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|name = Budai
|image = <tabber>
P2: IS= [[File:Hotei IS.png|250px]]
P2: EP = [[File:Hotei.png|250x]]
|japan = ホテイ
|romaji = Hotei
|aka= Hotei (P2: EP)<br> Smiling Buddha<br>[[Maitreya|Maitreya Buddha]]
|origin = [[:Category:Chinese Mythology|Chinese Mythology]]<br>[[:Category:Buddhist Mythology|Buddhist Mythology]]
|first appearance = ''[[Persona 2: Innocent Sin]]''
|arcana = [[Suit of Wands|Rod]]
|mutates from = [[Pixie]], [[Harpy]], [[Phaleg]], & [[Airgetlam]] (P2: IS)<br>
[[Arianrhod]], [[Genjo]], [[Minotaur]], [[Nekomata]], [[Ryume]], [[Surya]], & [[Tengu]] (P2: EP)
|Part = All
'''Budai''' is a [[Persona (concept)|Persona]] in the series.
Budai is a figure of Chinese folklore whose name means "cloth sack" from the bag he is typically depicted carrying. He is thought to be an aspect of [[Maitreya|Maitreya Buddha]] and his constant smiling has also earned him the nickname "smiling Buddha."
*''[[Persona 2: Innocent Sin]]'': [[Suit of Wands]]
*[[Persona 2: Eternal Punishment]]: Rod Arcana
*''[[Persona 2: Eternal Punishment]]'': [[Suit of Wands]], as '''Hotei'''
===''Persona 2: Innocent Sin''===
|Image= [[File:Hotei IS.png]]
|Quote= Hohoho... I am <span style="color:#2ECCFA">Budai</span>! One's energy in this life is meant to be spent, not hoarded!<br>It seems you're me, so I'll take care of you!
|Arcana= Rod
|Type= Fire
|Return= All Card
|Bonus= Dx +1
|Traits= Wise
|Lv= 10
|SP= 11
|STR= 9
|VIT= 10
|DEX= 12
|AGL= 10
|LCK= 8
|Atk= 38
|Def= 40
|Matk= 32
|Mdef= 35
|restype= nuclearrepel
|Profile= One of the Seven Lucky Gods. He teaches patience and peace.
|Type1= Mutation
|Description1= Potential Mutation result of [[Pixie]], [[Harpy]], [[Phaleg]] and [[Airgetlam]]
4\Dust Cloud
6\Dream Needle
===''Persona 2: Eternal Punishment''===
[[Category:Persona 2: Eternal Punishment Personae]] [[Category:Rod Arcana]]
|Image= [[File:Hotei.png|80px]]
|Quote= Life is like a burning torch. I am here to prevent that flame from going out.<br>Hotei, at your service.
|Traits= Wise
|Return= All Card
|Bonus= TEC +1
|Lv= 16
|SP= 15
|Atk= 55
|Def= 61
|Matk= 46
|Mdef= 49
|Arcana= Rod
|STR= 13
|VIT= 15
|DEX= 17
|AGL= 15
|LCK= 13
|Type= Fire
|restype= nuclearrepel
|Unknown Power= Recovery-Type
|Profile= One of 7 gods of luck. Teached patience and peace.
|Type1= [[Mutation]]
|Description1=Potential mutation result for [[Arianrhod]], [[Genjo]], [[Minotaur]], [[Nekomata]], [[Ryume]], [[Surya]], and [[Tengu]]
1\Maha Agi
3\Dream Needle
[[Category:Chinese Mythology]]
[[Category:Buddhist Mythology]]
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