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"Well done on making it this far, Inmate. Now that you have traversed your long, perilous recollection, you truly have entered the present... The effects of that drug are gonna wear off soon. This is your golden opportunity. You must grasp the truth that will save you from the brink of ruin. The evil influence who wishes you dead is fast approaching. If you want to win this unreasonable game... If you wish to take back your stolen future... Recall the Bonds you formed with your allies... And grasp the truth that will save you from the brink of ruin."
—Caroline and Justine, Persona 5

Caroline and Justine, or Lavenza, are characters from Persona 5. They are the younger sisters of Margaret, Elizabeth and Theodore and attendant(s) of the protagonist of Persona 5.



They appear to be young girls with platinum blonde hair and yellow eyes.

The twins both wear a black eye patch with the letter "V" over one of their eyes and a blue prison guard outfit. Justine has a long braid and a hat with the letters "O-Y-O-O," while Caroline has hair buns and a hat with the letters "X-M-R-N." The letters appear to spell "OXYMORON." They wear a brassard on their left arms. They also have matching black ties. Caroline uses an electric shock baton to intimidate their inmate.

When they merge as one, their true appearance is Lavenza, a young girl with long platinum hair and golden eyes. Lavenza seems to be designed off of a French or Victorian era maid. She wears a blue dress, and stylish matching headband with white butterfly ornaments and yellow roses. She also has noticeably pink lips. Like Margaret, Lavenza carries a book entitled "Le Grimoire," though it seems abnormally large.

In Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight, Lavenza is able to split into Caroline and Justine freely any time she wants. This is inherited in Persona 5 Royal, where she uses this trait to cast an All-Out Attack.


"I love you, my trickster. You are truly the world's greatest man."
—Lavenza confesses her love to the protagonist, Persona 5

Caroline has a very classical tsundere (someone who acts mean-spirited and aloof to disguise any affectionate feelings) attitude towards the protagonist. Additionally, she doesn't seem to hold the protagonist in very high regard, as she refers to him as "inmate," and kicks him into the Velvet Room whenever he goes to enter. She is generally ill-tempered and impatient, even after the twins' Confidant levels up and she grows to respect the protagonist as a friend. There are certain inconsistencies between how she seems and her real personality, and as according to Justine, she was mortified when she first witnessed Persona fusion and practiced intimidating poses to use on the protagonist but is too embarrassed to use them. She tends to speak to Justine in a demeaning manner.

Justine, in contrast, appears to be calm and soft-spoken, but still treats the protagonist as her prisoner, often addressing him in a condescending tone. Unlike her sister, she will calmly escort the player to their cell. She is the first to question what their true purpose is, and realizes something is amiss with possessing an intricate bookmark but having no books to read. While guarding an entrance to the Velvet Room, she whittles away at her boredom by spinning her clipboard.

Lavenza speaks relatively more maturely and politely than the twins, while also retaining certain traits from both. She also refers to the protagonist as trickster, instead of inmate. Like Justine, she maintains a soft-spoken tone, though without the condescension. Like Caroline, she is shown to lose patience easily, as shown when Ryuji expresses confusion towards her explanation, or when she fails to craft a tool and almost ends up casting Megidolaon on the work table out of frustration. When frustrated, Lavenza may change her vocal tone to match Caroline's. Lavenza may doze off easily when sitting on soft surfaces. She also has a mischievous side, as shown in the Thieves Den when she gives Ann and Makoto permission to sit at Igor's desk while he is away, despite considering doing so a "forbidden ritual."

In a New Game+ where the twins have been defeated, she freely admits to having fallen in love with the protagonist for having been kind to her halves when both felt incomplete and lost. In Royal, when Lavenza fights with the party as the game's ultimate boss, she acts in a passive-aggressive fashion, which is a merger of Caroline's aggression and Justine's soft-speaking.

In Strikers, she takes an expository role and briefs the protagonist on recent occurrences, just like Igor did before. However, unlike Igor she explicitly refers targets by their names and identities instead of giving vague clues.

Despite the twins' usually haughty behavior, in Persona Q2, the relationships with their older siblings are further expanded. They respect their older siblings and don't seem to treat Theodore in a particularly disrespectful manner, unlike Margaret and Elizabeth. Similar to Theodore, they also fear angering Margaret, as seen during a fusion accident.

However, in Persona 3: Dancing in Moonlight and Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight, the twins' relationship with Elizabeth is strained due to the aftermath of Persona 4: Dancing All Night. While the twins consider Elizabeth as an audacious storm that even Igor fails to control, Elizabeth believes the twins (she speaks of them as Lavenza indirectly) as impertinent and Junpei Iori, when told the consequences of failing, is afraid of how vicious Lavenza can be.


Persona 5

"Hey, we'll give you your last job. Be thankful and obey! You must fuse us together, with your own hands. It's time you returned the favor for us assisting with your growth. Do it with care! Now, fuse us!"
—Caroline and Justine telling the protagonist to fuse them into Lavenza, Persona 5

The twins with a chainsaw.

The twins appear as Igor's new Velvet Room assistants. They act as the protagonist's correctional officers. They fuse Personas by decapitating the components with guillotines (when they become stuck during fusion accidents, they finish the job with a large chainsaw). They also convert Personas into useful items via an electric chair, as well as hang them from a gallows in order to transfer their power to another. Both Caroline and Justine will directly call the protagonist on his cell when the Persona locked up in solitary is ready.

During the final heist of the game, both Caroline and Justine will appear outside the Velvet Room's door. Justine will continue her duty and walk the protagonist into the room. Caroline however when spoken to her, will fully restore the party's HP and SP.

