjuku after completing "An Important Rondezvous"Black Crest x1, Kishin Marici fusion unlocked
Save the Old ManEx-Hunter KyuzouProtect an old man who's targeted by huntersavailable in Shibuya after completing "An Important Rondezvous"10000 macca, Kishin Thor, Deity Odin fusion unlocked
Osiris' Resurrection*Lady IsisFind and deliver all of Osiris' body partsavailable after completing "An Important Rendezvous," and "Isis' Search for the Coffin"Balm of Rising x5; Deity Osiris, Lady Isis fusion unlocked
Escape from Philanthropy*ParvatiSlay Kartikeya x1available in Infernal Tokyo after completing "Shinjuku is Mine," NG+Heated Soul x1, Fury Kartikeya fusion unlocked
Yomotsu Okami's Rampage*Amatsu Ame no UzumeSlay Izanami x1return to Blasted Tokyo after alignment lock, NG+Skull Scepter x1; Megami Izanami fusion unlocked
Rebirth of the LadyNozomi the HunterMake the faeries' wish come true.available in Ueno after alignment lock after completing all of Nozomi's previous questsWhite King (legs) x1, Lady Black Maria fusion unlocked
Mysterious Story of TennozuGreat Hunter KujiPrevent the summoning of Gozutennouavailable in Shibuya after alignment lockShinno Rounds x1, Deity Baal fusion unlocked
Rebirth of the Great OverlordGreat Hunter YasakaSlay the Red Knightavailable in Shibuya after completing "Mysterious Story of Tennozu"Aquila's Sword x1, Tyrant Beelzebub fusion unlocked
Multi-Demon FusionHunter NakamuraInvestigate the fusion experimentsavailable in Shinjuku after alignment lock and completing "Serial Kidnapping + Arson"Great Chakra x2, Reaper Cernunnos fusion unlocked
Ressurection of the Kousoushin*FutotamaPresent the 3 Holy Vesselsavailable after alignment lockBead of Life x2, Torifune's Shawl, Amatsu Amaterasu fusion unlocked
Four Wings, Four Heads Law route, available at K's Tavern Herald Seraph, Famed Tokisada fusion unlocked
Taste of the Forbidden Fruit Slay Azazel x1Law route, available at K's Tavern after alignment lock Tyrant Azazel fusion unlocked
Great Raven of the Underground Slay Mastema x1Law route, available at K's Tavern after completing "Taste of the Forbidden Fruit" Herald Mastema fusion unlocked
The Voice of Arrogant "Evil"LuciferSlay Demiurge x1Chaos route, available in Ueno after alignment lock after completing "Invitation for Angel Hunting"Sophia's Sword x1, Vile Demiurge fusion unlocked
Ishtar, the Goddess of HarvestRing of Gaea MemberSlay Asherah x1, Mother Harlot x1 (requires Torifune's Shawl)Chaos route, available in Shinjuku after completing "Prevent a deal with an Overlord" and "Stop a Summoning," NG+Megami Ishtar, Lady Asherah, Fiend Mother Harlot fusion unlocked

* Demon Talk quests

Main Quest Details
Main QuestsDemons Unlocked
Hunting Xi WangmuLady Xi Wangmu
Capture the Black SamuraiBeast Minotaur, Femme Medusa, Night Lilim
The Face of True Evil(Famed Tenkai, Vile Yaso Magatsuhi)
The True Paradise (Walter route)Night Lilith, (Dragon Koga Saburo, Amatsu Omoikane*, Famed Michizane*, Famed Yamato Takeru*)
Defeating the DemonReaper Ixtab
Shinjuku is MineDeity Mahamayuri
The Great Spirit of Hope (Neutral)Fury Masakado
Returning to Normal (Neutral)
Warriors Chosen By God (Law)
Tyrant Lucifuge, Tyrant Belial

Demons in parenthesis are optional, and require a medium to obtain
*Unobtainable on Law route

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