The Black Market (ブラックマーケット?) is a location in Megami Ibunroku Persona.



The party cannot leave the Black Market until the Harem Queen is defeated. She is located underneath, in the Kama Palace. Once the Harem Queen is defeated and the party leaves the labyrinth, they can no longer enter the Kama Palace.

The shops in the Black Market get better inventories after completing the Lost Forest.

Kama PalaceEdit


  • B5 - Balm of Life (x2), Bead (x2), Dx Incense
  • B8 - Metal Card, Malachite, Ag Incense
  • B9 - Life Stone, Chewing Soul (x2), Revival Bead, Lu Incense, Onyx


  • Element encompasses Fire, Ice, Wind and Earth. Force encompasses Electric, Nuclear, Gravity and Blast.
  • Light Grey boxes indicate bosses.
Demon Order Lvl HP Weak Resist Null Absorb Repel Item
Siren Femme23230ElementForce---Magry Stone
Kokkuri Foul24264Element, Force----Mail Breaker
Megaera Raptor25170Fire, Ice, Earth--100% Wind-Longinus
Tokebi Brute25250Axe, Death, CurseElement, Force---Paraladi Stone
Hanako Spirit25250Sword, Fire, Expel-Gun, Tech, Rush--Life Stone
Teketeke Grave26260Element, Force-Gun--Dis-Stone
Malphas Fallen26260Physical-Magic--Silver Prayer Wheel
Haokah Yoma26182Force---50% IceTopaz
Pairika Night27189Physical--100% Element, Force-Metal Card
Sarashina-hime Jaki27270Force---50% FireRattle Drink
Carrie Haunt28280-Magic--200% GunSlick Drop
Ocypete Flight28170Force---50% WindAquamarine
Genkuro Beast29232Whip, Gun-Tech, Rush--Spike Somai
Principality Divine29290Physical-Element, Force--Magical Guard
Iwate Femme29290Element---50% NuclearSilver Prayer Wheel
Harem Queen * Meta40/501240/2850Ice--Nuclear-Luna Blade


  • According to the Persona World Encyclopedia, Kama Palace is named after the Hindu god Kama.

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