In reality, they are not supposed to be separate individuals, but were originally a single being named Lavenza. When Yaldabaoth replaced Igor, he tore Lavenza's soul into two incomplete sisters, neither of whom remembered what they were or that he was not the real Igor. However, a piece of Lavenza's consciousness managed to break free in the form of a butterfly and left to find the protagonist, intent on slowly leading him to the truth. The twins are secretly working towards the protagonist's downfall on "Igor's" orders, believing him to be a villain. However, they quietly grow to doubt their mission at the beginning of their Confidant, slowly having bonded with him and forming a strong friendship with the protagonist. This comes to a head after Masayoshi Shido's defeat and the first, fruitless battle against the empowered Holy Grail, when "Igor" orders them to subdue the protagonist, finding they can't in good conscience keep on fighting after a few turns. This allows Lavenza's consciousness (in the form of a butterfly, as she has appeared to the protagonist throughout the story) to partially manifest (even showing her true shape briefly) and explain to the twins that Igor and Yaldabaoth are separate people, and that the twin's true purpose is to guide humanity rather than punish it.

Lavenza, with the Phantom Thieves.

After the two discover the "Igor" they are following is actually the Grail, as well as who they truly are (declaring they were as much as prisoners as the protagonist) and what their true job is they perform the fusion on themselves with the help of the protagonist to fuse with the butterfly and recreate Lavenza, who exposes Yaldabaoth's deception. The protagonist is then offered a chance to strike a deal with Yaldabaoth. Sealing this deal will result in a bad ending where the Qliphoth World will be separated from the real world, but the masses remain ignorant and the protagonist becomes a force of terror amongst Tokyo, but not before Lavenza expressing disappointment on the protagonist's compromise. If the protagonist refuses, Yaldabaoth will express disgust, leave the Velvet Room and the real Igor returns. The protagonist, under Lavenza and Igor's advice, then releases his Phantom Thief allies in the Velvet Room, which has been transformed into a Quarantine Cell. After the (human) Phantom Thief members were all rescued from the Velvet Prison, she also reveals who and what Morgana is, as well as that he is also from the Velvet Room like her.

If the protagonist maxed the Twins Confidant, Lavenza will be cheering for the Thieves to defeat Yaldabaoth in Shibuya square.

After the defeat of Yaldabaoth, Lavenza gives the protagonist the World Arcana, congratulating him on escaping the prison in his heart, but also points out the irony of how he is now confined to a physical prison. She, Igor, and the Velvet Room then promptly dissipate into light, as the contract has been fulfilled.

In a New Game+, they can be found in Mementos. They are surprised that the protagonist knows about Mementos, and discuss his abilities. The twins decide to test his strength with a private examination. While Caroline is certain that the protagonist will lose, Justine states that if the protagonist wins, she would share an embarrassing secret about themselves, much to Caroline's shock. Justine believes that they would find an answer during the examination. They also mention that they set up a special arena, one that even Igor would not be aware of their actions in there. Caroline and Justine allow the protagonist to bring his allies as they state that they are also an extension of their powers. However, they will forget the entire battle afterwards, leaving only the twins and the protagonist aware of the battle. Accepting the battle, the twins are revealed to be skilled Persona users, as stated by Morgana or Futaba.

Upon successfully winning the battle against them, Caroline is quite surprised by the results but accepts them and believes that their sisters will be mad at them and expresses her surprise that a human beat two rulers of power, a term which confuses Justine. Justine keeps to her promise and tells the protagonist about her worry over their validity. While Caroline was quite relieved that the secret wasn't embarrassing, Justine proceeds to talk about Caroline's embarrassing secrets, much to her horror. Justine mentions that she and Caroline have an objective they have to achieve after the battle. Justine presents the Double Bookmark as a reward for completing the examination. Caroline says that they will keep it a secret, which reminds her that Justine has yet to reveal her secrets. Justine complies and explains that she misses the protagonist whenever he's absent from the Velvet Room, and says that Caroline also feels the same way and causing her sister to blush. While flustered, Caroline tells the protagonist that they'll be more strict during his visits in the end. Providing him with several useful items, Caroline reminds the protagonist that he cannot mention the battle to Igor and true to their word, the other Phantom Thieves have no recollection of the fight.

If the protagonist manages to defeat the Twins then enters the Velvet Room at the Day of Reckoning, Lavenza will confess her love to him.


Caroline and Justine maintain the same role as before. The protagonist can invite them for a hangout, which will reward him with various items, such as Skill Cards. During a Fusion alarm in the Velvet Room, both the twins and Lavenza can be seen stretching. Caroline and Justine's Confidant icon will become Lavenza once the party reaches the Qliphoth World. Additionally, after the Confidant becomes Lavenza, sometimes a blue butterfly will pass by.

Taking Back Reality


Persona 5 Royal - Boss Lavenza

Lavenza boss fight.

Lavenza's role is expanded further here due to having significantly more appearances compared to the base game. After the fight against berserk Cendrillon, the protagonist meets her and the real Igor in the Velvet Room who explains that the protagonist is still feeling imprisoned, therefore the room has reverted to the form prior to Yaldabaoth's defeat. She then invites the protagonist to Shujin on the 10th of January. During that day she will lure the protagonist to the room where Maruki used to be, then goes to sleep as the protagonist calls in his comrades in which she explains that Maruki had a Persona that allows him to warp reality, and Mementos has been revived and used for Maruki's own purposes, complete with the risk of solidifying Mementos' fusion in the real world using this power.

