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Bandou Shrine (坂東宮, Bandou Miya)? is a location in Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne.



The Bandou Shrine (Masakado-Zuka on the overworld map) is the grave of Masakado, which lies to the northeast of the Obelisk/Tower of Kagutsuchi. It can only be accessed once the Demi-fiend has collected all of the Magatamas scattered throughout the Vortex World. Once all of the Magatamas have been collected, entering the Cathedral of Shadows will prompt the Minister to present the Lord's Blade to the Demi-fiend, which will unlock the entrance of the shrine.

Collecting of the Magatamas requires the Demi-fiend to climb the Tower of Kagutsuchi and collect the Kailash Magatama from the Junk Shop. If the Labyrinth of Amala hasn't been fully completed, entering the Tower of Kagutsuchi from the Obelisk will lock the end of the Labyrinth and the True Demon Ending. If the Fifth Kalpa has not been accessed, the Demi-fiend will be prevented from entering. If the Fifth Kalpa has been accessed, but not completed, the Demi-fiend will not be able to access the elevator to commit to the True Demon Ending.

The demons inside the Bandou Shrine will behave as if they were in the Labyrinth of Amala, and cannot be recruited through negotiation.

Jikokuten guards the pillar on the lowest level, using a demon that drains/repels Ice will limit his press turns. Zouchouten guards the second pillar from the bottom, using a demon that drains/repels Electricity will limit his press turns. Bishamonten guards the second pillar from the top, using demons that drain/repel Fire will limit his press turns. Koumokuten guards the highest pillar, demons that drain/repel Physical and Wind attacks will reduce his press turns.


Level Race Demon HP MP Weak Strong Null Drain Repel Skills
43 Holy Baihu 522 153 Fire - Ice/Expel - - Stone Bite, Focus, Bufudyne
45 Kishin Mikazuchi 558 177 Force - Expel - Elec Ziodyne, Mazionga, Dark Sword, Bolt Storm
46 Avatar Yatagarasu 522 195 - - - - Force/Expel Violet Flash, Wind Cutter, Force Boost
47 Deity Atavaka 603 183 Nerve/Mind - - - Expel/Death Mighty Gust, Binding Cry, Retaliate, Chaos Blade
48 Megami Sati 549 204 Ice - - Fire Expel Agidyne, Maragidyne, Allure
55 Holy Chimera 639 204 Nerve/Mind - Expel Fire - Fire Breath, Iron Claw, Kamikaze
56 Deity Amaterasu 756 237 - - Fire/Expel/Death - - Tetrakarn, Godly Light, Debilitate, Prominence, Prayer
60 Avatar Barong 684 246 Death - - Elec Expel Glacial Blast, Binding Cry, Iron Claw, Mediarahan, Bolt Storm
61 Fury Beiji-Weng 756 255 Fire Phys Expel/Death - - Stasis Blade, Thunderclap, Hell Gaze, Mamudoon, Holy Wrath
64 Megami Scathach 729 270 Elec - Force/Expel/Curse - - Mazandyne, Thunderclap, Wind Cutter
65 Deity Odin 648 270 Force - Ice/Expel - - Bufudyne, Makajamaon, Deathbound, Agidyne, Mabufudyne, Maragidyne
67 Lady Kali 810 258 Ice - Fire/Expel - Death Tentarafoo, Deathbound, Avenge, Fog Breath, Dark Sword


Level Race Demon HP MP Weak Strong Null Drain Repel Skills
99 Kishin Zouchou 20,000 10,000 Force - Expel/Death/Ailment - - Ziodyne, Maziodyne, Bolt Storm, Makakaja, Focus, Dragon Eye, Beast Eye
99 Kishin Komoku 20,000 10,000 Elec - Expel/Death/Ailment - - Berserk, Deathbound, Zandyne, Mazandyne, Wind Cutter, Rakukaja, Rakunda, Makakaja, Focus, Dragon Eye
99 Kishin Jikoku 20,000 10,000 Fire - Expel/Death/Ailment - - Bufudyne, Mabufudyne, Glacial Blast, Makakaja, Focus, Dragon Eye, Beast Eye
99 Kishin Bishamon 20,000 10,000 Ice - Expel/Death/Ailment - - Tempest, Hellfire, Maragidyne, Prominence, Megidolaon, Tarukaja, Makakaja, Dekaja, Debilitate, Dragon Eye


Cache Cubes

  • 50,000 Macca
  • 50,000 Macca
  • 50,000 Macca (accessible after shrine descends)

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