The Astrolabe is a location in Devil Survivor 2, with its purpose explored in its 3DS rerelease, Record Breaker.

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The Astrolabe is a feature of the Akasha Stratum, the interface through which the Administrators manipulate the Akashic Record. Yamato Hotsuin compares the Akashic Record to a hard drive, where information of the world is stored, and the Astrolabe to a computer where one can access and manipulate components of the hard drive.

With Canopus awakening due to the Anguished One having manipulated the Record despite not being an Administrator, the protagonist was deleted from existence as Canopus attempted to vanquish the Anguished One. This resulted in the world regressing with the protagonist's absence. As the party battles and gets destroyed by Arcturus, Yamato laments that the battle could have gone differently with the protagonist's presence. The Anguished One allows him another chance, and together they regress the world a second time. Yamato resolves to remain in the Astrolabe, using his power of the Dragon Stream to manipulate it, restoring and preserving the protagonist's data. Thus starts the plot of the game's Triangulum Arc.

The party discovers an enhanced Terminal located under the Sky Tower which has been modified to allow access to the Akasha Stratum. As they use it to rescue Yamato, they arrive in the Astrolabe where he has come under attack from the Agents of Canopus. They incapacitate the Agents of Canopus to save his life, and Yamato reveals that if he is not around to maintain the protagonist's data, the Triangulum attacking his data will cause him to flicker out and eventually cease to exist in the current world. He also reveals that Canopus has ordered a shutdown of the Astrolabe, with Yamato's constant activity keeping it running. Should he leave, the Astrolabe would shut down completely and nobody can access it again.

The protagonist learns that defeating the Triangulum would, at least, put an end to the problem of his data coming under attack, so Yamato goes along with the party to help them defeat Arcturus, the last of the Triangulum. With the party's departure, the Astrolabe shuts down. Miyako also explains that it will not activate after Arcturus' defeat except with the power of an Administrator, thus she plans to have the entire party cooperate and give up their lives - and Adminstrative Authority - to make the Anguished One a rightful Administrator so the damage done by the Void can be undone.

Eventually, the party does not go with Miyako's plan and searches for another way to save the world. With their collective effort, they find a way to reach Providence and defeat Canopus, allowing Saiduq to regress the world with the aid of their collective Administrative Authority.

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