Lavenza can transform into a blue butterfly and vanish upon going to sleep.

If the party talks to her in Mementos during the third semester in a New Game Plus, they can fight her just like they did with Caroline and Justine. (If one wishes to use the Velvet Room instead, they should interact with the Velvet Room entrance instead of Lavenza.) She uses the same low level personas as the twins, although she can use aliment-inducing moves such as Tentarafoo or War Cry. When low on HP she begins to use high level personas such as Atavaka and Thor and becomes more offensive. While she starts to resist everything, depending on her persona, she can switch affinities, be downed for an All-Out Attack or even be affected by aliments herself. She can use the same All-Out Attack that Caroline and Justine perform to end the battle instantly if the party either takes too many turns to damage her enough, or does not fulfill certain turn-based requirements. When she does this, she splits into Caroline and Justine to perform the All-Out Attack then merges back after finishing the party with a smile on her finishing touch portrait.


Main article: Confidant/Caroline & Justine
"It's like you forget where you are, Inmate. You've got some real guts though! With that spirit, you should have no trouble making progress! If you have the will to continue your penal labor, we can grant you greater freedom within this prison."
—Caroline and Justine to the protagonist, Persona 5

Similar to Margaret's Social Link, Caroline and Justine's Confidant progresses through completing their request of fusing specific Personas with specific skills. Theoretically, one can complete this Confidant in a single day due to the events not consuming time, but the protagonist's level and resources are often a limiting factor in how fast it can be progressed. The Confidant becomes available as soon as the protagonist gets the ability to freely infiltrate Madarame's Palace, the earliest being May 18th.

Caroline and Justine's farewell gift after maxing their Confidant is the Cell Key. It is given by Lavenza who states that normally the Key is the same as the one given to all Wild Card users when they first enter the Velvet Room. It unlocks all Executioner abilities once the protagonist commences the Strength Confidant on a New Game+. This, however, will not immediately unlock the other Velvet Room functions that Igor grants over the course of the game, like the Electric Chair or Gallows.

Hangout events

In Persona 5 Royal, just like Elizabeth or Theodore in Persona 3 Portable and Persona 3 FES, Caroline and Justine can be invited for a hangout in the real world within various dates. Completing each of these hangouts will yield one or two Skill Cards. They are not a part of their Confidant, but are extra events that occur within certain days.

The events are unlocked over time on certain dates, and are all queued in order. Certain events have a deadline and cannot be accessed afterwards, continuing with the next event in the queue if it is freed up. Certain hangouts, such as Shinagawa, need to have their respective location unlocked first, and will be put on hold from the queue until done so.

If the protagonist has cleared enough events from the queue and has brought the twins to Café Leblanc (events with deadlines do not need to be cleared,) Lavenza can later be invited to the protagonist's room. She will follow up with a myriad of comedic scenes, reminiscent of the events of the previous aforementioned attendants. She attempts to cast a spell at the tool bench. She will exclaim how odd things are compared to the Velvet Room, going as far as to question if the protagonist's bed even is one. She falls asleep and dreams about fighting the Holy Grail and it splitting her in half again. Then, the protagonist and Lavenza sit on the couch and she gives him a Skill Card.

Event Skill Card(s) Date(s)
1 Big Bang Burger Maragi & Mabufu June 6th onwards
2 Movie theater (at Shibuya) Frei & Psi June 7th onwards
3 Protein Lovers Gym Apt Pupil & Counter June 15th onwards[1]
4 Kanda Church Samarecarm June 25th onwards[1]
5 Aquarium (Shinagawa) Masukukaja & Masukunda July 26th onwards[1]
6 Sky Tower (Asakusa) Tarukaja, Rakukaja & Sukukaja July 28th onwards[1]
7 Miura Beach Growth 2 September 2nd - September 29th[2][3]
8 Maid Café Tetraja, Dekunda & Dekaja September 3rd onwards[4]
9 Tokyo Destinyland (Maihama) Tetrakarn October 1st onwards[5]
10 Art Gallery (Ueno) Regenerate 3 October 1st - November 3rd
11 Café Leblanc High Counter November 25th onwards
12 Shibuya Underground Mall Heat Riser December 1st - December 19th
13 Café Leblanc Attic Enduring Soul January 13th onwards[6]
  • [1] The location or activity needs to be unlocked first before the protagonist is able to participate in the event.
  • [2] The event is only available during the daytime or after school.
  • [3] If the previous event at Sky Tower has been completed late, specifically after August 30th, the Maid Café event will occur first, and the Miura Beach event can be accessed as soon as the next day.
  • [4] The protagonist needs to have spent time at the maid café first for the event with Caroline & Justine to be unlocked.
  • [5] Tokyo Destinyland cannot be visited on rainy days.
  • [6] The Café Leblanc event with Caroline & Justine needs to be cleared in order to access this event.

Persona 5: The Animation

The twins do not have much active participation throughout the events of the anime, mostly appearing as observers to the rehabilitation game. During the fight against Shadow Kamoshida, they fused Joker's Arsène and Pixie into Agathion midway, allowing him to beat Shadow Kamoshida.

Persona 5 Strikers

Lavenza is now the sole attendant of the Velvet Room, as Igor seems to be absent. Lavenza generally fulfills the same role as Igor, being a neutral observer of events while fusing Personas on her own. While she is a lot closer towards the protagonist, she evades any direct questions.

