Baton Touch

Ann using Baton Pass to give her turn to Ryuji.

Baton Pass, also known as Baton Touch (バトンタッチ, Baton Tatchi)? in Japanese, is a battle mechanic in Persona 5 and Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth.



Persona 5Edit

Baton Pass is unlocked once a party member has reached a specific Confidant rank with the protagonist. For most of the Phantom Thieves, they need to reach Rank 2 of their Confidant. Ann Takamaki and Goro Akechi are exceptions where Ann establishes it at Rank 1 and Akechi establishes his immediately upon joining the Phantom Thieves and reaching Rank 6 in the process. The protagonist innately has the skill available and can immediately use it once Ann unlocks it on April 15th.

The Baton Pass command is made available after the current active character has gained One More turn by scoring a critical hit or exploiting an enemy's weakness. When selected, another party member will have to be chosen to pass it to, as long as the option has the Baton Pass ability unlocked. The two then do a high five and the one receiving the turn has their attack and recovery power boosted for that turn. If that boosted party member also scores another weakness exploit or critical hit, they can then pass on their turn to another ally, further increasing the power of the boost.

However, when passing subsequent turns after the initial pass, the characters used previously in the sequence are unable to be recipients of more than one Baton Pass, preventing an endless Pass loop. The party can achieve up to three consecutive passes, maxing out the strength of the boost on the third recipient. Using the Baton Pass does not consume that character's turn in battle and can lead to them technically having two consecutive turns without scoring a 1 More themselves.

Certain physical and passive skills gain bonus advantages after performing Baton Pass. This includes Rising Slash, Deadly Fury, Touch n' Go and Soul Chain.

The Assist feature is able to automatically select allies with Baton Pass who have moves that can exploit the weakness of an enemy that's still standing.

When fighting Caroline and Justine, the twins are also able to perform a Baton Pass during their battle if they successfully exploit their opponents' weaknesses or land a critical strike.

Persona 5 RoyalEdit

Unlike Persona 5, Baton Passes are now organized in Ranks per party member, with each rank granting better battle benefits. Their Rank can be increased by having the protagonist invite them after school to play darts at Penguin Sniper in Kichijoji.

  • Baton Pass Rank 1: Damage boost
  • Baton Pass Rank 2: Large damage boost + HP Recovery
  • Baton Pass Rank 3: Very large damage boost + HP Recovery + SP recovery

Unlike the base version, all party members innately carry the ability to use Baton Pass and do not need to progress their Confidant with the protagonist to access it.

In addition, the 4th and last Baton Pass party member in a battle will now be able to use any skill with no HP or SP cost. A few Persona Traits also give bonuses after using a Baton Pass.

Giant Slice, originally only dealing medium physical damage to one foe, can now be boosted by Baton Pass.

Persona Q2: New Cinema LabyrinthEdit

Baton Pass is unlocked near the start of the Junessic Land movie, and can be used by using two bars of the support meter. Once activated, a party member can pass their Boost to another.

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