"Can you hear them? These are the voices of hope that wish to help you... Separately, they are weak... But together, they will bring about a great change in you. Now is the time to draw on the true strength of the bonds you have forged!"
—Igor, Persona 3

Bond (絆, Kizuna)? is a strong feeling of connection in the Persona series.



Persona user who posses the Wild Card are able to use bonds to turn it into their strengths. The shapes of the bonds are in the form of Arcana. The residents of the Velvet Room all have the abilities to see bonds that the guests had forged.

Persona 2Edit

"What's most important can't be seen with one's eyes."
—Tatsuya Suou's watch, Persona 2: Innocent Sin

Tatsuya Suou's watch had a writing that sounds similar to bonds.

Persona 3Edit

"Do you remember what I once told you...? ...How the strength of your Social Links will determine your potential? Listen... Can you hear the many voices? Each one's power is limited... Yet, they all reach out to you... Can you feel them? Close your eyes and listen carefully... Their voices may be faint, but certainly you hear them..."
—Igor to the protagonist, Persona 3

The protagonist use the power of his Social Links to create the Universe Arcana to perform the Great Seal in order to prevent Nyx from destroying the world.

Persona 4Edit

The protagonist use the power of bonds to obtain the World Arcana to defeat Izanami.

Persona 4 Arena UltimaxEdit

"Either way, it is decided. A struggle between solitude and bonds, the two great potentials of mankind, is about to begin..."
—Elizabeth, Persona 4 Arena Ultimax

Sho Minazuki despises the concept of bonds and wants to destroy the world by summoning Hinokagutsuchi. Yu Narukami was able to convince Sho that he secretly desire bonds.

Persona 4: Dancing All NightEdit

Kanami Mashita and the Kanamin Kitchen all value and desire bonds. Yuko Osada written a song that talks about bonds. Mikuratana-no-Kami is a being manifested from the Sea of Souls, representing humanity's desire for easy bonds with others. Her desire is the collective desire of people who want an eternal bond without pain, by subjecting people to the belief that they can only connect with others if they become the 'selves' that others wish them to be.

Persona 5Edit

"Personas are the strength of heart... The stronger the bonds that surround you, the more power your Personas will gain. There are countless people in the city who have talents that a weakling like you doesn't. You better rack that noggin of yours and get them on your side. We'll change that into power."
—Caroline and Justine, Persona 5

The protagonist use the power of his Confidants that allows him to summon his ultimate Persona Satanael.

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