Center Expanse DCMR

Center Expanse map from Messiah Riser.

Center Expanse (魔界『中央』) also known as Center Land (セントラルランド) and DemCenter, is a world in the Devil Children series.



Devil Children Black/Red BookEdit

The heart of the Expanse and its capital world. Mirai Kaname and Setsuna Kai first arrive in the expanse in this realm. It consists solely of Center Town, a gate, and the Dark Palace, home of the great demon king Lucifer.

Devil Children White BookEdit

Due to the transformation of the old world, the land has vastly changed. A thick forested regions lies south of Center Town, and the path to Center Town is through a volcano. Masaki Kuzuha first arrives in Center Expanse in the small forest village Kongora. The Dark Palace lies beyond Center Town.

DemiKids: Light/Dark VersionEdit

Jin and Akira travel to CenterDem in order to meet Lord Lucifer in the Dark Palace and travel to the other realms of Dem.

DemUnderworld is a forest realm south of DemCenter, and the two Devil Children can travel the underground labyrinth to reach Annwn Town, or to enter DemFire and DemSand

Devil Children Fire/Ice BookEdit

Center Expanse is merged with Underworld Expanse, with Akira arriving in the Inelus Village in Ice Book, while Jin arrives in Annwn Town in Fire Book. The two journey through to deal with Zebul and his soldiers that march across the land.

Devil Children Messiah RiserEdit

The Center Expanse is the final world visited by the Devil Children and the last world to be attacked by the Imperiums forces. The Devil Children march through Heimdall Plains to arrive at the Dark Palace, where the sealed angels Beelzebu and Gaap are imprisoned in its depths. Their servants Scathach and Pazuzu have taken over the Dark Palace, and Lucifer is mysteriously absent.

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