Atlus Web-i (アトラス Web-i) was a cellphone subscription service released by Atlus for NTT Docomo cellphones in Japan.


For a monthly fee of 315 yen (Approx: $3 US), users had access to a variety of Megami Tensei related content, including games, desktop backgrounds and ringtones. The service was initially operated by Atlus but was later acquired and operated by BBMF in 2004. Games and software released under Web-i used NTT Docomo's i-appli (iアプリ) platform that made use of the DoJa programming language. 

During the course of it's existence, Web-i was overtaken by Megaten α in terms of content available, however it remained online until BBMF discontinued their Megami Tensei mobile services in 2011. Content released for Web-i was generally designed for older feature phones (Mainly for the FOMA 505i series) that couldn't run games and applications released on Megaten α.

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