A physical calling card from the Phantom Thieves directed against Junya Kaneshiro, created by Yusuke Kitagawa.

A Calling Card (予告状, Yokokujou)? is an important element in Persona 5 and all of its related spin-offs.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Profile[edit | edit source]

Once the Phantom Thieves of Hearts find a target's Treasure inside their Palace and establish an escape route, their next step is to send them a Calling Card; the methods of which vary from simple vandalism via an actual "calling card," to mass broadcast hijacks. Once this occurs, the target's Shadow Self triggers due to internal knowledge of the wrongness of their actions, provoking them to defend their Treasure at all costs. The Treasure, previously incorporeal mist, then manifests into a physical object the Thieves can steal to induce a Change of Heart. Treasures usually take the form of a mystical object, while materialized desires in Scramble always take the form of a large, pink diamond if they have an owner. (In case of stolen desires with no owners, they take the form of smaller diamonds instead.) The effect is only temporary however, as the Treasure will only manifest on the day the calling card is seen, and the process can not be repeated; therefore, the Phantom Thieves must steal the treasure immediately once the card is sent.

Other times, the Calling Card does not serve to alert the target but as a declaration of war, such as during Persona Q2's final confrontation and against Persona 5 Royal's final target.

All calling cards, aside from the first one sent to Suguru Kamoshida, were created by Yusuke Kitagawa, or in the case of a broadcast hijack, by Futaba Sakura. The first set of cards sent to Kamoshida were created by Ryuji Sakamoto. The card sent to Akira Konoe is written by Zenkichi Hasegawa and the one sent to the public to summon EMMA into action required the help of a reformed Kuon Ichinose, as Futaba herself couldn't hack into its servers alone.

Akira Konoe is the only target of the Phantom Thieves that is not affected by the Phantom Thieves' Calling Cards, as he firmly believes himself to be justice incarnate, in addition to the Calling Card being poorly written due to being handled by Zenkichi instead of the usual Yusuke. Instead, it was EMMA's failure to trap the Phantom Thieves that ended up alerting him.

Technically, in Persona 5 and Persona 5 Royal, the option to send a calling card is usually unlocked the next day after locating the Treasure, with the exceptions of Niijima's Palace and Maruki's Palace, where the calling card is sent on the final day before the deadline. Once a calling card is sent, the current day will end and the protagonist will be locked in Café Leblanc that night. Any free-time activities within Leblanc's vicinity, such as making infiltration tools or brewing coffee, can still be performed, but the protagonist cannot go outside at all. The next day's free time is overwritten by the calling card event, and the game automatically locks the party in the Palace. Once this happens, the party cannot exit the Palace until they defeat the boss encounter and steal the Treasure.

Calling Card Texts[edit | edit source]

Persona 5[edit | edit source]

Target Contents Delivery Method
Suguru Kamoshida Sir Suguru Kamoshida, the utter bastard of lust. We know how shitty you are, and that you put your twisted desires on students that can't fight back. That's why we have decided to steal away those desires and make you confess your sins. This will be done tomorrow, so we hope you will be ready. From, the Phantom Thieves of Hearts Cards on school billboard
Ichiryusai Madarame Sir Ichiryusai Madarame, a great sinner of vanity whose talent has been exhausted. You are an artist who uses his authority to shamelessly steal the ideas of his pupils. We have decided to make you confess all your crimes with your own mouth. We will take your distorted desires without fail. From, [The Phantom Thieves]. * Morgana places the card at Madarame's exhibit
Junya Kaneshiro Sir Junya Kaneshiro, the money-devouring sinner of gluttony. You indulge in scamming others with horrendous methods that target minors exclusively. We have decided to make you confess all your crimes with your own mouth. We will take your distorted desires without fail. From, [The Phantom Thieves]. * Ryuji litters calling cards all over Shibuya
Futaba Sakura Futaba Sakura has committed a great sin of drowning in sloth. Thus, we will rob every last bit of those distorted desires. Personal delivery to Futaba's room
Kunikazu Okumura Sir Kunikazu Okumura, the great profiteering sinner of greed. Your success and global fame exists due to the tyranny you rain over your employees. Thus, we have decided to make you confess all your crimes with your own mouth. From, [The Phantom Thieves]. * Haru places it in the Okumura residence
Sae Niijima Madame Sae Niijima, a great sinner of jealousy. You have lost yourself amidst your obsession with success. For its sake, you are even willing to promote injustice as justice. From, [The Phantom Thieves]. * Delivered to Sae by Makoto, who claims to have found it in their mailbox
Masayoshi Shido Yo! What is UP! Everybody! We are the ones who you all know as the Phantom Thieves. And all of us are alive and kickin'. But those shitty guys in power? They've been manipulatin' information to try and hide the truth. So, before we appropriate our next target, we would like to first burrow your time! The recent scandals of public figures, the accidents caused by psychotic breakdowns and mental shutdowns -- These weren't caused by unknown reasons. One man is behind every single instance...simply to satiate his own greed. That man was afraid his crimes would be exposed and shifted the blame on us. He even manipulated the police for that. We only steal the hearts of criminals. But this asshole tried to dump what he did on us. That just shows he doesn't care about the victims at all! The identity of that cowardly man is -- (Police stops broadcast only for Futaba to advance it)

