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This article is about the Persona 5 Strikers mechanic. For the concept, see Bond (concept).

The BOND menu, fully unlocked, in Persona 5 Strikers

BOND, known as BAND (バンド, Bando)? in Japanese, is a mechanic in Persona 5 Strikers.



Persona 5 Strikers[]

The BOND system is a spiritual successor to the Confidant abilities of Persona 5. Rather than getting new abilities through ranking up with individual characters, the BOND system levels up the Phantom Thieves' ability as a whole, from increasing their physical capabilities, strengthening the performance of their Personas, to various support mechanics.

Most skills can be increased repeatedly, up to a set level. Throughout the game, leveling up the BOND meter earns BOND points, starting with a handful at a time. As the BOND level increases, the number of points gained rises with it.

There are 30 BOND skills in total, among which many are unlocked upon meeting set conditions, like the completion of a request, while others are tied to story advancement. Certain level caps can also be applied to prevent ranking up skills further, each capping out at different stages until certain story conditions are met or requests are completed.

BOND points are earned by progressing the BOND meter, which can be done in the following ways: defeating enemies in Jails, hitting story milestones and having social events with other Phantom Thieves, touching certain objects (mostly located near the party's camper, which can be used once per transition screen for a small increase), cooking foods from obtained recipes for the first time, and finishing some requests.

List of BOND skills[]

Icon Name Description
Row 1
P5S BOND 01.png HP Boost Increases max HP of all party members.
P5S BOND 02.png SP Boost Increases max SP of all party members.
P5S BOND 03.png Strength Boost Increases St for all party members. Affects physical attack damage.
P5S BOND 04.png Magic Boost Increases Ma for all party members. Affects magical attack damage.
P5S BOND 05.png Endurance Boost Increases En for all party members. Affects defense.
P5S BOND 06.png Agility Boost Increases Ag for all party members. Affects Criticals/auto-evades.
P5S BOND 07.png Luck Boost Increases Lu for all party members. Affects Crit evasion/ailment rates.
Row 2
P5S BOND 08.png Pass Appeal After performing a Baton Pass, the Showtime gauge will fill faster.
P5S BOND 09.png Harisen Helper Increases chance to trigger Harisen Recovery.
P5S BOND 10.png Oracle Recovery Restores HP and SP to all party members at end of battle.
P5S BOND 11.png Martial Arts Increases damage for physical Persona skills.
P5S BOND 12.png Spiritual Arts Increases damage for magical Persona skills.
P5S BOND 13.png Tactical Arts Increases chance for Persona skills to inflict status ailments.
P5S BOND 14.png Supportive Arts Increases duration for buffs and debuffs from Persona skills.
Row 3
P5S BOND 15.png Joker's Wild Increases chance for masks to manifest.
P5S BOND 16.png Ambusher Restores HP to all party members after a successful ambush.
P5S BOND 17.png Phantom Striker Increases damage when performing a phantom dash. Unlocked after defeating the Monarch of the Shibuya Jail.
P5S BOND 18.png Avenger Evading enemy attacks can grant stronger counterattacks. Unlocked after defeating the Monarch of the Sendai Jail.
P5S BOND 19.png Ammo Hoarder Increases ammo count for every party member, based on the gun type. Unlocked after defeating the Monarch of the Sapporo Jail.
P5S BOND 20.png Proper Showman Increases damage for Showtime attacks. Unlocked after defeating the Warden of the Okinawa Jail.
P5S BOND 21.png Spirit Striker '1 More' attacks restore individual SP and All-Out Attacks restore party SP. Unlocked after defeating the Monarch of the Osaka Jail.
Row 4
P5S BOND 22.png Smart Shopper Score better deals at Sophia's Shop.
P5S BOND 23.png Metaverse Medic Increases the effects of healing items.
P5S BOND 24.png Bondmaker BOND level will increase more quickly.
P5S BOND 25.png Highwayman Increases chance to obtain items at end of battle.
P5S BOND 26.png Extortionist Increases money obtained at end of battle.
Row 5
P5S BOND 27.png Safecracker Allows more difficult treasure chests to be picked open.
P5S BOND 28.png Master Chef Enables the creation of more food with stronger effects. Unlocked while traveling to Sendai.
P5S BOND 29.png Treasure Hunter Increases chance to encounter Treasure Demons. Unlocked after running into the first ever Treasure Demon while in the Sendai Jail.
P5S BOND 30.png Packrat Junk parts become easier to obtain. Unlocked after making a deal with Kuon Ichinose.


  • In almost every city, there are spots where one can grind for BOND experience, gaining varying yields per interaction. The amount is randomized between excellent, normal, and poor.
    • In Sendai, it's the fortune telling area in Aoyama Park, which is ¥100 per drawing.
    • In Sapporo, the protagonist can find four-leaf clovers in Odori Park.
    • In Okinawa, after completing the request "Okinawan Art Appreciation", it's the sign on the beach.
    • In Osaka, it's the Billiken Statue in Shinsekai, which is free. With both instances, you can refresh your ability to use these services by going to one different area in the real world then coming back. The Osaka spot is particularly notable in this regard due to being close to the Shinsekai and Dotonbori boundary.
  • In New Game+ attempts, BOND experience gained from completing requests and cooking each recipe for the first time refreshes, allowing some boosts towards maxing out all BOND skills.

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