Ruined Blue Jet

Damaged Blue Jet.

The Blue Jet is one of the four ships of the U.N. Schwarzwelt Investigational Team.



The Blue Jet is similar to other ships of its type, and carries its own autonomous AI, Verne, the "brother" unit to the Red Sprite's Arthur.

Shortly after the mission starts, the Blue Jet is downed in Sector Antlia, and most of its crew, except for Jimenez, are slain by the rampaging demons of the sector. Jimenez is thus the single survivor of the ship's crew, and is shortly drafted into the Red Sprite's roster. The ship's Tokamak reactor and a memory core belonging to Verne were removed from aboard and also taken to the Red Sprite.

Later on, Lorelei attempted to move into the damaged vessel. The protagonist can take an EX Mission, Blue Jet reclamation, in order to drive her off.

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