Case Files are side quests that can be taken from the Narumi Detective Agency during the course of Devil Summoner: Raidou Kuzunoha vs. King Abaddon.

Case File 1

Stocking Up (1)

  • Employer: Konnou-ya
  • Reward: Ox Besoar x1
  • Available: From Shin-Sekai in Chapter 1

What with the earthquakes on one hand and the Public Security Law on the other, my nose for profits tells me to stock up on Medicine. Why don't you fetch me 5 Medicines? Eh? What do you say? Do we have a deal?


Kagami Hell

  • Employer: Ouran High Student
  • Reward: Skill Steel x2
  • Available: From Shin-Sekai in Chapter 1

I heard a curse called the Murasaki Kagami. If I don't forget that name before my 20th birthday, I'll be cursed for life! I heard I can get rid of it with a stone called Pyro Steel. My friends Fumiko and Taeko could use some, too. Get as many as possible!

Low on Stock (1)

  • Employer: Harada & Co.
  • Reward: Plastic x1
  • Available: From Shin-Sekai in Chapter 1

I've had the worse luck stocking up on merchandise lately, and I need Wood Ornament x2 immediately. If you can find them for me, I'll give you the Plastic I just imported. It's made of the lastest technology -- some kind of synthetic resin.


Demons For Science! (1)

  • Employer: Victor
  • Reward: Used Camera
  • Available: From Shin-Sekai in Chapter 1

Could you bring me the pagan-order demon Lilim? I need that demonic power which only lilith's children possess for my studies. In return, I offer you this Used Camera that I picked up in Germany.

Lab Rats

  • Employer: Victor
  • Reward: Smoked Salmon x1
  • Available: From "Suspicious Maid" near the bridge in Tsukudo-cho

I've been doing cutting-edge experiments with a form of teleportation. If you can help me, I'll make it worth your while. Meet me at the Dragon Cave in Dark Tsukudo-cho and I'll give you the details there.

Ghost Driver

  • Employer: Rookie Summoner Taidou
  • Reward: Rusted Screw x1
  • Available: From Shin-Sekai in Chapter 1

I'm investigating the phantom vehicle (a ghost car?) that's been sighted recently. It appears from the rear, drives around for a couple minutes, then takes off. It was sighted in Kurisu-zaka, but I've heard it went down to Dark Tsukudo-Cho. Please investigate and then destroy it.

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