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"Strike them down, in the name of Bethel! In the name of order!"
Abdiel, Shin Megami Tensei V

Bethel (ベテル, Beteru)? is an organization in Shin Megami Tensei V.


Bethel is a special worldwide organization that fights against demons that appear in the real world. Bethel has various branches, one of them located in Japan. That branch is headed by Hayao Koshimizu, the country's Prime Minister.

Tao Isonokami and Yuzuru Atsuta have already been working for Bethel when they were young. Koshimizu later approaches the protagonist and Ichiro Dazai when they discover Da'at, requesting their cooperation as temporary units due to them being severely understaffed and had to rely on the assistance of angels and proto-fiends. They accept, with Dazai receiving a Demon Summoning Program, while the protagonist relies on his power as a Nahobino.

Additionally, Bethel has four known branches ran by the top deity of their respective pantheons; an Egyptian Branch ran by Khonsu, a Nordic Branch ran by Odin, a Greek Branch ran by Zeus and an Indian Branch ran by Shiva. Unlike the Japanese Branch, these branches were completely staffed by demons of their pantheons.

After taking down the forces of chaos helmed by Arioch, Abdiel gathers Khonsu, Zeus, Odin, and Vasuki in a summit, with Vasuki standing in Shiva's place due to his master being uninterested in the summit. Koshimizu also attends the summit alongside the protagonist, Yuzuru and Ichiro after disclosing his identity as Tsukuyomi, in spite of his plans to split from Bethel. In the summit, the Gods take their turns spiting Abdiel and the Creator, even questioning how the Creator would still be alive due to the protagonist's presence as a Nahobino. This led to Abdiel trying to kill them to prove the legitimacy of God's laws, only to fail. With the Creator's death proven, Bethel disbands with each patron demon going for their own machinations, while Hayao denounces Abdiel and the Creator alongside the others, leaving Bethel consisting solely of Abdiel and the angels under her command.

It was also expained that the Japanese branch was understaffed because most of their Amatsu deities were defeated in Armageddon, with Tsukuyomi being the last few standing.


Bethel HQ[]

Japan Branch[]

Regional Deities[]

  • Khonsu - the head demon from the Egyptian Branch.
  • Shiva - the head demon from the Indian Branch.
  • Vasuki - member of the Indian Branch; Shiva sent him into the Bethel meeting as his proxy.
  • Zeus - the head demon from the Grecian Branch.
  • Odin - the head demon from the Nordic Branch.

Former Members[]

  • Cleopatra - former representative of the Egyptian Branch, but has been stripped of her title. "The Rage of a Queen" DLC.


Bethel, or the "House of God," is the name of a location often referenced in the Hebrew Bible.

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