Aya Kikuchi is a playable character in Majin Tensei II: Spiral Nemesis.



Aya has long black hair, brown eyes and is the shorter of the two female cast members. She wears a blue hairband, blue jacket, beige boots, white shirt, blue skirt and a necklace.


Tomoharu's younger sister, she is not initially a member of Partisan, but joins the fight to save Tokyo as well as protect her big brother. Aya is 19 years old. She can wield daggers, staves and guns.

After the destruction of Partisan's base, Naoki Takeuchi ends up in Shinjuku, where he meets Aya. He is injured heavily, but Aya finds him in a park and rescues him. She reveals she is related to Tomoharu, and decides to tag along with Naoki to ensure her brother is safe. After Naoki is reunited with Kaoru and Tomoharu, she becomes a permanent member of the party.

When the team ends up in the dystopic future of Slum Tokyo in 2024, Aya learns her brother has been brainwashed. With her newfound powers, which seem to originate from a paradise-like world named Amnesia, she is able to save her brother. Her new abilities consist of Dia, Ma- spells and Rimudora.


Default StatsEdit

Race Level HP MP Movement Move Type Range
Human 3 44 0 (8) 7 Walk -
Strength Wisdom Magic Defense Agility Luck MAG
5 7 8 4 5 5 -
Attack Phys Defense Magic Attack Magic Defense Hit Avoid Critical
List of Skills


Once Aya learns magic in Slum-Tokyo, she will get all of the ones prior to (and at) her current level.

Name Level
Dia 1
Maragi 5
Paraladi 10
Posumudi 15
Mazan 20
Patra 26
Diarahan 31
Maragion 38
Petradi 42
Mabufula 45
Mazionga 53
Mediarahan 59
Mahama 63
Samadicarm 70
Rimdora 77


Aya's game over screen
Aya's smiling portrait
Aya's sad portrait
Aya's annoyed portrait
Aya's serious portrait

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