In-game screenshot of the Black Sun.

The Black Sun (黒い太陽, Kuroi Taiyou)? is a phenomena seen in Digital Devil Saga: Avatar Tuner 2.



The Black Sun, as its name implies, is a phenomena observed in the world of Digital Devil Saga 2 in which the Sun, while still radiating heat and light, acquired a black coloration and started routinely emitting Solar Noise. The change in solar activity led to the rapid spreading of the disease known as Cuvier Syndrome.

The reasons for the Black Sun were simple: Serph Sheffield, in his bid for the power of God, accidentally led Sera to pour enormous amounts of corrupt data into her communications with God, causing great pain to the entity. God, furious, caused the change in the Sun in order to exterminate the human race. Humans infected with Atma were immune to the Cuvier Syndrome, but still would be affected by Solar Noise.

Trace amounts of demonic data had always been present in Solar Noise. However, with the Black Sun raging in the sky, these became much more prevalent. The main effect was the transformation of several unwilling hosts into demons through the power of Atma; from these few, isolated cases, the Demon Virus was created.

After God (Brahman) was confronted and defeated in the Sixth Layer of the Sun, the Black Sun phenomena ended, restoring the Sun to its normal activity.

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