Batting Cage is a minigame in Persona 5.



The Batting Cage needs to be unlocked by reading the single-chapter book "Yoncha Wanderer", which unlocks the location alongside the bathhouse upon finishing. The protagonist automatically finds the book when he cleans his room.

The Batting Cages can be accessed by talking to the Middle-Aged Receptionist in his shop in Yongen-Jaya. There, the protagonist will be able to play baseball, boost their Proficiency stat and obtain rewards for performing well.

The protagonist will be able to select from one of three difficulty courses: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. In addition, each course has varying fees: the harder the course, the higher the price.

CourseBall SpeedPriceAvailable
Beginner 70 km/h ¥500 -
Intermediate 90 km/h ¥1,000 8/1
Advanced 130 km/h ¥3,000 10/1

Inside the minigame, the protagonist can swing their bat and reposition it. They are given 5 baseballs per course, and will be given 5 attempts to make a successful hit, which involves swinging their bat at the right time. The course the protagonist has chosen will tweak the ball speed, increasing it for higher difficulties.

In addition to landing a hit, if the ball lands on the target, it'll be considered a Homerun. The position of the bat is important, and it's recommended that its red silhouette doesn't cover the entire ball, but rather just the bottom half.

A seemingly important aspect of the Batting Cages involves buying and reading a book called "Batting Science." When the protagonist finishes the book, they will gain access to the "Third Eye" ability in the Batting Cages. That way, they'll be able to focus, which slows time in-game. This allows them to easily land a hit. In addition, the coloration of the ball helps with their timing as well: once it becomes purple, the protagonist should swing their bat. The window for accessing the "Third Eye" becomes available once the next ball is shot out of the pitcher machine, indicated by the sound it makes.

If the protagonist hits 5 homeruns or didn't miss a single hit within a session, they will be given a prize. The prizes vary depending on the level of difficulty.

CourseNo Miss PrizeHomerun
Beginner Revival Bead x1 Muscle Anklet
Revives one fallen ally with 50% HP. Ankle gear that accentuates muscles.
Intermediate Vigor Sash x1 Anger Bandana
A sash bursting with vim and, well, vigor.
[+50 HP]
Increases strength when inflicted with Rage.
[+Attack when enraged]
Advanced Retribution Mirror Holy Cape
20% chance to reflect Physical attacks.
[+Repel Physical (high)]
A cape that helps one avoid Blessings well.
[+Evade Bless (high)]

Persona 5 RoyalEdit

In Persona 5 Royal, the difficulty courses have been greatly expanded: the initial Advanced course has been reduced to 110 km/h and its price has been reduced to ¥1,500. However, three new courses with much higher speeds have been added.

CourseBall SpeedPriceAvailable
Beginner 70 km/h ¥500 -
Intermediate 90 km/h ¥1,000 5/1
Advanced 110 km/h ¥1,500 7/1
Expert 140 km/h ¥2,500 10/1
Insane 165 km/h ¥4,000 12/1
The Fader ??? km/h ¥8,000 1/13

CourseNo Miss PrizeHomerun
Beginner Accu-Speed S x1 Ace Cap
Supplement for fast muscles. Raises Accuracy/Evasion for one ally for three turns. -Sharp Student-
[Decreases chance of being hit by a Critical.]
Intermediate Harder Core S x1 Raging Wristband
Muscle-making supplement. Raises Defense for one ally for three turns. -Rage Atk Up-
[Increases Attack when inflicted by Rage.]
Advanced Stronger Lift S x1 Grand Slam Charm
Muscle-building supplement. Raises Attack for one ally for three turns. -Apt Pupil-
[Increases chance of Critical.]
Expert Idaten Ofuda x1 Compression Socks
Raises Accuracy/Evasion for all allies for three turns. -Evade Phys-
[Greatly increases Evasion from Phys skills. Does not stack.]
Insane Salvation S x1 Hall of Fame Belt
Muscle builder that increases ATK/DEF/Accuracy/Evasion for one ally. -Auto-Maraku-
[Automatic Marakukaja at the start of battle.]
The Fader Strength Up Ofuda x1 Sturdy Suspenders
Charm increasing strength. Doubles the damage of physical attacks one time. -Unshaken Will-
[Prevents infliction of Confuse/Fear/Rage/Despair.]


  • The batting cages in-game is based on the real world location of Sangenjaya Batting Cages, located in the Sangenjaya district of Tokyo's Setagaya City.

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