Ayane Komatsubura is a character from Persona -trinity soul-.



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The daughter of Keisuke Komatsubara, Ayane underwent a severe amount of testing due to her father's interest in her Persona ability. She was cooperative at first, but as the experiments continued, she finally committed suicide by jumping from a plane during one of them. She bears a grudge against the researchers that collaborated with her father, but still holds her father in some regard.

Ayane is at the heart of the influx of Persona ability in Ayanagi City as well as the Apathy Syndrome incident that nearly consumed it ten years before the start of the series. She had reappeared to take her vengeance on Haruka Kanzato and Shigeru Kanzato when Shin Kanzato, shocked by seeing his parents in danger, awakened to his Persona ability to confront her. His attack causes her to lose control and lash out, engulfing the entire city in a wave of Apathy Syndrome, causing widespread destruction as drivers and pilots succumbed to it.

Throughout the series, she appears to the Kanzato brothers, always leaving behind what the series terms as whale feathers-- white feathers that appear in the children's book their parents wrote. First, to Ryo Kanzato as she appears like a specter before him, finally attacking him with the ghost of Touma Shikura. To Shin Kanzato, she appears to shock him out of using his Persona ability to save Yumi Tasaka and in a dream of himself drowning. Jun Kanzato, however, she connects with as he recovers from the attack by Soutarou Senou. She speaks with him about the children's book, going out on walks with him. To Jun, she reveals that she's always been alone and Jun admits being alone is what he and Yuki Kanzato have wished for.

When Shin confronts her to stop interfering with Jun, she takes him through a series of dreams where he is forced to fight Ryo and witness the death of his childhood crush, Eiko Nikaido. She then grants Jun's wish by severing him from his body, giving Yuki full control.

She wants to free the clone of herself she knows her father has created and once the Marebito headquarters are raided, she awakens her clone, inviting her to join her in merging with the whale of the Sea of Souls where she intends to put them and her father to rest once and for all.


Ayane's first appearance in the series
Ayane Younger
A younger Ayane confronts the Kanzato parents
Persona -trinity soul- 07
Ayane intimidates Shin
Ayane Awakening
Ayane awakening her clone
Ayane Clone
Ayane's clone and her Persona


  • Outside of Kanaru Morimoto, Ayane is the only character that can summon two Persona in the anime.
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