Lavenza may issue in-game requests such as fusing specific Personas to test his abilities and battles that require the protagonist to participate in rematches against former bosses, with the only exceptions being any Lock Keeper fights, Akane's Joker and the Jail of the Abyss hostile encounters. Once Joker finds the Velvet Room entrance in Osaka, Lavenza begins issuing requests pertaining to powerful Shadows. Upon completing the requests, the protagonist gains an item that allows the fusion of that particular Persona.

Once the game is cleared and the cleared save was reloaded, there will be "EX mode" versions of the boss rematches (similar to the "Vision Quests" hosted by Margaret in Persona 3 Portable), where the base level and stats of the bosses have changed to better challenge the postgame Phantom Thieves, with certain attack patterns being entirely changed. Clearing all quests related to boss rematches and hunting down powerful Shadows will unlock a quest pertaining the defeat of the Reaper, the cause of the postgame content. Defeating the Reaper for the first time unlocks both New Game Plus and Merciless difficulty.

Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth

The twins first appeared when Morgana tried to open the staff only room of the Cinema lobby, sending them flying from the room into the lobby. None of the Phantom Thieves save for Joker recognize the twins, and Futaba Sakura even goes as far as calling them cute. They can compel Morgana to follow their orders, although Morgana does not understand why. They are often ruthless towards most of the party members, even going as far as calling Kanji Tatsumi a gorilla at one point in the game. However, they do show respect towards their older siblings.

In-game, the twins manage the fusion of Sub-Personas under the supervision of Margaret. They fuse personas by inserting Persona films onto a pair of projectors and dancing, forming the shape of a butterfly and turning the two Persona projections into a single Persona. Very rarely, the twins will lose balance and Justine will fall on top of Margaret, spilling her popcorn and angering her, in which she sends Justine back and forces them to continue the dance, creating a fusion accident.


Caroline & Justine

The twins can be fought in New Game Plus on any time in Mementos between May 9th and December 17th. Afterwards, due to plot reasons, talking to Caroline does not allow the opportunity to challenge them. The twins have different rule sets from previous Velvet Room assistants.

The battle follows this sequence of phases. At the end of 6 turns, if their HP has been reduced to the threshold to the next phase, the twins will transition to the next phase for another 6 turns of attacks. The first time they fall to 50% HP or lower, they will cast Diarahan on each other, regardless of their current phase. They will never skip over phases, so it's possible to not witness some of their more dangerous phases if you can finish the fight quickly.

  1. Attacking with heavy-tier Phys and Gun skills in order. (100 - 75%)
  2. Attacking with heavy-tier Fire, Ice, Electric and Wind skills in order. (75 - 50%)
  3. Attacking with heavy-tier Psychokinesis, Nuclear, Bless and Curse skills in order. (100 - 75%, post-Diarahan)
  4. Attacking with heavy-tier skills of all elements in order. (75 - 50%, post-Diarahan)
  5. Attacking with severe-tier skills of all elements in order. (50 - 25%)
  6. Attacking with severe-tier skills at random. (25 - 0%)

There are also special rules to follow.

  • The party must force the twins to change phases within 6 turns. If the party deals too little damage, the twins will knock down the entire party with a unique skill from Ardha to trigger All-Out Attack, which will knock out all party members regardless of their level. The All-Out Attack will also happen when all party members are downed via their attacks, so try not to let them hit too many weaknesses. Unlike Elizabeth, Theodore or Margaret, the twins will not attempt to instantly finish the party when a party member is holding the Omnipotent Orb.
  • The twins must be defeated at the same time with multiple target attacks or before any surviving twin's upcoming turn. If only one of them defeated, the other one will cast Recarm to revive each other with 4,000 HP.
  • Any of the twins will use Diarahan once their HP goes 50% or below for the first time and if they get a turn.

The twins can be fought with a full party, and the protagonist is permitted to be immune (null/repel/drain) to their attacks with no penalty. Repel is recommended to deal damage against them and allow the party some leeway in the case of their attacks missing. Repel Bless and Curse are effective, as a reflected Divine Judgment or Demonic Decree actually works on them and speeds up the battle tremendously. Though it may be tempting to fuse a Persona that is immune to every non-Almighty element, it is more efficient to rotate between Personas that have the right immunities for the current turn.

The twins can break their attack pattern to try and exploit the party's weaknesses. If they hit a party member's weakness, they are inclined to use the One More to to erase buffs and debuffs with Dekaja or Dekunda, or even Baton Pass to the other so she too can hit the party's next weakness. If they manage to burn, freeze or shock someone, they can also break the pattern to try and exploit Technical bonus damage.

If the party loses the battle, it does not result in a game over. The twins will instead review the party’s performance and give an item as a reward, before returning them to Mementos where they can be challenged again. The rewards increase based on how long the party has survived the battle, culminating in the Omnipotent Orb for defeating the twins.

This battle is also programmed correctly with either Morgana or Futaba Sakura as navigator to comment on the twins' power. By comparison, the battle against Elizabeth always opened with Fuuka Yamagishi commenting, even if the protagonist fought Elizabeth before recruiting Fuuka.

Lavenza (Persona 5 Royal)

Lavenza can be fought during a New Game Plus, replacing Caroline and Justine as the ultimate boss during the third term. In order to unlock her for battle, the party needs to enter Mementos during the third term after securing the treasure route to the final Palace.

Being defeated by Lavenza will not trigger a Game Over, and the party is allowed infinite attempts as they please. If one wishes to use the Velvet Room instead, interact with the Velvet Room door instead of Lavenza. Lavenza can only be fought once per playthrough.

