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Asuka Miroku is the protagonist of Ronde.



From childhood, Asuka has received training in Kobudō, ancient Japanese martial arts, from his parents. He has a stiff and easily agitated personality. He is regularly accompanied by his pet dog, Joker, who has red eyes and a sharp looking appearance.

At the beginning of the game, Asuka is nineteen years old. He visits an Aztec cultural exhibition at the Tokyo National Museum when a statue suddenly comes to life as the demon Moloch and abducts his younger brother, Satoshi Miroku. Joker transforms into a demon and along with Asuka's friends, Keita Matsumoto and Sakurako Saotome, comes to Asuka's aid in an attempt to rescue Satoshi.

Asuka possesses the ability of a conductor and eventually is able to make contracts with the Avian, Herald, Lady, Dragon, Genma, and Deity races. In battle, he uses swords.


  • The name Asuka means "to fly" (飛) (asu) and "bird, poultry, fowl" (鳥) (ka).
  • Asuka's surname Miroku means "all the more, increasingly" (弥) (mi) and "bridle, halter and bit" (勒) (roku).