Aversa (Inverse in the Japanese version) is a character from Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE.



Aversa is a character from Fire Emblem: Awakening. She is introduced as the adoptive daughter of Validar, a vassal of King Gangrel of Plegia. After Gangrel's ultimate defeat in Plegia's war with Ylisse, Aversa rises to second-in-command when Validar assumes the Plegian throne. Secretly, she and Validar are members of the Grimleal, a cult that worships the Fell Dragon Grima. She and Validar scheme to acquire the Fire Emblem as a means to revive Grima, but Chrom and his allies fight against this plot and defeat her in the process.

It is later revealed that Aversa was a pawn of Validar. Once a normal village girl, her talents were recognized by Validar, and he brainwashed her. To prevent the brainwashing from being undone, he also murdered everyone with a strong connection to Aversa's former life, including her parents. Upon learning the truth of her past, she joined Chrom and his allies in order to atone for her past actions by defeating Grima and destroying the Grimleal. After the war, Aversa returned to her childhood home and lived a normal life, perhaps to make up for the lost time that Validar had stolen from her.


Aversa is one of the antagonistic "Mirage" characters that appear and is located outside of Shibuya. Aversa's Mirage form is a dark, centaur-like pegasus, a reference to her character class in Fire Emblem: Awakening; the pegasus-riding Dark Flier. She has a cold, ruthless personality. She strikes at the weakness in Tsubasa’s older sister’s heart and enjoys controlling her. It seems she knows something about the truth behind the enemy's motivations.


Aversa seen in SMT x FE
In-game screenshot of Aversa
Close up of Aversa face
Close up of Aversa face

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