Bat is a non-player character in Digital Devil Saga: Avatar Tuner. A member of the Maribel tribe, he is Jinana's second-in-command.



Digital Devil Saga: Avatar Tuner

He is Jinana's second-hand man in the Maribel, with the "Sonic Wave" Atma and the demonic form of Camazotz. Unlike Jinana, he fully accepts the new laws of the Junkyard, believing those who lose in battle have no right to live, and deserve to be devoured by the victor. He is seen initially as Jinana's lieutenant, and served as the last part of Jinana's "gauntlet" against the Embryon. In the fight that ensued, he was humiliatingly defeated, yet was left alive as part of Argilla's belief in a world where needless killing was unnecessary. Despite his intense rage, Jinana did not allow him to keep trying to gain revenge, instead sending him off to heal his broken body.

In response to this, Bat approaches Mick the Slug in Anahata to inform him of the joint assault of the Maribel, apparently intending to join the Solids. In response to this, Mick is able to use the information to have Jinana nearly beaten to death and set against the Embryon in a frenzied state, which resulted in her death. He overheard Argilla's confession to the dying Jinana about the properties of Sera's song, and quickly reported this.

He was sent to Manipura again to serve as commander of the attacking Solids forces, and again battled the Embryon, only to be defeated again, and only escape due to a lapse of judgment on Argilla's part. Bat gained an obsession for wanting to kill Argilla and in the end tries to convince her that she is just like him after this incident. When the news of Sera's kidnapping were spread, he was seen at Coordinate 136, betraying Mick and nearly making off with Sera to join the Brutes. However, Cielo intercepted him mid-flight and destroyed his wings.

He is next seen with Varin Omega, who insists in being called "Colonel Beck", observing the Deserted Ship the Embryon have ostensibly used as a hideout for Sera. He confronts Argilla there, yet neither is capable of killing each other until the Embryon forces appear to reinforce Argilla. Bat is again left alive and broken in the ship's lobby, only to awaken for a few seconds as the explosive traps detonate.

Digital Devil Saga: Avatar Tuner 2

Bat's Solar Data, like Harley and Mick's, can be fought in The sun in the second game. He repeatedly says his last lines throughout the fight: "You and I are the same...we eat others to survive...we do whatever it takes to're the same as me...admit it...say it, bitch!"

During the fight, if hit with Seraph Lore, the spell Argilla inherited from Jinana, he will say additional dialogue.

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