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The Astro Museum is a location in Soul Hackers.



Located in Akenesadai, the Astro Museum is an exhibit hall themed around astronomy.


After the Dolly Kadmon is delivered to Dr. Victor, a message is discovered on the Summoner Network from Carol J, issuing a challenge to "the summoner and and his airhead girlfriend" who defeated him back at the Algon NS Building. Spooky believes this may be a good chance to learn more about the Phantom Society, while Nemissa is incensed over being called an airhead.

They encounter Carol J at the museum's Planetarium, who attempts to summon the angel Kokabel, but instead calls forth an entity called Moowis, who possesses him and attacks the party. Upon defeating Moowis, it then tries unsuccessfully to posses Hitomi's body, resulting in them disappearing. After recovering from the demonic possession, Carol J decides to retire as a summoner and states he will go work as a street musician.


  • 1000 MAG (2F)
  • Engagement Ring (2F)
  • Samurai Armor (2F)
  • St Incense (3F, guarded by a Bilwis)
  • Chakra Pot (3F)
  • Back Upper (defeat Moowis)


Level Demon Race
8 Azumi Brute
8 Onmoraki Raptor
9 Harpy Flight
9 Vodyanik Yoma
10 Quicksilver Spirit
10 Seere Fallen
11 Obariyon Haunt
12 Acheri Femme
12 Zhu Tun She Drake
Level Demon Race
20 Moowis Cyber

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