Lavenza is a significantly trickier boss than Caroline and Justine. Despite hitting for nearly identical amounts of damage as the twins for most of the time (around 250 damage) and cannot use Diarahan unlike most Velvet Room attendants, Lavenza also has unlisted trials every 25% HP threshold (5000 HP) that must be done within 9 turns, often with highly tricky conditions. Failure to fulfill these trials will result in an All-Out Attack that will defeat the entire party instantly. The same will occur when Lavenza downs all party members on her own, although this is relatively rare. Therefore, one must have a definite strategy for inflicting damage and bypassing the trials, since Lavenza will resist most of the party's attacks, and some trials or niche situations are largely dependent on luck or turn management skills to get through. Furthermore, Lavenza's AI has a tendency to target party members that are inflicted with status with technical damage, so make sure the protagonist is immune to most, if not all status.

Much like Caroline and Justine, Lavenza permits the use of the Omnipotent Orb or immunities, although unlike the Twins, she has plenty of ways to bypass immunities, so they are not the way to end all means. Having the protagonist equip personas with multiple immunities help smooth the course of the fight, however.

It is strongly recommended for all participants of this battle to be of level 99 and had awakened their third-tier Personas, with the exception of Akechi and Yoshizawa, since their third-tier Personas are unavailable during the time Lavenza is. Baton Pass and Technical must be at max rank.

Lavenza will always begin with Dekaja and Heat Riser at the start of fight, preventing Auto-Kaja skills from taking effect. She will also have two actions per turn. Furthermore, due to some trials requiring 2 or more separate character actions, Lavenza usually cannot be soloed (*). If her HP is above 25%, Lavenza blocks Bless and Curse and while not listed as a resistance, the damage of all Almighty attacks seems to be halved. If her HP drops to 25% or below, Bless and Curse is instead resisted and Almighty will do normal damage.

The trials are of the following;

  • Deal 5000 or more damage to her within 9 turns at the start (HP 100%). Lavenza will be neutral to one element (Magical) while resisting the rest. During this phase, Lavenza is prone to inducing status conditions, then casting Magic to induct Technical Damage. She will also throw around Dekaja and Dekunda quite aggressively. If Makarakarn is cast, she will waste one turn to induce a Makara Break.
  • Deal 5000 or more damage to her within 9 turns with at least one technical every turn when after HP drops by a quarter. (HP ~75%) If the party does not deal at least one instance of technical damage against her every turn, she will end the fight instantly with an All-out attack. Lavenza will capitalize on using Physical, Gun, Bless and Curse attacks during this trial and may use Hamaon or Mudoon. Make sure the protagonist's persona used for this phase nulls Bless and Curse, or she may kill him with them. During this phase, Lavenza will become resistant to all attacks bar Almighty, but will become extremely vulnerable to any status but Despair. Status does not disable Lavenza as she will automatically recover once she gets a turn.
  • Deal 5000 or more damage to her with at least one Critical every turn after the phase above. (HP ~50%) If the party does not deal at least one instance of Critical Damage against Lavenza every turn, she will end the fight instantly with an All-out attack. All affinities save for Physical and Almighty will be resisted. This is largely luck-based and the player may sometimes be defeated with no fault of their own, so it is strongly recommended to end this phase as fast as possible. Lavenza may also cast Tetrakarn to prevent Physical attacks from landing.

The only way to bypass any of the All-Out Attack checks is when the party manages to drop her HP below the required threshold within a turn, in which she will move to the next phase even without a technical (Phase 2) or Critical (Phase 3) at the end of that turn.

Furthermore, unlike most bosses, Lavenza can be downed during any of those trials. While one can initiate a Hold Up, just like most bosses, negotiations are always refused. It is not recommended to unleash an All-Out Attack against her; Baton Pass to the party's strongest attacker instead, preferably to the protagonist. A powerful attack from the protagonist can potentially do several thousand damage and surpass damage output dealt from All-out attacks.

If Lavenza's HP drops to the final quarter, there will be no more trials, and the only way to lose is when Lavenza defeats the protagonist. She will begin to bombard the party with severe-tier Magic from Atavaka or Thor, and will also ignore usual turn orders and cast a regular attack after every party member's turn if they do not damage Lavenza. The Personas have varying resistances, so make sure to scan her every time she swaps between her Personas. Most of her attacks do not hit very hard and are usually resisted or outright blocked by the protagonist, although she uses Dekaja and Dekunda very aggressively and if she downs a party member by weaknesses, she will use Charge and follow up with a very powerful physical attack that is usually strong enough to knock out or cripple party members. Furthermore, for every 6 turns, she will swap to Lucifer and cast Concentrate + Megidolaon, which will deal close to 3000 damage to the active party, so try to count the number of turns she has spent and guard right before the turn that she starts using Concentrate + Megidolaon. A Persona with Enduring Soul is recommended to increase the chances of surviving the assault, in case if the protagonist is unable to guard otherwise. If all endurance options are exhausted and Lavenza is at low HP, make sure to defeat her as fast as possible to prevent the protagonist from being knocked out.

(*): While the requirements of the phases (especially phase 2) make it seems like Lavenza cannot be soloed, it is in fact possible to solo her, albeit with a lot of good RNG required. One of the biggest obstacles is how to do technical damage on her with just 1 single turn in phase 2, there are several ways of doing this:

  • Shoot Lavenza with a gun with either freeze or shock ailment, as you can keep shooting even after she's already freezed/shocked, and gun damage will do technical damage on a freezed/shocked enemy. With max technical rank, you will also knock her down, results in a One More. Players usually use this One More chance to cast Concentrate, ready for the next turn.
  • Use any physical/gun skill that also causes ailment. Normally, Dream Needle is chosen because it's considered a gun skill in Royal, allow players to stack both Apt Pupil and Trigger Happy to increase the critical chance. Dream Needle would both need to be a critical hit to get a One More, while also put Lavenza to sleep. During this One More, players would need to attack Lavenza with a powerful attack (it is recommended to use a Persona with the trait "Universal Law") to maximize the technical damage.

