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The Chain of Curse (チェインオブカース?) is the secondary storyline of Shin Megami Tensei IMAGINE.


Chain of Curse is a scenario written by the author of Shin Megami Tensei: Tokyo Revelation, Kazunari Suzuki. It began during the implementation of Ikebukuro and is presently incomplete. While it has little to do with the main storyline missions of the game, it can only be accessed after a player has achieved their Demon Buster license by completing Act 7. It unlocks two otherwise inaccessible dungeons in the Shibuya Metro instance and the B13F Docks.


The scenario begins when the player encounters DB Candidate Lin in a hidden room in Shinjuku Babel's residential area. She claims to be working covertly for Snakeman investigating the phenomenon of demonization (プチデモ?), a method through which humans have partially fused themselves with demons, acquiring some of their traits. Following helping her with this, she requests help in finding the missing DB Kureha and defeating the possessed DB Kisugi.

These events lead to the player being cursed by Omoikane the next time they pass the fountain in Shinjuku Babel with a curse that severely lowers their luck and slightly increases their intelligence. This is to force the player to seek out Sukuna-Hikona and the missing Seven-Branched Sword that has caused Take-Mikazuchi to rampage in the Shibuya Metro. By completing the central dungeons of the game, the player finds five of the blades, but is beaten to the final blade by Fei.


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