Avidya World (アヴィデア界?) is a location in Megami Ibunroku Persona.



Located in the 3rd Floor of the St. Hermelin High School of Maki's dimension, Avidya World is the final dungeon of the game; all 3 of Maki's Compacts - Blue, Green, and Red - are required to unlock the entrance. There is an Agastya Tree, Trish Fountain, Velvet Room, and General Store inside, near the start of the dungeon.


  • Grey boxes indicate rare enemies.
  • Light Grey boxes denote bosses.
Demon Order Level HP Weak Resist Null Absorb Repel Item
Dominion Divine52520Spear, Death, Curse - - -50% Element, ForceEnkeller
Catoblepas Wilder52429Whip, Gun -Tech, Rush - -Tanzanite
Yaksa Brute52520Death, CurseElement, Force - - -Holy Writ Tablet
Girimehkala Jaki53530Element, Force---50% PhysicalSilver Prayer Wheel
Alecto Raptor53400Fire, Ice, Earth--100% Wind-Freidyne Stone
Ubelluris Jirae54540Wind, Blast--100% Earth-Magnadyne Stone
Gdon Beast54405Whip, Gun-Tech, Rush--Revival Bead
Vetala Haunt54540-Magic--200% GunPearl
Rukh Flight55330Gun-Wind--Bufudyne Stone
Barbatos Fallen56560Rush, Expel, Miracle---50% Element, ForceDis-Para
Oberon Fairy57342Force---50% FireGrydyne Stone
Throne Divine57570Spear, Death, Curse---50% Element, ForceLight Wave Tablet
Cromm Cruach Drake58870Element, ForcePhysical---Ruby
Tlazolteotl Night58406Physical--100% Element, Force-Petra Stone
Rangda Femme59590Element---50% NuclearMegidola Stone
Culebre Snake59826Element, ForcePhysical---Hiranya
Xiuhtecuhtli Yoma60420Force---50% FireMetal Card
Hecatoncheires Jaki61610ForceElement---Emerald
Mangadhai Wilder63554Whip, Gun-Tech, Rush--Knuckle Barong
Jahi Night64448Physical--100% Element, Force-Nerve Stone
Cherub Divine64640Spear, Death, Curse---50% Element, ForceBead
Ganesha Yoma65455Force---50% WindSapphire
Paimon Fallen65650Rush, Expel, Miracle---50% Element, ForceDark Wave Tablet
Hresvelgr Raptor66660Fire, Ice, Earth--100% Wind-Mazionga Stone
Miyasudokoro Haunt66660-Magic--200% GunKolkata Souvenir
Ouroboros Snake67938Element, ForcePhysical---Tora Stomachband
Grimies Foul68700Element, Force----Ziodyne Stone
Fafnir Drake70999Element, ForcePhysical---Olive Necklace
Adramelech Fallen71710Rush, Expel, Miracle---50% Element, ForceDaily Meal
Fenrir Wilder75825Whip, Gun-Tech, Rush--Maxi Tempest
Alice Fiend99999-All---Pagan King
(1st Form)
Tyrant / Deity855826Gun-----
(2nd Form -
Red hair)
Tyrant / Deity 99 15000 Miracle, Weapons, Gun, Tech, RushCurse-Fire, Wind, Earth, Elec, Nuclear, GravityIce-
(2nd Form - Blue hair)
Fire, Earth, Elec, Nuclear, Gravity, CurseWind, Blast Miracle, Weapons, Guns--

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