Another obstacle while soloing is that in phase 3, Lavenza would often cast Tetrakarn, making it impossible to get a critical hit on her with 1 single turn. To avoid this, players need to leave their Persona weak to Psy/Nuclear to bait Lavenza to attack that weakness instead of casting Tetrakarn. The last persona you use in phase 2 (which would be the starting persona in phase 3) should be weak to Nuclear, which usually make Kohryu the persona of choice (Kohryu is weak to Nuclear, while innately have the trait Universal Law)

The following is Lavenza's weakness chart during each phase:

Persona HP Affinity
Melee Icon P5.png Ranged Icon P5.png Fire Icon P5.png Ice Icon P5.png Elec Icon P5.png Wind Icon P5.png Psy Icon P5.png Nuclear Icon P5.png Light Icon P5.png Dark Icon P5.png Almighty Icon P5.png
Berith 100% - 75% st st st - st st st st Nu Nu 50%
Kelpie 100% - 75% st st st st - st st st Nu Nu 50%
Inugami 100% - 75% st st st st st - st st Nu Nu 50%
Nue 100% - 75% st st - st st st st st Nu Nu 50%
All Personas 75-50% st st st st st st st st Nu Nu 50%
All Personas 50% - 25% - st st st st st st st Nu Nu 50%
Atavaka 25% - 0% st Nu Rp st - - - st st st -
Thor 25% - 0% st st st - Rp - st - st st -
Lucifer 25% - 0% Nu st st st st st st st st st -


Arcana Level HP SP
Strength 99
Magic 99
Endurance 99
Agility 99
Luck 99
Strength 99 8,000
Phys Gun Fire Ice Elec Wind Psy Nuke Bless Curse Almi
- - - - - - - - - - -
EXP Yen Battle Drop Negotiation Items
- - - -
List of Skills
Skill Effect
Miracle Punch Medium Physical damage to 1 foe, high critical rate.
Vajra Blast Medium Physical damage to all foes.
Deathbound Medium Physical damage to all foes 1x to 2x.
God's Hand Colossal Physical damage to 1 foe.
Agidyne Heavy Fire damage to 1 foe. Rare chance of Burn.
Maragidyne Heavy Fire damage to all foes. Rare chance of Burn.
Inferno Severe Fire damage to 1 foe. Rare chance of Burn.
Blazing Hell Severe Fire damage to all foes. Rare chance of Burn.
Ziodyne Heavy Electric damage to 1 foe. Rare chance of Shock.
Maziodyne Heavy Electric damage to all foes. Rare chance of Shock.
Thunder Reign Severe Electric damage to 1 foe. Rare chance of Shock.
Wild Thunder Severe Electric damage to all foes. Rare chance of Shock.
Psiodyne Heavy Psy damage to 1 foe. Technical dmg: Mental ailment.
Mapsiodyne Heavy Psy damage to all foes. Technical dmg: Mental ailment.
Psycho Force Severe Psy damage to 1 foe. Technical dmg: Mental ailment.
Psycho Blast Severe Psy damage to all foes. Technical dmg: Mental ailment.
Kougaon Heavy Bless damage to 1 foe.
Makougaon Heavy Bless damage to all foes.
Divine Judgement Half remaining HP of 1 foe. Bless-type.
Dekaja Negate all buff effects of all foes.
Dekunda Negate all debuff effects of party.
Recarm Revive 1 ally with 50% HP.
Diarahan Fully restore HP of 1 ally.

Arcana Level HP SP
Strength 99
Magic 99
Endurance 99
Agility 99
Luck 99
Strength 99 8,000
Phys Gun Fire Ice Elec Wind Psy Nuke Bless Curse Almi
- - - - - - - - - - -
EXP Yen Battle Drop Negotiation Items
- - - -
List of Skills
Skill Effect
Triple Down Light Gun damage to all foes 3x.
One-shot Kill Severe Gun damage to 1 foe. High Critical Rate.
Riot Gun Severe Gun damage to all foes.
Bufudyne Heavy Ice damage to 1 foe. Rare chance of Freeze.
Mabufudyne Heavy Ice damage to all foes. Rare chance of Freeze.
Diamond Dust Severe Ice damage to 1 foe. Rare chance of Freeze.
Ice Age Severe Ice damage to all foes. Rare chance of Freeze.
Garudyne Heavy Wind damage to 1 foe. Technical dmg: Burn.
Magarudyne Heavy Wind damage to all foes. Technical dmg: Burn.
Panta Rhei Severe Wind damage to 1 foe. Technical dmg: Burn.
Vacuum Wave Severe Wind damage to all foes. Technical dmg: Burn.
Freidyne Heavy Nuclear damage to 1 foe. Technical dmg: Burn/Freeze/Shock.
Mafreidyne Heavy Nuclear damage to all foes. Technical dmg: Burn/Freeze/Shock.
Atomic Flare Severe Nuclear damage to 1 foe. Technical dmg: Burn/Freeze/Shock.
Cosmic Flare Severe Nuclear damage to all foes. Technical dmg: Burn/Freeze/Shock.
Eigaon Heavy Curse damage to 1 foe.
Maeigaon Heavy Curse damage to all foes.
Demonic Decree Half remaining HP of 1 foe. Curse-type.
Dekaja Negate all buff effects of all foes.
Dekunda Negate all debuff effects of party.
Recarm Revive 1 ally with 50% HP.
Diarahan Fully restore HP of 1 ally.


