Battle Stats are elements which determine major aspects in the battle systems in the series.

Permanent Stats


HP (short for Hit Points) determines how much damage a party member can receive before fainting. Their remaining HP is restricted to a maximum value as well. Using certain skills require some of the party member's HP to be used.


SP is a value necessary for party members to use skills. Casting those skills will use up their limited supply of SP in the process. Similarly to HP, their remaining SP is restricted to a maximum value.


Strength (腕力, Wanryoku)?, also shortened to St (力, Chikara)?, partly determines the damage the party member's Physical attacks deal.


Magic (魔力, Maryoku)?, or Ma (魔力, Ma)?, partly determines the power of Magic attacks.


Endurance (耐久力, Taikyūryoku)?, or En (耐, Tai)? partly determines how much damage the party member receives when they're hit by another entity's attack, whether its Physical or Magic.


Agility (俊敏さ, Shunbin-sa)?, or Ag (速, Haya)? mainly determines the turn order between entities, with faster characters acting earlier. Additionally, it affects the party member's hit accuracy and evasion to enemy attacks.


Luck (運の強さ, Un no tsuyo-sa)? or Lu (運, Un)? affects the chances of dealing critical hits, in addition to evading status effect and instant-kill attacks.

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