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Shin Megami Tensei IV ApocalypseEdit

"After serving as a Hunter for ten years following the wake of God's Plan, the man affectionately referred to as "Boss" after the death of his wife. He now runs the Kinshicho Hunter Association, where he provides support to active Hunters. "
Shin Megami Tensei IV Apocalypse Notes, entry - "Boss"

The father of Asahi and adoptive father of Nanashi. He worries constanty about Asahi due to her gung ho attitude and refusal to listen to reason, asking his more rational child Nanashi to look after her. He refuses to make them official hunters after the battle with Aniel due to the dangers until Flynn speaks on their behalf, convincing him when Nanashi says he wants to be one. Talking to him before heading to Cafe Florida leaves him unable to tell Nanashi what to do concerning the charges presented to him. He decides to ensure him and tell Nanashi to walk his own path without regrets.

During Quetzalcoatl's assault on Kinshicho, he protects Asahi when she interrupts the battle between him and the Aztec deity. He is fatally wounded in the process, and before he dies he asks Nanashi to keep Asahi out of trouble one last time.


Nanashi Initial Design SMTIVF

Nanashi's early design

  • Boss's facial structure and glasses are inherited from an early design of Nanashi before finalized to the teenage look. It notably resembles Akira of the Blasted Tokyo much more, sans scars.
  • He would practice playing guitar in secret, according to the guitar item description.
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