  • The Twins's stats are identical to those from Persona 5. However, they can no longer be affected by a repelled Demonic Decree or Divine Judgement.
  • The money and EXP bonuses from collecting Stamps in Mementos affect the Money and EXP gains from both the Twins and Lavenza.

Arcana Level HP SP
Strength 99
Magic 99
Endurance 99
Agility 99
Luck 99
Strength 99 20,000
Phys Gun Fire Ice Elec Wind Psy Nuke Bless Curse Almi
St St St St St St St St Nu Nu 50%
EXP Yen Battle Drop Negotiation Items
- - - -
List of Skills
Skill Effect
Maragidyne Heavy Fire damage and inflict Burn (low odds) to all foes.
Mabufudyne Heavy Ice damage and inflict Freeze (low odds) to all foes.
Magarudyne Heavy Wind damage to all foes.
Maziodyne Heavy Elec damage and inflict Shock (low odds) to all foes.
Inferno Severe Fire damage and inflict Burn (low odds) to 1 foe.
Diamond Dust Severe Ice damage and inflict Freeze (low odds) to 1 foe.
Panta Rhei Severe Wind damage to 1 foe.
Thunder Reign Severe Elec damage and inflict Shock (low odds) to 1 foe.
Psycho Force Severe Psy damage to 1 foe.
Atomic Flare Severe Nuke damage to 1 foe.
Blazing Hell Severe Fire damage and inflict Burn (low odds) to all foes.
Ice Age Severe Ice damage and inflict Freeze (low odds) to all foes.
Vacuum Wave Severe Wind damage to all foes.
Wild Thunder Severe Elec damage and inflict Shock (low odds) to all foes.
Psycho Blast Severe Psy damage to all foes.
Cosmic Flare Severe Nuke damage to all foes.
Makougaon Heavy Bless damage to all foes.
Mahamaon Medium chance of instantly killing all foes. Bless-type.
Maeigaon Heavy Curse damage to all foes.
Mamudoon Medium chance of instantly killing all foes. Curse-type.
Agneyastra Medium Physical damage to all foes 1x to 3x.
Sword Dance Colossal Physical damage to 1 foe, high critical rate.
One-shot Kill Severe Gun damage to 1 foe, high critical rate.
Gigantomachia Colossal Physical damage to all foes.
God's Hand Colossal Physical damage to 1 foe.
Riot Gun Severe Gun damage to all foes.
Charge Next Physical or Gun attack inflicts 2.5x damage for user.
Concentrate Next magical attack inflicts 2.5x damage for user.
Heat Riser Increase Attack/Defense/Agility of 1 ally for 3 turns.
Debilitate Decrease Attack/Defense/Agility of 1 foe for 3 turns.
Dekaja Negate all -kaja buff effects of all foes.
Dekunda Negate all -nda debuff effects of party.
Tentarafoo Inflict Confusion (med odds) to all foes.
Wage War Inflict Rage (med odds) to all foes.
Tetrakarn Erect a shield on 1 ally to repel 1 Physical or Gun attack.
Makara Break Remove magic-repellent shields from all foes.
Nocturnal Flash Inflict Dizzy (med odds) to all foes.
Megidolaon Severe Almighty damage to all foes.

Persona Q2

  • The information below corresponds with the twins' stats in the Velvet Rangers battle.

Level HP Attack Defense
Strength --
Magic --
Endurance --
Agility --
Luck --
? 3,791 209 228
Exp Drop 1 Drop 2 Drop 3
? - - -
Phys Fire Ice Elec Wind Psy Nuke Bless Curse Alm
- - - - - - - - - -
Sleep Confuse Poison Hex Paralysis S-Bind M-Bind A-Bind Down KO
Null Null Null Null Null Resist Resist Resist Null Null
List of Skills
Skill Effect
Vorpal Blade 4 heavy Phys attacks. (1 enemy) Stronger in Boost.
Agidyne Heavy Fire attack. (1 enemy)
Inferno Dance Heavy Fire attack that splashes to either side. (1 enemy)
Ziodyne Heavy Elec attack. (1 enemy)
Storm Dance Heavy Elec attack. (1 row)
Psiodyne Heavy Psy attack. (1 enemy)
Psycho Force Severe Psy attack. (1 enemy)
Kougaon Heavy Bless attack. (1 enemy)
God's Judgment Bless attack, halves an enemy's remaining HP. (1 enemy)
Dekaja Remove stat buffs. (All enemies)
Diarahan Full HP restore. (1 ally)

Level HP Attack Defense
Strength --
Magic --
Endurance --
Agility --
Luck --
? 4,312 297 216
Exp Drop 1 Drop 2 Drop 3
? - - -
Phys Fire Ice Elec Wind Psy Nuke Bless Curse Alm
- - - - - - - - - -
Sleep Confuse Poison Hex Paralysis S-Bind M-Bind A-Bind Down KO
Null Null Null Null Null Resist Resist Resist Null Null
List of Skills
Skill Effect
Broadshot Heavy Phys attack that pierces to the back row. (1 enemy) Stronger in Boost.
Bufudyne Heavy Ice attack. (1 enemy)
Frigid Dance Heavy Ice attack that pierces to the back row. (1 enemy)
Garudyne Heavy Wind attack. (1 enemy)
Hurricane Dance 2-3 heavy Wind attacks to random targets. (All enemies)
Freidyne Heavy Nuke attack. (1 enemy)
Atomic Flare Severe Nuke attack. (1 enemy)
Eigaon Heavy Curse attack. (1 enemy)
Hell's Judgment Curse attack, halves an enemy's remaining HP. (1 enemy)
Dekunda Remove stat penalties. (Party)
Diarahan Full HP restore. (1 ally)


