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Azura is a non-player character from Shin Megami Tensei IMAGINE.



Shin Megami Tensei IMAGINE[]

Azura is the first and only one of her kind: an Innocent modeled after a child. She eventually becomes a Devil Buster after being trained by Snakeman, and fending off two Fenrir with the player's assistance. Her older brother is an Innocent named Setsu and her demon partner is an Andras, assigned to her by Setsu.

During Act 18, she jumps in front of Andras in order to protect him from Ose's attack. She is later brought back to life in Act 19, but she transforms into the demon Isis and fights the player. Upon defeat, she fades away.

In the Basilica activation quest, an older Azura appears from a parallel world, asking the player for their help in confronting Satan. She acts as a support NPC during the fights up to the confrontation with Satan's final form.

After completing a series of quests from her, it is possible to challenge this version of Azura to a one-on-one match. She fights using mostly Almighty spells and a powerful Almighty rush called God Bird. However, as she is massively weak to magic affinity due to using Andras through digitalize, inflicting her with muddle is possible. As her support demons, she summons the Snakeman reward variants of Pixie, Jack Frost, Pyro Jack and Garm.


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