Ayanagi Jun

Jun stands in Ayanagi City

Ayanagi City (綾凪市, Ayanagishi)? is a location from the Persona series.



Persona -trinity soul-Edit

Ayanagi City is a fictional ocean-facing city located in the Toyama Prefecture. Consumed by an incident of mass Apathy Syndrome ten years before that destroyed large parts of the city, Ayanagi has seemingly recovered and has a fairly metropolitan feel, despite some of its more rural surroundings. The central events in Persona -trinity soul- take place in and around this city, as it is the location of Shin Kanzato's childhood home. When he transfers to live with his older brother, Ryo Kanzato, he attends the local Naginomori Gakuen's high school division (凪の杜学園高等部*)?.

The city itself is between mountains and the ocean, with long winters marked by significant snowfall and warm summers. Much of the surrounding area is marked by wind mills.


Apathy Incident
The incident ten years prior
Kanzato Home
The Kanzato family home
Naginomori Gakuen


  • The character for nagi used in the city and high school's name refers to a calm ocean. The calm before the storm is a concept that is brought up multiple times in the series.
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