SMT x FE Inside of Decarabia Jewelry


Carabia Jewelry (Decarabia Jewelry in the Japanese version) is a location of Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE.


A shop in Shibuya which sells brooches, rings, rosary and a variety of other accessories. By equipping these accessories, a character’s defense, HP, strength or magic abilities increase, while enhancing other properties such as speed.

The equipment is expensive, but that is because they are very effective in powering up a character when used properly.


  • The Carabia Jewelry store is named after the demon Decarabia. In addition, a large statue of Decarabia is displayed behind the cashier's counter.
  • The store clerk, with her red hood, resembles Aimee, a recurring shop clerk in the Fire Emblem series.
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