Official artwork from Devil Children Red/Black Book.

Canhel (カンケル, Kankeru)? is a demon in the series.

History[edit | edit source]

In the cosmogonic Mayan myths, of Yucatán, the plumed serpent also appears as vital energy giving birth to the world and is called Canhel, "Serpent or Dragon", related to rain and primordial water (chaos or mother-space), the original material (prima materia) from which the world emerges.

Canhel could aso refer to a ceremonial staff with a snake-like head of God K and is associated with element of wind.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Stats[edit | edit source]

Devil Children: Black/Red/White Book[edit | edit source]

Class Type Race Level HP MP Exp
General Sun God 41 443 187 704
Attack Guard Magic M Guard Speed Luck
38 36 36 37 35 35
List of Skills
Skill Element Cost Effect
Mazan Wood 18 MP Light damage to all foes.
Hamaon Sun 15 MP Heavy damage to one foe.
Sonic Boom Wood 23 HP Light damage to all foes.
Diarahan Sun 20 MP Large HP recovery for one ally.
Makakaja Sun 6 MP Increases Magic for all allies.
Magnus Earth 10 MP Heavy damage to one foe.
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