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Persona 4 The Animation Beauty of Destiny (ORIGINAL MIX)(FULL)-2

Beauty of Destiny

"Beauty of Destiny" is the first ending song of the anime adaptation of Persona 4, Persona 4 The Animation. It is performed by Shihoko Hirata feat. Lotus Juice and composed by Shoji Meguro, with lyrics by Lotus Juice.


(Let go of yourself
Free your mindset)

No time to waste, but make you pace
It's okay to remove copy and paste
I'm doing my way; you do it your way
Don't just follow your left; find the right way

Stereotypes, too many hypes
But I'm the epitome of new types
Having the fear is power to my soul
'Cause I overcome them; that's how I roll

Expose your thoughts
Don't be afraid of making mistakes
Rules prevailing in
(Somethings that you cannot run away)
That may be your greatest rival

Believe in faith and your heart
Your true soul, stop being in the shades
(You must face yourself sooner or later)
Come on out in the open sun

Beauty of the child of destiny
Delightful days are rich with density of love
Thorny path, there's no easy way for real bliss
So I keep on fighting for beauty of destiny

Stand up and fight for your delight
Lose sometimes, but a cry is worth a dime to shine
(No one wins it all, no, oh)
Don't let one loss shut your lights down

Extra coated with nice, hot syrup
My sweet flows keep my life stirred up
I like to keep this fire so flared up
Reasons I gotta fight, but cheer up

Taste of fear is taste of life
Take for granted, then you might taste the nightmares
Be careful not to get impaired
Have faith in what you do here and there

This age went from local to global to glocal
So-called lifestyle evolved
Beauty of change in time, I revolve around it
This era, I'm so involved

A lot of nonsense did provoke me to write
And it got me so deep, changed my life
Still struggling, but keep the fist tight
Mostly against me, my life

Times you win, times you lose
Times you smile, times you frown
Times, every moment's add'n'multiple of life
(Each sec' counts; they amount to something)

At times you vision, times you're blinded
Times you listen, times you can't hear what your heart really says
(You need to focus, don't be fooled by it)
In flow of city

(Just let go of yourself
Free your mindset)

Times you win, times you lose
But at times, you gotta bring the king's ring
So follow the flow of century, like Twitter
Prepare for the moment, then be a heavy hitter
Voice is heard now, even when I whisper
But I had to earn it—the right to glitter
Mr. L to the J, keeping it, Mr. Swagger, right

Beauty of the child of destiny
Delightful days are rich with density of love
Thorny path, there's no easy way for real bliss
So I keep on fighting for beauty of destiny

Beauty of the child of destiny
Delightful days are rich with density of love
Thorny path, there's no easy way for real bliss
So I keep on fighting for beauty of destiny

Gotta keep on fighting for beauty of destiny

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