Bael's Castle is a location in the series.



Megami Tensei IIEdit

Bael's Castle is last dungeon visited by the hero and his partner before going to the Expanse. The ruler of Tokyo, Bael, is fought here on the 4th floor. After the battle, the hero finds that Bael killed his friend, and leaves the Ring of Solomon, the proof of the Messiah, with him. After being defeated, Bael transforms into a frog, giving the player the choice to smash it or take it with them; the frog must be taken to be on the "true ending" route, which requires allowing the frog to fuse with Beelzebub to become Baal.

The following games are available here:

  • Slots - ћ200 fee, same item prizes as other slots games
  • Big & Small - ћ250 fee, same prizes as other Big & Small games
  • Code Breaker - prizes of note - 1st: Fallen Angel Cloak, 4th: Emerald

Kyūyaku Megami TenseiEdit

If Bael is smashed as a frog, setting the player on the "bad ending" route, Garbage Mountain can be accessed in Ginza B2F, assuming all other conditions are met, and the "stagnant air" rooms become portals to Hades, allowing Artemis to be obtained by going to the "stagnant air" room located on 2F, Leto to be obtained from the Shinjuku Underground's portal, and Apollo from the Forest of Confusion's portal. If all 3 are obtained, they can be fused together to obtain Zeus.


Megami Tensei IIEdit

Armor Def Charm Resist Sex Stats Price
Light Metal Suit 3 1 - Male - ћ180
Powered Suit 5 - - Male - ћ6000
Fire Guard 8 2 Fire2 Male - ћ15000

Helm Def Resist Sex Stats Price
Dummy's Head 3 Fire2 Male In +2, Lu +1 ћ4300
Dullahan Helm 4 - Male In +1 ћ5800
Devil Head 4 - Male In +2 ћ13000

Glove Def Resist Sex Stats Price
Diamond Arm 3 - Male St +3, Vi +1 ћ1600
Crusher Hand 3 - Male St +5 ћ4200
Devil Hand 3 - Male St +6, Vi +1 ћ25000

Boot Def Sex Stats Price
Express Train Boots 1 Male Sp +3 ћ880
Jet Boots 2 Male Sp +5 ћ5400
Heavy Metal Boots 4 Male Sp +2, St +1 ћ11000

Item Effect Price
Poison Dart Damages and Poisons the enemy. ћ580
Dangerous Drug Casts Hapilma ћ100
Hand Grenade Casts Zan ћ50
Paralynon Cures Paralyze ћ450
Poisonon Cures Poison ћ400


Megami Tensei IIEdit

  • 1F - Amethyst
  • 2F - St Incense, Lu Incense, Emerald


Megami Tensei IIEdit

  • Tan boxes indicate bosses.
Demon Race Level Drop Floor
Momunofu Brute 29 Youtou Nihil 1-3
Legba Fairy 30 Youtou Nihil
Spectre Spirit 31 -
Humbaba Wilder 32 -
Nue Wilder 36 -
Arachne Femme 32 Youtou Nihil 1-4
Giant Jirae 34 Hecaton Axe
Arahabaki Brute 35 Hecaton Axe 4
Scylla Kaijuu 37 Hecaton Axe
Fenrir Kaijuu 44 Fujinken
Arioch Vile 45 -
Loki Vile 60 -
Maken Muramasa
Bael Tyrant 70 Orb of Sorrow (Key) 4

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