The man behind it all is a current cabinet member of all things. The Minister of State for Special Missions...Masayoshi Shido! Everything that guy says is a lie! And to prove that...Look! As you can see, all of us are alive and kickin'! I'm sure the people investigating us can tell if this is a lie or not. Shido himself will soon confess all the crimes that he's committed. Please look forward to it, everyone!

We're not gonna sit back and watch some crook wreck this country just 'cause of his goddamn ego. Ain't that right, Leader? (Protagonist speaks) Yes. Before that happens, we will take this country!

Nationwide broadcast hijack
Takuto Maruki Takuto Maruki has committed the great sin of creating an overblown self-righteous reality granting people's wishes. However, we will not soak ourselves in this false happiness, and we will overcome our pain and move forward. As a result, we will not accept your proposed salvation. And therefore, we will steal your distorted desires and take back our future. From, the Phantom Thieves.[1] Protagonist personally delivers the card to Maruki inside Café Leblanc

Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth[edit | edit source]

Target Contents Delivery Method
Kamoshidaman We will take the Kamoshidaman statue Stuck on Kamoshidaman's back
Enlil Madame Enlil, curator of the movie theaters of deceit. Since you play movies that advocate self-abuse and trick audience members into confusing soullessness for peace, we will steal those distorted movies from you. Signed, the Phantom Thieves. Protagonist throws the card to Enlil

Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers[edit | edit source]

Target Contents Delivery Method
Alice Hiiragi Ladies and Gentlemen! Good evening! It's been a while. Do you remember us? We are the Phantom Thieves of Hearts. We are back to change the heart of a certain person: A woman who plays with the hearts of men, Alice Hiiragi. She belittles people with false light and hurts people for her own delight. We will not let these type of people have their way. Tonight, we will take all of those desires that you stole! Futaba Cannon -- Broadcast hijack in Shibuya
Ango Natsume Sir Ango Natsume, Scammer of Vanity. You are a great sinner who belittles others and steals their desires to fatten your wallet. We do not take highly of the crown that you took by piles of vice. Tonight, we will take all the desires you stole. Gaslighting on Natsume's stall
Mariko Hyodo Madame Mariko Hyodo, the false empress whose heart has been frozen solid. Her coldness has had her control the wills of others and use others like tools. We will not let her depend on her authority. Tonight, we will take all the desires you stole. Gaslighting on Hyodo's campaign poster
Akira Konoe Sir Akira Konoe, the suspect sinner who is a tyrant that fashions himself as a hero. (The following suspect is labled as "A") A hurt many innocents, masqueraded as false justice, framed others for the murder of a researcher, and tried to capture and imprison adolescents. Due to the suspicions, I will formally order A's arrest and steal the desires you stole this night. Hijacking a Madicce zeppelin to mass deliver the cards
EMMA Look at here! This mark! We are the Phantom Thieves of Hearts! We had sent this calling card to all of you! This time, we will target all of you! All of you had lost your selves and entrusted your path to the mechanical god. Will you simply follow someone who gives you the answer? The only path that you should take is the answer you choose! We shall wake you up! We, the Phantom Thieves shall take all of the desires you gave to the false god! Futaba hijacks into the EMMA central server with help from Kuon Ichinose

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Unused dialogue suggests Futaba's calling card originally read "She never leaves her room or interacts with people, living an unproductive life of indolence. We are the Phantom Thieves that steal hearts. You will be made to bask in the light of the sun. Look forward to that time." The scene using this version was fully voiced in English despite going unused, and it portrayed Ann much more aggressively.[2]
  • Suguru Kamoshida and Akira Konoe's calling cards were the only ones made out of paper that are not written by Yusuke Kitagawa.

References[edit | edit source]

  1. Original Calling Card as seen in Thieves' Den. The calling card itself is not read out at all during the in-game cutscene.
  2. Unused Futaba Calling Card Dialogue

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