Beast (獣族 Jû-zoku, lit. Beast Tribe) is a species in the series. As the name suggests, most of them are regular wild beasts and animal-like demons. A funny thing to mention is: Unlike other species, Beast holds two races with the same alignment(LND).


  • 神獣 Shinjuu / Avatar / Godly Beast | Light-Neutral
  • 聖獣 Seijuu / Holy / Holy Beast | Light-Neutral
  • 魔獣 Majuu / Beast / Demon Beast | Neutral-Neutral
  • 珍獣 Chinjuu / UMA / Rare Beast | Neutral-Neutral
  • 妖獣 Youjuu / Wilder / Mystic Beast | Dark-Neutral
  • 怪獣 Kaijuu / Horror / Monster (Scary Beast) | Dark-Neutral(+)

(+) Megami Tensei exclusive


Originally Kaijuu doesn't belongs to the Beast Species, but let's keep it classified as beast due to Megami Tensei was the 1st game to possess it.

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