Like the majority of the Velvet Room residents, Caroline and Justine share their names with characters from Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. Justine was framed for a murder Frankenstein's Creature committed. Caroline was the mother of Victor Frankenstein, who died of scarlet fever. Her dying wish was that Victor marry Elizabeth Lavenza (the namesake of their combined form, as well as that of Elizabeth), his adopted sister.

The German roots of the twin's names also refer to freedom (Caroline) and justice (Justine), a reference to the question they pose to the protagonist about being on the path to freedom or ruin.


  • Caroline and Justine are the youngest-looking assistants of the Velvet Room in the Persona series seen so far.
  • Before the revelation of their names, they were simply addressed as the "twin assistants."
  • Lavenza is the second assistant from the Velvet Room to be able to form a crush on the protagonist, the first being Margaret from Persona 4.
  • Unlike their siblings and Lavenza, Caroline and Justine use small and often weak Personas when fighting instead of the strongest ones (with the exception of Ardha); however, they still use the strongest attacks for each element as listed:
  • Unused dialogue in the game that is supposed to occur in the Velvet Room meeting after the hot pot celebration in Café Leblanc has the twins referring to the protagonist's Confidants as garbage and social failures. The lines were removed in the final game, as it can go against Igor's first line in the meeting where he explains about the protagonist's Confidants being outcasts of society.
  • Lavenza's existence is first disclosed to the public during her Dancing in Starlight trailer at May 2, 2018.
  • In Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight, it is confirmed that Lavenza is a sibling of the previous three Velvet Room assistants Elizabeth, Theodore and Margaret.
  • After her regular melee attacks, Lavenza floats back to her position.
  • The requests found in Justine's clipboard for Personas with certain skills, which are needed to increase the Confidant, are written by Lavenza, their original self. Speaking to Lavenza after she is saved will confirm this, and also that she was careful to avoid Yaldabaoth's suspicions. This would give hint to her original personality. For example, it seems Lavenza is also self-conscious of her actions, like Caroline.
  • A version of their uniforms can be found in the game data of Persona 4: Dancing All Night.[2]
  • It's hinted that Caroline and Justine have a small crush on the protagonist. As Lavenza, she openly confesses her love with him.
  • They are the only duo of playable characters to be paired together instead of appearing in separate character artworks in Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight.
  • They are the first Velvet Room attendants to never call their guests a "guest." The Twins call him an "Inmate" while Lavenza calls him a "Trickster."
  • The Twins mistake starfish as Decarabia upon first glance.
  • Caroline once asked Igor if she could have a jellyfish tank in the Velvet Room before.
  • In the original Persona 5, it is impossible to have a fusion accident with Lavenza. This is fixed in Royal, where a fusion accident can happen with Lavenza as the attendant.
  • The incident with the Holy Grail still traumatizes Lavenza after Yaldabaoth's fall, as she still has nightmares of it during the Third Semester. She was still disturbed by this in Strikers, as shown in her dialogue prior to infiltrating the Jail of the Abyss.
  • Lavenza cannot craft infiltration tools.
  • Should the protagonist choose to lie on the bed in the Velvet Room, Lavenza's voice will be heard, but it is fragmented and echoed to an extent that the player cannot fully decipher the message. However, when the protagonist attempts to lie on the bed, from November 25th to December 24th, while exploring Shido's Palace and the Depths of Mementos, Lavenza's mysterious message can be fully understood and visible to the protagonist. This message states that if her voice has reached him, she is most likely no more, yet believes he can overturn his fate and save the world from the ruin to come caused by his machinations, which are a result of Yaldabaoth's manipulation.
  • Lavenza's tagline in her finishing touch cannot be fully seen during her battle as her hair covers a part of it. It can be seen only in the Thieves Den where the background is moved. It's also more brightly colored.
  • In Strikers, Lavenza can detect Savage Shadows appearing in Jails during certain quests. She's also capable of contacting Futaba about them so a quest to hunt them and unlock them for Fusion can be performed. The Shadows she requests to hunt are:
  • Pressing the triangle button while inside the Velvet Room's lobby in Strikers will cause Lavenza to talk or react. After the 7th attempt in a row and beyond, she will become significantly annoyed.

Appearances in Other Media

Title Details Date External Links
Lord of Vermilion Re:3 Collaboration event
* Caroline and Justine
December 12, 2016 - December 25, 2016[3]
BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle Color swap for Aigis and Labrys.
* Lavenza
* May 31, 2018 (Japan)
* June 5, 2018 (North America)
* June 22, 2018 (Europe)
Granblue Fantasy Collaboration event
* Caroline and Justine, NPCs
* June 18th, 2018 - June 29th, 2018[4]
Kyoutou Kotoba RPG Collaboration event
* Caroline and Justine
March 5th, 2019 - March 28th, 2019[5]
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC
* Support Spirit (Ace Class, Shield type)
Part of the Joker DLC: April 17th, 2019
Another Eden Collaboration event

* Optional secret boss

From November 10th, 2020 Caroline and Justine article on the Another Eden Wiki


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